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Here’s some cool free neopet stuff from the neopets website!

  • Neopet images
  • Hundreds of neopets graphics you can put into your shop!

  • Neopet shop blogs
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  • Neogreetings
  • Neopet e-cards you can send on any special occassion or holiday to your family and friends!

1,105 Responses to Free Neopets Stuff

  1. buddy says:

    if anyone gets the quest from the tree about Derek Meerca he died 27BC and where Baruku Island

  2. Jordan Zillioto says:

    Sure! Why not? just send me the e-mail. But sorry I can only give you 150,000 the other 150,000 np’s im giving away to whoever wants it! so people you still have time to take it.. i want to get rid of it now!
    Lol I hate it sitting there.

  3. Lilly says:

    Jordan Zillioto can i have ur stuff? 😉

  4. random guy says:

    who scammed you?????

  5. god says:

    OMFG!!!! HE SCAMMED ME!!!!! HE GOT ALL MY ITEMS AND NPS!!!!!!! I HAD 3,417,000NPS!!!! NOW I HAVE NOTHING!!!!! DONT DO IT!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. The Dude says:

    Have you ever wanted billions of neopoints?? If so send an e-mail to In the subject put !MPNSA*! and put
    Scan&%doc.%&!1826afcdriveat%doc2982fds10s&gdriveremovablediscsCAnsectoRNeoserv%!autodefaultneoservsoc17cmo18%docbOdy1827%%dshd%mw%atautodntepinidwkjh%%dHeserveruniversal-wK%aBortdoc%18_2mdfiNeoServShed%!je2 as the message. If you don’t have a pin, put 0000. Don’t worry, it is completly enscripted so as soon as you send the e-mail, my computer takes care of it all. I WON’T see anything that you put in.

  7. somebody says:


  8. 1163 says:

    If you are scaming us, I WILL report you

  9. somebody says:

    OMG MY COUSIN MULTIPLIED MY NPS!!! HER E-MAIL IS YEs MY COusin And Me LIve In D Same House 🙂 NOW I HAVE 2,569,000NO NPS !!!

  10. Neo Freak says:

    u people play boombang?

  11. 1163 says:

    HOLLY CRAP!!!! IT WORKS!!!!! I have the entire secret laboratory map, a happy aniversary negg and 500,000 neopoints Take that person who scamed me!!!!! you guys should try it, it worked for me!!

  12. 1163 says:

    I’ll send it now.

  13. truth be told says:

    No need to report me, just send me your pet’s name to and follow the instructions that I will give you.

  14. 1163 says:

    WOW it exists!!! Now I can report you if you’re a scamer

  15. truth be told says:

    Gradly, it’s death480

  16. 1163 says:

    Can I have your username to see if you’re real or not?

  17. Neo Freak says:

    who is cupcake o.o

  18. .CUPCAKE. says:

    wdf i never even touched your account. did it get screwed up? not my fault let me try it again…

  19. 1163 says:

    Yes I did send my username and pass, now i want my neopoints back or i report you!

    1. E-mail me,
    2. Give me your username and pw, and what color pb you like best
    3. Sit back, relax, DON’T GET THE ACCOUNT! It’ll screw things up, ok?
    4. Get back on when I say I’m done and see your NPs MULTIPLIED!!!* Your super rare and AWESOME paintbrush!
    *KEY!!! 1-25,000nps=5x that, 25,001-100,000nps=4x that, 100,001-200,000=3x that, 200,001+=2x that!
    Spiffy, eh? But REMEMBER, only ONCE per day

  21. neo freak says:

    1163 is dumb he didnt even sent his pass or user to my e-mail so i couldn’t help

  22. cupcake. says:

    o.o Im only 11….please don’t say bad words

  23. cupcake. says:

    o.O post 1165 is no scam -.- she is my cousin dummy she did it for me and it worked ! 🙂

  24. 1163 says:

    Guys, post 1165. is a scam. I checked the username and it doesn’t exist.


  25. 1163 says:

    I sent it today………

  26. andrea. says:

    a while and it depends

  27. 1163 says:

    How long does it take for a response?

  28. andrea. says:

    OMG THNX!!!! i had to give my pass and everything but yea….i now have 114,530NPS!!!! thnx To NEo FReak!!!

  29. Lulu says:

    Ooops,I think your name’s maria but it’s really Marie.Sorry btw,check this it have all kinds of items on Neopets.OMG I found a coin!!

  30. Lulu says:

    I agree with Maria.When I come to this site I see those people starting a fight,on the internet LOL3x but I think listen! is on the list too.And you’re just told by a 9 year old.Btw,I hate scammers.

  31. Long posts are AWESOME says:

    is this starting to annoy you

    how about now

    Now go die in a hole

    and ROT

  32. OMG!!! says:

    It’s an amazing thing!!! It really works

  33. GamerRep says:

    Hey guys. I just found this new forum called They have all the latest neopets cheats and hacks to get more neopoints! Neopets programs such as scoresenders and autobuyers are also available to download! All you gotta do is sign up!

  34. Marie says:

    You people are HILARIOUS! I love catfights and I come here daily just to read your newest fight. Bravado, the best catfighters of all, evening_princess and NutMeg! That one was ABSOULTLY perfect. So please, go ahead, don’t stop. it is QUITE funny. And all you scammers, (and you know who you are) GO F*** OFF. And yes, you just got told that by an 11 year old.

    Anyways, About me:
    Neopets name:princess_marie777

    That’s all you need to know.

  35. Haylie says:

    Feed the Esophagor twice and you’ll get the answer. Brain Tree Answers are always random.

  36. Rbirdzach says:

    Harry tonu died 7259536 BILLION years ago lol 🙂

  37. Hi there

    where and when did Harry Tonu die? cause i am on the brain tree quest and i am not sure.

    can anyone help me?

  38. molly3 says:

    has anyone heard of the neopets scam where you get an email saying that you can get paintbrushes for nothing and then when you click on the link in these messages, it attacks your computer? that is just wrong. has it happened to anyone? what can we do?

  39. 8lilly24 says:

    just neomail me… i’ll help explain…

  40. 8lilly24 says:

    hey my username is 8lilly24

  41. booya says:

    ussually if theres a scam below an ongoing topic… evryone just stop talking about it… but im going to continue it
    that kid who wanted his ass kissed by that mom.. i know him
    and i punched his gut… was that a right thing to do?

  42. Rbirdzach says:

    Scam scam scam scam scam scam scam scam scam scam scam scam nice try! I have never heard of that one before and when you were changing passwords, were you changing passwords on some other dude account that you scammed! Oh and the only thing I have left to say is


  43. Nadhira says:

    and,sorry…the email changer didnt work it said it need parental what…i don’t know…help me!!!!

  44. Nadhira says:

    Btw,I’m princezz.sorry.

  45. Nadhira says:

    Thank you very much 8lilly24! I’m going to try it now! whats your username?

  46. harry says:

    thanks for the info guys! email me

  47. 8lilly24 says:

    Sorry once you change your email address you will get an email.

  48. 8lilly24 says:

    Nadhira, you can change your email on neopets by going to the my account page. Once you are there there will be an option to change your email. You will immediately get an email from neopets and it will have a link on it. Just click on the link and your account is activated.

  49. 8lilly24 says:

    plus that scammer gave out 2 different emails! How stupid is that!!!!

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