Neopets Giveaways

Half Price Day
The 3rd day of each month is Half Price Day in Neopia

Balthazar the Bounty Hunter’s Faerie Giveaway
Happens on Wednesday’s at 7am NST (Neo Standard Time). You can see the clock on the main page to see what time it is. Heaps of free faeires are up for grabs at the money tree.

Chocolate Giveaway
There is a chocolate giveaway on Sunday at 5:50 pm NST at the money tree.

Healthy Food Giveaway
At 7 AM NST every day, the Health Frog gives away heaps of healthy foods at the money tree.

Muntando Fruit
It’s at 10:45 AM/PM NST on Mondays.

425 Responses to Neopets Giveaways

  1. lardypants says:

    I want to know how to change the time too, please ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. miley cyrus says:

    ๐Ÿ™‚ how do u change the time on neopets???

  3. amberlea says:

    how do you change the time on neopets lol i shud know but i dnt lol

  4. NutMeg says:

    There’s so much to ‘conquer’. Get all the avatars, all the themes, beat all of the battledome challengers, etc. ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. What Bring u back 1999 says:

    what keep everyone coming back to neopets? I’ve been using the site pretty much since it started (1999) and I’m starting to wonder what brings me back to it. I have over a 100k in NP, 160k in stocks, and Millions worth of crap items (over 2.5k diff items… 13k items in gen). I feel like I’ve seen it all.

    NO I’m not getting rid of my account. I’m just saying what more is there to do.

  6. neopets lover says:

    if you want to see if people are scammers make a fake acconut and send them your info to see and i hate to be scammed on vmk a site that closed right before my birthday i was scammed out of like everything i had well not any of my rare stuff but my money witch was simple to get!

  7. neopets lover says:

    if anyone stoled my account i would be made i have so much stuff form the nc mall and if any body has a baby paint brush this would be my offer 160000 neopoints and a vux codstone also most of the other codestones and some other little goodies got to clean out my saftey depoist box

  8. Vampire_DrkAngel says:

    I have a unused account that is 19 months old. It has no money or items but if anyone wants it, Neomail me. my user name is Vampire_DrkAngel

  9. NutMeg says:

    Angel is a scammer.

  10. Lady Wisconsin says:

    To Kelsey F****** lunitic,

    You kind of people MAKE ME SICK!!!! How can you sleep at night while innocent people worry about their accounts that they so blindly trusted you with. YOU SHOULD BE ASHAMED OF YOURSELF!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. April0101 says:

    To Hannah-I need neopoints badly but I can’t give you my password. I’m not saying your a scammer cause’ that would be mean. It’s just that I almost got scammed once and It scared me to death. But please, i want the items you listed so bad, and you can just make me your neofriend and send them to me? please? I know you wanted me to email you but something is interupting the signal or something. Please give me the items!

  12. April0101 says:

    To Nuggler-help me please! I want paint brushes so badly and I am so pooooooor. if you can give me neopoints that would be awesome!

  13. Angel or Devil says:

    Angel or Devil?
    i am both but i can tell you all the secrets of Neopets.
    Go to and I’ll giv’em to yah!!!

  14. Tasha Turner says:

    Neopets is fun huh!
    Just remember, every game has it’s glitches (cheats). One day you will get around ALL of them and rock “theneopetsteam” of their feet!!!!

  15. hi guys. love neopets

  16. shreyas says:

    dont ever trust anyone like that

  17. shreyas says:

    dont ever trust hannah up there ^^^^^^she is a scammer liar she thinks she can fool people

  18. NutMeg says:

    Yes, Hannah is a scammer.

  19. Mdmarvel says:

    No listening to this lunatic up there^^^
    You don’t need the password or pin to transfer neopoints or stuff you just need their username to buy from their shop to give them nps and give the items by clicking on the item and press give to a neofriend.

  20. Hannah says:

    Hey im laura. I have a whole bunch of neopet items such as
    50 baby pbs
    25 darigan pbs
    15 maraquan pbs
    12 draik eggs
    16 draik transmogrifictaion potions
    3 pirate pbs
    78 faerie kougra totems
    56 rainbow pbs
    12 zombie pbs
    and a few more item
    i have no use for neopets and i would like to transfer them to all of ur accounts!!! but to make is happen i need the following info


    im sorry i need that info but i doรขโ‚ฌยฆ.im not a scammer so please dont htink i am. im a nice person and all i wantt o do is make ur dreams come true. please neomail me at to have all your wishes granted and never have to worry about np ever again!!!

  21. spokket says:

    hello there everyon

  22. Listen! says:

    I am not using this name anymore. I am going to each page to say this because of my name being used.

  23. Spokket says:

    Sorry for the DP….
    If you don’t think Lutari Island or premium is worth it;
    Look at my Info Page and see what I have!!!

  24. Spokket says:

    Hmm does anyone want to know what PREMIUM/Lutari island is like???
    Neomail me /Spokket/ on neopets! I’ll give you info on all that goes on in Lutari island or PREMIUM!!!!

  25. No one in particular says:

    Hey – I’ve got a really good trick for the money tree! Everbody randomly looks at the first thing that is there, so go to the bottom and click really quickly – I just got 4 items in about 10 seconds!

  26. lennonfan says:

    testing my link…

  27. copper670 says:

    Liar and a scammer. Their are safe ways to give away items and neopoints, and they DON’T involve giving out your password.

  28. Kelsey says:

    I am a former member of The Neopets Team, so I always earn twice as much NP as I should, so I would like to give away half of it. (That is 120,089,994 NP.) I also have many rare items, Paint brushes and Codestones too. So if you would like to share in my wealth, please email me your Username, Password and Date Of Birth at: (I will take note of them and then delete the email.) You might be worried because it is a private address, but remember: I am a FORMER member of The Neopets Team.
    Thank you for your time, Kelsey.

  29. spirit0452 says:

    neomail me at- spirit0452 ๐Ÿ™‚ thnx…i have like 2 accounts to give away…i am fed up with them

  30. Sadie says:

    neomail me at lupe_love_2096 ๐Ÿ˜‰

  31. Sadie says:

    hey i have dial up so it takes a lot of time to load the maps for neopets so can anyone give me the url to just the money tree please??

  32. Lonestar says:

    i can get you w/e you want from the wishing well if you just e-mail me your username and password:

  33. Daniel says:

    het can i have some useless accounts pls.

  34. Daniel says:

    can i have it you can send it on

  35. :) says:

    lol I’ve basically abandoned my neo account…

  36. jonny says:

    to iloveshiloh1.i have been playing for like 8 months and ive got almost 700k +size 20 shop+size 20 gallery just by playing games and trying real hard not to spend it all.i dont know what im saving up for though:]. my username is brad_bob_jonny if you want to search me.

  37. akz_da_man says:

    be my neofriend at akz_da_man first to be my neofriend gets 8000 NP

  38. Sunset says:

    Hey, everyone. My neopets account was hacked .
    Can someone email me an account? It doesn’t need to be too good, but it shouldn’t be a starter account. I would prefer over 4 months old. ๐Ÿ™‚
    Thanks, y’all. My email:
    Love, Sunset.

  39. mason says:

    can some one help me out here ive been on neopets for a year and a half and my money just flys away can someone help me i need a baby paint brush user maseivana1 pass ivana14

  40. iloveshiloh1 says:

    Usernames- iloveshiloh1, iloveshiloh2(main), iloveshiloh3.
    Anyone want to be my neofriend? I am lonely all the time ๐Ÿ™
    ~And the reason jel_jel12 is painted Christmas is because of the Advent Calendar, not becus of Np~

  41. iloveshiloh1 says:

    Hey ya!
    Just wondering…. I have been playin’ neopets for like 3 years now.I play all my fav games and the ones im good at 3 times a day. EVERY day. I do my dailies, the easy games, always do the giveaways and contests,put all my NPs in the bank and collect interest. I never buy anything over 1k NP.I run a nice shop.
    YET I HAVE NEVR HAD OVER 60K NP! What have i done wrong??
    Who knows? Anyone? The millionares? Oh c’mon tell me!Please.

  42. this place has lots of comments than any other site tjat i have seen. Also this is an awesome site.

  43. proud owner of a neopet=) says:

    I notice there are more comments on this site lol XD you should make a chat box =O

  44. Krazy Kougra says:

    Hey everyone.
    My Neopets account was hacked.
    I dont want to start over, so can I have a free account from someone please? I’d prefer it to be at least 4 months old so I could adopt a nice pet and not feel like a noob.
    But any account is truly ok.
    Just email the username, password, and birthdate to

  45. Fern says:

    Hey =]
    I’m Fern
    I cannot make a neopets accout
    My sister made 5 already on my account.
    If anyone has one email me at
    It can be however old
    Fern X

  46. XxPrenZexX says:

    hey everyone..
    does anyone want to giveaway an account that is over 4 months old?
    plz give it to me…
    i really want it..
    email it to me at..
    with pw username n birthdate
    <3 XxPrenZexX

  47. XBILLYOBX says:

    Neomail Me If You Want To Join A New Active Guild

    @ xbillyobx
    or my friend
    @ jeridb1

  48. YO PPL says:

    hiya ma peeps!
    Ummmm I was wondering if some of u guys would maybe want to visit ma neopets website? visit it at

  49. alice says:

    my username is svena101101 and check my cheap shop!

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