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Here’s some cool free neopet stuff from the neopets website!

  • Neopet images
  • Hundreds of neopets graphics you can put into your shop!

  • Neopet shop blogs
  • Over a hundred of cool neopets blogs for your shop!

  • Neopet computer backgrounds 1
  • Neopet wallpapers for your computer desktop!

  • Neopet computer backgrounds 2
  • Even more neopet wallpapers for your computer desktop!

  • Neopet background sketches
  • Sketchy neopet wallpapers for your computer desktop!

  • Neopet screensavers
  • Neopet screensavers for your computer!

  • Free neopet music
  • Music from various neopets games that you can download onto your computer!

  • Neopet gift tags
  • Christmas neopet gift tags that you can print out and attach to your x-mas presents!

  • Neogreetings
  • Neopet e-cards you can send on any special occassion or holiday to your family and friends!

1,105 Responses to Free Neopets Stuff

  1. 8lilly24 says:

    pssshh…some people are soo immature. That mom really just wants everything to be fair. And for kids not to be ripped off. Sheesh some ppl are mean.

  2. automan3000 says:

    aww come on now… were all friends here… a long distance unknowing sorta friends… dont fight againt each other

  3. booya says:

    said some fool who cant even turn off caps lock

  4. HEY says:


  5. booya says:

    hey post number 1129 !! i support u completly!!
    and also…. kiss my ass! or as u moms say… rear end

  6. princezz says:

    oh yeah my fave pet is Acara!!!

  7. princezz says:

    Hi Nadhira,too bad I don’t know how to do that coz…it happened to me,too.Sorry i can’t help u. btw,i live on indonesia too.

  8. Nadhira says:

    My name is Nadhira,I live on indonesia,btw…my account haven’t been activated yet.:-( Does anybody know how to activate it? coz the email I typed is wrong.

  9. MomWhoPlaysNeoPetsToo says:

    I can’t believe that some of you would be so pathetic as to rip off little kids. Unbelievable. This is a children’s game website (even though adults play on it, too). It doesn’t give you real money. Is it THAT important to you that you would steal from children? And for you scammers who ARE kids, shame on you. I hope your mom finds out and won’t let you on the computer anymore.

    ALWAYS REMEMBER: DON’T GIVE YOUR PASSWORD TO ANYBODY!! EVER! If someone asks for it, show the message to your mom or dad and ask if they think it’s OK, even if YOU think it’s OK. You don’t want to lose all your Neopoints. That would suck. If someone offers to give you free Neopoints, ask yourself why they would want to do that. I always tell my daughters, who are 8 and 12, not to give their information to ANYBODY. And that’s not just NeoPets. It’s EVERYWHERE on the Internet.

  10. mike says:

    how can i get ultimate neopoints?

  11. Michele says:

    Hey Do you guys like purses by Chanel Gucci Vani and more
    Than click on my name to get purses jewelry and more

  12. Former TNT Member says:

    ya paper work, they send it

  13. 8lilly24 says:

    Also, why would they need paperwork? They work over the internet for pete’s sake!!

  14. 8lilly24 says:

    Also a bad scammer. 100,000 np is NOTHINGG!!!! Please don’t listen to those scammers!!!

  15. 8lilly24 says:

    1119 is a scam.

    But you knew thattt rittteee???

  16. 8lilly24 says:

    Key Quest ROX!!! Try it!! I’m a n00b at it, but still have gotten zillions of stuff!! It is awesome!! If you’re looking for free stuff, look no further!! I got a starry paint brush once!!!!

  17. 8lilly24 says:

    If you need cactopus cream, don’t buy it!!! It’s tooooo expensivee!!! Just go to the healing springs every day, and if it says that you’re fully healed, YOU’RE HEALED!!!

  18. sirkas says:

    but………3 years and only 1115 post……..

  19. sirkas says:

    man………..these posts sure isnt as interesting and active as they used to be…….

  20. jacko says:

    got it

  21. automan3000 says:

    yeah……don immitate me

  22. jacko says:

    yeah u u……..u pig…u 140 pounds of pure fat and meat!!!

  23. automan3000 says:

    now now…. no need for insuilts…….u pig

  24. chasmosaurus23 says:

    thats a hackers work!
    possibly my uncle!
    or my bro!or my cousin!and some other ……….50 families of mine!
    btw……. put ur ip address below and i l hack u!!!!!
    yes … U !il hack that ratthole u call ur home!!!!

  25. akshaya says:


  26. akshaya says:

    hey guys did u know that once this happened to me
    something has happend
    what does it mean???????????????????

  27. aiee i need cactopus cream

  28. automan3000 says:

    yes of course hahahahahahahahew…..
    sireously its been 2 days or so ppl

  29. automan3000 says:

    p.s. again if any1 just wanna be friends i accept those requests too

  30. automan3000 says:

    p.s. automan3000 is my user.just making it clear

  31. automan3000 says:

    any guilds out there i can join?
    ima preety experienced player
    neomail me pls

  32. Daniel says:

    Im the CHAMPION of JUTICE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  33. vincent says:

    YYYYYYYYYYYYYYOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO iiiiiiiiiii Love neopets!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  34. Sailor Moon says:

    Sound familia? if you love sailor moon b my neofriend my username is amelizzle. btw sailor moon is ooooooooold!

  35. Robin says:

    wats url?

  36. Robin says:

    cool shop sleepover fun.

  37. Robin says:

    sup dudes

  38. its_me_yall_111 says:

    now my shop has evrything 5 np and under

  39. its_me_yall_111 says:

    i bought almost everything in sleepover_fun’s shop

  40. mary says:

    Thanks so much Kaya! I had 300k and I can finally have the lab map. ;D HOW CAN I REPAY YOU???

  41. Kaya says:

    Hey! My name is Kaya. If you want free neopoints listen. I’m quitting so I’m giving out 500k to everyone. No user or pass is required, just sell 5 items in your shop for 99k, and 1 for 5k. I currently have 12 million neopoints.

    – Mail with your username
    – Explain why you deserve 500k
    – N00Bs won’t get any since they don’t deserve any, I wanna know you’ve at least played the game before you even give up. Your account must be at least 4 months old.

    BAD=hi i rly think that i deserve 500k pls um my pets r always bein t aking care of
    GOOD=Hello! I really do think that I deserve 500k. I’ve been trying to reach my goal but it’s been hard lately!

    Please make sure your description is at least 1 paragraph long. ;D Thank you and enjoy your riches soon!

  42. Candilover13 says:

    sleepover_fun’s shop is kewl i lyk it nothing over ten neopoints
    hey if you want grooming items go to candilover13’s shop
    closed for a few days. but come after wednesday april 22 2009.

  43. jessss says:

    this is awsome

  44. lookie that says:

    bet a hundred np’s nothing on ur shop is any good either

  45. Lilmiss6666 says:

    If Any One Could Donate Things To Me On Neopets My Username is Lilmiss6666 Please Donate Anything Even Dung Or Something Please Help Ill Be Forever Gratful!!

  46. lookie that says:

    every one look at the part about killing why_you_little_1
    i bet why_you_little_1 has died by now

  47. Fuzzy says:

    Someone just randomly sent me a cloud paint brush.

    If that was any of you, I thank you very much for it. ^^

  48. Fuzzy says:

    Things get confusing, don’t they.

  49. jeane says:

    hm……..i am french myself….he called me a frenchie 2

  50. automan3000 says:

    this isnt democracy ppl!


    i third the motion!!!!!!!!!!

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