New page – Secret Avatars

Sorry I forgot to announce the new page I added all about cheats on getting tons and tons of Neopets secret avatars for the Neoboards! If you know how to get any more, that aren’t already on there, then please tell me.

By the way, if you have any specific Neopets games you would like cheats for just leave a comment on this post and I will try to find you a cheat (or how many there may be!). Any other cheat ideas you have or questions you’d like answered feel free to say!

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35 Responses to New page – Secret Avatars

  1. Tai-Lee says:

    hey um PLZ BUY STUFF FROM MY SHOP my username on neopets is shimase….. pls buy stuff

  2. MATHLETE says:

    I WANT THE DAR BLAT!!! CHEAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. cutie_angel says:

    what is the cheat in coconut shy?

  4. tswope10 says:

    um i cant find any cheap codestones anywhere. where can i get some?

  5. kikitherep33318 says:

    4 wishin well put 1 np in
    then u type in item
    click go.
    now u look at the search bar on the top where u write the websites.
    at the end of the it there is a number 1
    erase it and put 9’s and 8’s as many times as u want nd click enter
    now ur chance of gettin the item is better =]
    neo friend or compliments mail my neo adress

    i noe wierd name but a guy like me gets bored easily

  6. ooopinionsss says:

    How you think when the economic crisis will end? I wish to make statistics of independent opinions!

  7. Janel Shaffer says:


  8. Tessyyyy says:

    in faeriebubbles.
    stardust – Gives you a nova bubble
    bubbles – makes them all the same kind of bubble
    slumberberry – takes the bubbles back to the top
    faerieland – Gives you one of those rainbow bubbles

  9. milgirl01 says:

    is there a cheat 4 coconut shy? i need all of them.

  10. Taylor says:

    whats a cheat for Bagatelle??

  11. hi says:

    how do u make a secret avatar be at the spot “neopets!”?

  12. 1_hardcore_1 says:

    wats a cheat for Coconut Shy? I only get 50 np every time ’cause i only hit the coconuts a little bit

  13. no name says:

    i found a cheat 4 a bigger hammer in test yur strength… and lost it. what do you type in?thx

  14. Bailey says:

    that dar-blat game is hARD!!! how can you even hit him?

  15. Bailey says:

    does anybody know how to get millions of secret avatars??? i only have like 38 of them


    p.s. i have shop where everything is just NOVAS!!!!! my username is novaxlover11….look at the shop if you like!

  16. Blobby Bob says:

    no bagatelle cheat

  17. mr. jone says:

    what’s the bagatelle cheat?

  18. Tabatha says:

    who knows why the pound is down for maitenence?:) good question

  19. Tabatha says:

    Whats the wishing well cheat?? |-)

  20. Mr Bob says:

    I really, truly am glad I found this site. It has answered so many questions for me. I will be back. Thank You

  21. regina says:

    tug-o-war and wishing well help please

    thanks much!!

  22. regina says:

    i heard about the lab ray gun or whatever but i need to get to that first then i need a cheat on how to use it cuz i want a poogle. also, do u know anywhere that i can get those peices for the gun for cheap or even free 🙂 ?

    thanks much!

  23. regina says:

    i really need a cheat for the following….

    1. Hubrid’s hero heist
    2. caves and corridors
    3. Extreme herder
    4. Freaky factory
    5. wheel of excitement (if there is one)
    6. all of the other “wheel of…” whatevers 🙂

    im sorry its alot but im new and its sooo hard. one of my friends said she played almost every game everyday and it took her about a year just to get 10000 neopoints so needless to say….HELP! please

    thank you

  24. i want cheats says:

    i would like a wingoball cheat if there is 1 im realy good at it but i can only get 2000 NPs a day from it and some for turmak role plz

  25. beatriz says:

    i’d like to know some cheats to hasee bounce

  26. I need some cheats for Faerie caves 2…SOMEBODY HEEEEEEEELPPP!!!!*bomb explodes on me*

  27. Hi there,
    Looking for the secret avatars like everyone else.
    Where are they?

  28. giveaway says:

    Hi all,
    I am quitting my Neopets account because I am expecting my first baby! (yes, I’m old!) Anyways, I have had this account for a long time and have lots of valuable items that I don’t want to go to waste, so before I close my account I am going to hold a series of contests and random giveaways. I have set up a website for this, the first thing I’ll be giving away is Bread which is around 30,000 NP. The website is here:

  29. Chloe says:

    there is a cheat for hasee bounce already in the game cheats page

  30. Korkydorkygirl says:

    nevermind forget my shop i got it sold for 45000 nps and now i think i am rich

  31. me says:

    I would love to know some cheats for the Hasee Jump.

  32. jjb says:

    in faerie bubbles type bubbles and all will turn into the same type!

  33. Korkydorkygirl says:

    one day on the shop adds this guy gave everyone what they wanted he gave me a glamour negg hi chloe well i am very poor only 2000 nps please buy from my shop

  34. Chloe says:

    it’s ok, you helped me realise that i was in fact straying a little off the subject of cheats because i was so excited about all the new graphics i was adding.
    and sorry i don’t really know of a place where you can get neggs very cheap.

  35. SORRY! says:

    chloe, srry bout what i said yesterday. i wuz the comment that u deleted talking about how everything is about decorating and not cheats like how the site says. thanks 4 bringing the cheats back. oh and do u know of a place where u can get neggs cheap or free?

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