Trophy help!

Ever wondered how to get all those trophies everyone else seems to have? Don’t know how to get them? Or which ones are the easiest? Well here you go!

The easiest trophies to get are the Cheat trophy, Pyramids and Sahkmet Solitaire trophies, Snow Wars trophy, Mystery Pic, Caption Contest and Lenny’s Conundrum trophies, and trophies that you can get by submiting an article, short story or comic.

Here are some images of them:

But just because they are the easiest to get doesn’t mean they are easy! Getting trophies is pretty hard. But in my opinion, the trophies (bronze, silver and gold) you can get from playing the game Cheat are the very easiest.

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  1. awesome stuff…

  2. adalberto says:

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  4. Unknown says:

    Hey I have trophies. Gold bronze and a medal.. im working on silver…

  5. Stephen Ritchie says:

    I Have A Silver Altador Cup III Trophy 🙂

  6. madou says:

    Trophies are hard

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  11. Choco-Chinese-Chia says:

    Hey, I agree….I think cheat is the easiest too, but, cheat is more fun and is about the same difficulty, if you haven’t played snow wars OR cheat, play them, there really easy and give you trophies fast!

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  14. aprilfools says:

    i beat the buzzer game and the meepit versus feepit game and didn’t get a trophy!
    wat gives!!!”???

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  17. tenwkzpjuk says:

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  23. Are trophies really that valuable?

  24. Marc says:

    Nice section but its kinda short and un-elaborate

  25. Chloe says:

    click here to go to the advent calender, but there is no point going to it unless it’s december (it only gives out free stuff on every day of december)

  26. Korkydorkygirl says:

    chloe could you please put a link to get to the advent calendar i dont know how to get there

  27. natrox10 says:

    I have got a gold trophy for cheat and a bronze for cell block click and see

  28. steven_0101_2_2 says:

    if you took part in the cycodake gaze polt u won a trophy/medal

  29. pokelin288 says:

    i just win 90,000np!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  30. hellboy says:

    hi i got a bronze from cellblock it not 2 hard u just need to tink a lot and look at eny possible way of losing or wining!!!!!!!

  31. bubble__gal (georgi) says:

    i need 1 more map and im done can some1 give me 1 in the trading post 4 500 np????????????

    Plz im desperate

  32. bay says:

    i have a bronze trophie from cheat

  33. steven_0101_2_2 says:

    yeah trophies are hard

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