Neopets Haunted Woods

The Haunted Woods is located almost 200 miles southwest from Neopia Central. It is a place shrouded in mystery. And where only where the bravest of the brave dare to venture in. It’s an odd place to go to, but why would you go there since it’s scary and unknown? The answer to that is there are usually a lot of items in the Haunted Woods that are somewhat scary, somewhat odd, but they could be worth a lot of Neopoints.

There are many weird shops in the Haunted Woods, but Scary Petpets Shop, is definitely worth a look. As the name implies, this is a place where they sell Spooky Petpets. A few examples are Sludgies, Slorgs, or Ghostkerchiefs in many different styles such as plushie or a different color.

Neopets Haunted Woods

Another thing any Neopian should consider is the Esophagor. His quests become more and more challenging as you continue to do them. If you chose to do them, then he gives nice rewards. Consider that the items, or the item he asks for might be more expensive than the reward. After that point, stop.

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