How to get Rich on Neopets!

Want to be a neopian millionaire? Well, I guess it’s time to spill how I’ve gotten so rich!
The main thing is to have a really big shop with lots of items, priced reasonably, better a bit more expensive than cheap. You’ll just keep collecting money, and when things sell, re-stock your shop as soon as possible with more items. Get your items free, buy them from other people’s shops for really cheap, then sell them in yours at a higher price, do monthly freebies, get them from other accounts you have, and so on. And whatever money you have, put into your bank account, because there it will collect interest. The more neopoints you have in your bank account, the more interest you’ll get! I also occasionally play games, but if I wanted to be SUPER rich, like with a million neopoints, I would play them all the time. I usually only play the games I’m personally really good at, and that give you lots of points. I don’t waste time on stupid games that give you only 50 neopoints or whatever. I also use game cheats. For example, I always play Hasee Bounce because I’m good at it, and there’s an awesome cheat for it (if you type “more doughnut fruit” your timer re-sets, so it’s like playing it twice in one game, getting double your points!). So that’s how I get all my hundreds of thousands of neopoints from: get lots of items free or cheap, sell them in my shop, keep re-stocking when stuff sells, put all the money from my shop till into my bank account, collect interest every day, and so on. I also have lots and lots of accounts, which I do all the dailies and freebies on, then send them all to my main account. Then I sell everything in my shop! And that’s a VERY good way to earn thousands of neopoints! Plus, I’ve been playing Neopets for around 4 years! So, from now on, you’ll only be getting richer!!!

Good luck to all my fellow neopians, and have a good day!

Step 1 to becoming a neopian millionaire: Make more accounts!

Sign up here for another account!

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182 Responses to How to get Rich on Neopets!

  1. Mr. Zap says:

    the best way to earn nps is to buy stocks
    i earn 300k a day on average with one single account and it takes me only 1 minute a day on neopets

  2. you read and youll see my name says:

    please PLEASE buy from my shop, its not very succesful and ive had it for 2 years. my neo name is samr320, i made the STUPID mistake of putting my name in my username.

  3. Ashley says:

    Anyone wanna add me 🙂 im new and dont have much friends yet (:


  4. Jake says:

    @Lexi, Um neopets has only been out for 11 years. Just saying. That makes you sound like a major retard

  5. Madison says:

    hey guys im about to stop playing neopets and i have thousands of neopoints i may aswell give out to you. just email me your username and password to my hotmail ( and ill buy like everything out of your shop or something.


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  7. Vira says:

    Hi my neopets name is G_nome_9_9_9 and i REALLY don’t want to get frozen or worse for hacking or anything if you guys have any extra time could you PLEASE send a paintbrush or two don’t have 2 if you don’t want 2

  8. spectator says:


    MY NEOPETS PASSWORD: pikachulove

  9. Duchy ru h says:

    Kiss my butt

  10. Duchy ru h says:

    I only use my extra accounts on neopets at advent calendar time
    And Halloween goodie bag time LOL. Ive been doing it for
    Years and never been caught. Just make sure each of your
    Accounts has a different name and password and different
    Email address! Ha.

  11. This is a terrible article. Making use of multiple accounts to make Neopoints will get you frozen.

  12. Paris says:

    I have a free Neopets account for everyone! Here is the account information. Username: Paris_Levana94 Password: ilovemycrab94
    I am Shayna Diamond’s friend, so we both have 94 at the end of everything because that is the year we were born in! I really love Paint Brush’s too! I’m looking for a baby, faerie, and any more like that!
    PeAcE, lOvE, aNd, LiPgLoSs
    P.S. Read Shayna Diamond’s P.S. above, because that goes for me too!

  13. Shayna says:

    I was on Neopets recently and I was somewhere on the Neopets map, and then my Christmas JubJub got turned into a baby JubJub! I spent 60,000 dollars on that Christmas paint brush and I kind of want it back. But I like the Baby Paint Brush, can anyone tell me how to get it back to wearing its Christmas Paint brush items? Please help and reply to my email address:

    Shayna Diamond
    P.S. My Neopets Username is Shayna_Diamond94, add me as a friend please and shop at my store! And if you can please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, send me ANY Paint Brushes that you do not want anymore! I would be so, so, so, so, so, so, so grateful! So yeah, and like I said a second ago, you can buy from my store!

    PeAcE, lOvE, aNd LiPgLoSs
    Bikini lady, lol!

  14. domayne says:

    Anyone asking for ur user and pass is trying to hack you….don’t let them, there is no quick way to become a neopets millionaire overnig, it takes hard work unless you get real lucky and find a rare item which you can sell for millions, the best way is playing lots of games, restocking your shop with cheaper items and selling higher or if you have the patience then through stock market, but just like the real market it can take month or even years to see a big profit. Do not cheat and create multiple accounts they will catch and freeze you and you will lose everything its not worth it. Play because you enjoy the game not to be the richest because you never will be there are people tuft have been playing for over 10 yeas

  15. maleah says:

    hey people!! stop saying ” oh i have like a ton of accounts and i dont get caught. oh btw heres my neopets name!!” what if TNT saw this page! you would get in so much trouble and frozen!!! so if your gonna brag about something like that, dont use your name!

  16. kewlgurl16 says:

    Anyone that says DO NOT GIVE OUT YOUR USER AND PASS IT’S A SCAM! uh HELLO we are not stupid I think some of us already know that

  17. Lexi says:

    I need a paint brush I have been on neopets for 16 years and I haven’t been in the 10,000! 🙁

  18. paul says:

    me too help im begging you i only have none

  19. Carly CaramonE says:

    i dont have single NP point and i really need it please help me!

  20. lillyshak10 says:

    Heeeeeey! The Hasee Bounce thing doesn’t work – I literally just tried it 9 times. Never give your password or even neo pin number to someone because they will HACK you. H for horror, A for anticipation, C for crabby nerves and K for kcuf (re – arrange the letters)! Also, if a neopet neomails you called Haseeneoluvver04 never even bother to reply to them as they will try to worm some personal data out of you. Beep beep! Oh, and if you see a trade from lillyshak10, please bid on it as I am dead poor!!!! :(B–<

  21. Mika says:

    THIS BOT WAS CREATED ON THE 1ST JANUARY 2010 As a former Neopets employee, i am extremely mad at them for my unfair dissmissal, and so i am going to share with you the secret bot of neopets! be warned though, once this spreads, any user that wants will be a neo millionare, and this may make the game less fun. anyway, here goes Send an e-mail to neopets: neopetsbot2010@hotm­ail.c om In the subject box write: AdminNeopointReques­t In the message box copy and paste this: cgi-bin/admin-login­.bot2 3respond.nprequ­est/admin userid=(YOU­R USERNAME)&e=activat­e=passmachi ne/passid­=(YOUR PASSWORD)%process13­=npre quest_admin.req­uestid=(N UMBER OF NEOPOINTS YOU WANT)%&e=admin_resp­ond_proc ess/access?c­ode=2D6J82I/ verifyCo­de/admin_process /%e=­admin-login.cgi Within 2-3 days, the amount of NP will be in your account. It is less risky if you already have at least 50,000 np on your account, this way the neopets team will not notice the change in your bank balance, and therefore will not freeze you. Anyway, have fun being rich!!!!

  22. narutofan1_3 says:

    Plus, I used to have about $100,000, but I spent it ALL on a(1!!!!) paintbrush:(

  23. narutofan1_3 says:

    Hey, GUYS!!! NEVER,EVER,EVER neomail your password to someone who says they will give you more cash!!!! Sometimes, they just do this so they can tell TNT that you were trying to cheat on the game and FREEZE your account. Other times, they do it to steal your money and abuse your neopets:(

  24. emily_k82 says:

    Hey, have you guys learned? Theres this new thing called SAVING and NOT SPENDING EVERYTHING ON EVERY COOL ITEM YOU SEE!!! Heres a thought: save your money in the bank when you surpass about 5,000 or 10,000 NP. Do dailies (sorry about the spelling error) as you should do at every chance you get. Maybe do a luck game every one in a while, even if it is rigged. On Bagatelle, I lost some of my NP, but then I hit the 8 slot and I recall that I got around 6,000 NP! Plus, don’t dang give away your username and password to anyone, even if you trust them!!! They could take advantage of it because you may have somthing they don’t! If you see somthing that you decide that you NEED without being asked for it on a faerie quest, write it down for when you are way richer. I do that all the time, and I still don’t have them. Why? Because I want somthing else that actually is worth it and will not perish after a use or two. Plus, if you have a rare item that you don’t want, put it on the trading post. Everyone knows that one mans junk is another mans treasure. You may even be offered more than you bargined for… in a good way that is. Just be patient and you will get your hearts desire.

  25. jj says:

    Haha noobs.

  26. FairyBaby says:

    Don’t give shadow your pass!! It’s a scam!!!

    Another way to get rich is to ask your friends or family for their things if they quit neopets. My cousin gave me tons of great items and 90,000 neopoints the other day!!

  27. shadow says:

    im quitting if you want to get rich neomail me your username and pass @ _piplupforce98

  28. sumayya says:

    tell me how to become rich my username is cheatqueen96.

  29. sumayya says:

    Qiong what wront wit ur language!

  30. sumayya says:

    everyone is a liar i gave my password and they stole my account my username is cheatquean96 that is my side account my other account gami7_11 has been stolen my mistake dont give ur password to anyone!

  31. gavin says:

    hi i just started neopets about a week or 2 ago and i want to be very rich some day cvan someone help me

    add me

  32. georgia says:


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