Neopets Roo Island

Roo Island is an island about 30 miles east from the main Neopian Coastline. There’s a 30 NP fee for the twice a day ferry that travels there. This place is home to the Neopet species Blumaroo who are fun loving all the time. Their king is named King Roo.

The Island is about 50 miles from left to right and about 100 miles from the top to the bottom. There are three main towns. The biggest is Roo City which is home to Roo Palace. Each of the towns are connected by a neatly kept road, and trade caravans are seen often on the roads. There are little villages that are around the island that are nice to visit in the summer time.

Map of Roo Island

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  1. raza ali says:

    how do u created ur own website by how ?????

  2. raza ali says:

    how do you made the website on your own?????

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