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Here’s some cool free neopet stuff from the neopets website!

  • Neopet images
  • Hundreds of neopets graphics you can put into your shop!

  • Neopet shop blogs
  • Over a hundred of cool neopets blogs for your shop!

  • Neopet computer backgrounds 1
  • Neopet wallpapers for your computer desktop!

  • Neopet computer backgrounds 2
  • Even more neopet wallpapers for your computer desktop!

  • Neopet background sketches
  • Sketchy neopet wallpapers for your computer desktop!

  • Neopet screensavers
  • Neopet screensavers for your computer!

  • Free neopet music
  • Music from various neopets games that you can download onto your computer!

  • Neopet gift tags
  • Christmas neopet gift tags that you can print out and attach to your x-mas presents!

  • Neogreetings
  • Neopet e-cards you can send on any special occassion or holiday to your family and friends!

1,105 Responses to Free Neopets Stuff

  1. Cellist says:

    God some of these comments are hilarious. xD
    Pathetic scammers.

  2. domx says:

    hey how many neopets can u have

  3. Loyce Erben says:

    I’m still learning from you, but I’m improving myself. I absolutely enjoy reading all that is written on your site.Keep the information coming. I loved it!

  4. Stephanie says:

    and this “katie” person can acsess your accounts via email, and neopets staff never ask for email or passwords.

    I DO work for them, no im not a scammer and stuff, cant stand them, im in charge of blocking those that are reported for scamming you can contact me in neopets on my account Voigt_Girl

    alas i am not allowed to give out my other account (neopets staff code of conduct) off the neopets site (thats why i made this account after my last “spare” account was hacked) so if any of you need someone reported for scamming let me know =)

  5. Stephanie says:

    /sigh. Jen simply put — you’re a stupid, selfish, childish, pathetic, gold-digging, w**re that needs to go f*** yourself with a 50ft pole of syphilis infected oxydized aluminium. As for the topic of being poor, My sister, my own flesh and blood, hacked my origional account i DID have 190mil np and several paintbrushes now i have a new account, and only 168 neopoints because i still keep to my oath of donatin 100 np a day to money tree and 100 np to a random player per day.

    my username is Voigt_Girl =) add me?

  6. jeran says:

    get a life losers

  7. Kesang says:

    Hi there,
    I am also google adsense worker from many time ago.
    But till now I am not able to make money as you guys are making from Google Adsense. And after few months I have lost my Adsense Account.
    Please can anyone suggest me how it’s work properly?
    Your Faithfully

  8. guest says:

    can u sell neopets

  9. guest says:

    i got somone to give me her password i went in her acount she wanted me to get her a pet so i did i got her a farie

  10. i love neopets says:

    does anyone wanted a limited edition neopet jetsam? If so neomail me at _babypaintbrush_12 and i will send you one via the pound. Ps they i sell for roughly 99,999 but do a good deal if you ask!:)

  11. Deirdree says:

    plz plz plz buy stuff from my shop… ata round october 15 i will have ALL NINE PETPET LAB MAP PICES

    my username is shimase

  12. dsd says:

    these are all so pathetically fake

  13. blarrhhhyamum says:

    Oh dear god. I posted on this three years ago. o____o
    I can’t believe I used so much chat speak. (I was 354, 355 and 356)

  14. frozen concrete says:


  15. sara says:

    Yeah! No.151 is a total SCAM!!!

  16. Omgg. Visit me. Crystle_Sweetpie.
    I have a KEWL background.

  17. cheyanne says:

    no comment

  18. evil help says:

    I got a really cool cheat!if you send a a super-rare item to jenkin_boss you get double the items!.her father owns something in neopets so wait like,15 hrs for her to respond.then shell send you 2!! i got 2 draik mp’s this way.when i tried again it didnt work.i think it works once per user

  19. candydazzle says:

    all girls come join this website!!!! not scam!!its gonna be fun!!girls only!!no boys allowed!!

  20. :) says:

    can peeps give me money plz my name is pestia11 thx 🙂

  21. Candydazzle says:

    Hey ppl!!want some no??just neomail me n add me as a neofiend!!I’m no scammer!!I just need ur username!!I really want neofriends!!I’m soo lonely!!i can’t giv out that much np cuz I’m not rich but I can still giv u about 10k hope that helps I can also give u codestoned n bottled faeries but no pb username is candydazzle add meeeeee!!!!!

  22. just blogwalking here and found something interesting 😆

  23. Vanessa says:

    My mom had her baby yesterday……………

  24. Vanessa says:

    If anyone would like to donate a baby paint brush I would like that! I have lots of pets up for trade, a chocolate scorchio, disco kougra, and more! My dream pet is a baby chomby. You can neofriend/neomail me at peaceluvandtwilight.
    *Remember TNT will never ask for your password or pin number, if some one does they are trying to scam you! Don’t fall for their lies! You can always talk to me if you have any questions, just neomail me, or email me at 🙂

  25. Lydia says:

    Hey, If anyone wants me to draw their neopets, I would be delighted. Click on my name and Neomail me!

  26. sukhpinder says:

    send me your username and password so i can give to you
    20000 NPs

  27. Maggie says:

    Yeah right.

  28. Lauren says:

    You do not get nps for making an account through the link above! It’s just a scam so they can get an item for referring you! I’ve been on neo for almost ten years, please heed my advice.

  29. Shadow Stealer says:

    Wats up

  30. Hydrafin says:

    Hey people,i have a neopet account you can have!
    Remember,i am neofriends with that account!!

  31. grr says:

    hi guys! i have a question for you:
    is the kreludan mining corp. just for decoration or can you get the code from somewhere?
    by the way, if you want to message me, my neopets name is aveen001.

  32. grr says:

    hi guys! i have a question for you:
    is the kreludan mining corp. just for decoration or can you get the code from somewhere?
    by the way, if you want to message me, my neopets name is aveen001.

  33. Silvermoon says:

    Hiya! I love neopets! But it is hard to find graphics I like. I’m seeking Inuyasha ones seen any? My user name is __stormbringer__!

  34. Vanessa says:

    Please don’t listen to scammers you guys…..
    You can neofriend me at peaceluvandtwilight. Check out my shop and guild!

  35. Jordan Zillioto says:

    guys if you want to know it this is all you have to do .

    1: make an account over 17 with the user name containing these digits and letter’s at the end of it Neo12jkX000
    2: make the email for it
    3: earn 9,ooo np playing games
    4: send the activation code to the email
    5: go to mystery island and refresh the page 9 times!

  36. rooney_toones says:

    why people scam in neopets i hav now idea, get a life, its just a game

  37. rooney_toones says:

    this is a great site cant believe i didnt hea bout it b4

  38. claire says:

    “zack” is a scammer. wow what a dweeb

  39. Koko says:

    Anything asking for your password is a scam!!
    If you wanna be neofriends my main is whereismyothersock_1 and please check out my side (bubblegumuni) gallery!!!

  40. zozane says:

    well my pets r gonna die cause i got no np it sucks lol can u tell me that cheat to get that much np?

  41. zozane says:

    SCAM SCAM SCAM!!!!!!!! dont listen to him hes lying!!!!! maxxor took all my np!!!!! i diddent know i actually trusted him!!! who knows he might change the password knows whats next!!!

  42. zozane says:

    hi again!!! anyone thare lol hope someone starts wrighting back i have no neofriends and i need to get my dad to trust neopets so i can get parentle permission zozane out. piece!!!

  43. zozane says:

    hi!!!! i just found this website its awesome!!!!!!! wish i found this earler lol i need help it took me a loooooooooooooooong time to get 100000np and bluw it on a paint brush for only 1 of my neopets i need help AND i dont have parentl permission!!! dad thincks that thare crazy people on neopets some times lol so plzzzzzzzzzzz help me!!!! my user name is zozane001 and maxxor i belive u on the cheat for 1million np and if its a scam i can just make a new one lol dont lose nothing lol so plzzzzzzz help me!!! ps my fingers hurt lol

  44. 9982158 says:

    shutshutshut doesn’t exist!! I checked it out

  45. trade master says:

    hey if your the one who hacked my account please please please please please please please please please please please please can i have my account back i’ve worked so hard now all that work went down the drain please wat did i do to u.

  46. trade master says:

    Hey you want a trade here are my items just neomail lsoccerw,
    Wriggling Grub,
    Tombola Pencil Sharpener,
    Anti-Gravity Yoyo,
    Burnt Scarab Cookie,
    Tin of Sardines,
    Carrot and Pea Omelette,
    Secret Laboratory Map,
    Space Tots,
    Neggitus Injection,
    Bottle of Black Sand,
    Lime Elixir,
    Healing Potion VII,
    Ubikiberry Elixir,
    Pale Elixir,
    Alabriss Stained Glass Window,
    Shiny Purple Cowry Shell,
    Turmac Roll Playset,
    Large Metal Shield,
    Sturdy Blue Shield,
    Sun Ray Picture Frame,
    Snazzy Moon Comb,
    Rocket Corn on the Cob,
    Mummy Spaghetti,
    Strawberry Artichoke,
    Million Degree Sword,
    Engraved Broad Sword,
    Water Mote,
    Seek Visor,
    Robot Mote,
    Brilliant Blade of Brightvale,
    Ice Sword,
    Pyramid Dagger,
    Intricate Qasalan Dagger,
    Ancient Scimitar,
    Salt Mote,
    Wet Snowball,
    Icy Snowball,
    Water Mote,
    Branston Battlecard,
    Scarab Stone Slingshot,
    Small Metal Shield

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