Neopets Giveaways

Half Price Day
The 3rd day of each month is Half Price Day in Neopia

Balthazar the Bounty Hunter’s Faerie Giveaway
Happens on Wednesday’s at 7am NST (Neo Standard Time). You can see the clock on the main page to see what time it is. Heaps of free faeires are up for grabs at the money tree.

Chocolate Giveaway
There is a chocolate giveaway on Sunday at 5:50 pm NST at the money tree.

Healthy Food Giveaway
At 7 AM NST every day, the Health Frog gives away heaps of healthy foods at the money tree.

Muntando Fruit
It’s at 10:45 AM/PM NST on Mondays.

425 Responses to Neopets Giveaways

  1. mileycyruslover0452 says:

    soz… my name is mileycyruslover0452 not ummmmmmmm?????
    my friend is usin ma pc and she is called Ummmmmmm????
    THANX again
    my username is mileycyruslover0452

  2. Ummmmmm????? says:

    does anyone know anything i can tell king skarl or king hagan which would let me win or somethin like that?
    are the prizes good or bad?
    p.s MILEY CYRUS/HANNAH MONTANA ROCKS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    neomail me if you agree!

  3. Ummmmmm????? says:

    AGAIN DOES ANY1 NO ANYTHIN ABOUT DA DISCARDED BLUE GRUNDO PLUSHIE THING! LIKE ANYTHIN AT ALL?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
    CUM ON DOES ANYONE NO something!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. NutMeg says:

    wtf? I haven’t been on since the third and you guys are STILL mad that I told everyone you’re scammers? Give me a break.

    And no, I don’t know everything…but I do know that anyone who asks for a password is a SCAMMER 😉

  5. *Summer_Chick* says:

    Omfg. How do people get all those dang NEOPOINTS???????


    i only have like 6000 and no paintbrushes or anything!
    i get on twice a day and play like every game!!

    what the crap am i doing wrong????
    i mean seriouslyy! Someone help MEE!
    (username: carkli_mckinna_clay)

    gracias peeps. lol.

  6. Bunny!!!!!!!!!!!!!! says:

    hi there jess, just email me at and tell me what it is exactly you want and I will try to help out da best I can. Oh and nutmeg, PLEASE, GIVE PEOPLE A BREAK! or neomail me, my username is bunny_0452

  7. Lil'lover0452 says:

    jess… why don’t you ask the one, the only, amazingly awful NUTMEG!!!!!! DA DAH DAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH! LOL
    sorry about that but nutmeg seems to know EVERYTHING!

  8. jess says:

    hi i really would like a baby, biscuit, island or maraquian paintbrush. i have only just used it so if someone like lillover could pleeeese give me a paintbrush or something i would be sooooooo gratefull.thx

  9. Ummmmmm????? says:

    like, does anyone know if it does anything? Or why it is there?

  10. Ummmmmm????? says:

    Hi there, does anyone know anything about the discarded blue grundo plushie thing in faerieland?

  11. CRAZEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! says:

    you know what I want , doo up de doo de doo, oh oh oh

  12. If you stare hard and long enough, the snow valley will actually look like a cheesed stalk of brocolli. You have to click on the 4th bunch of leave from the left and it will start raining iceneggs!!!!. I KNOW RIGHT. It sounds unbelievable but its true!!!!


    Hi there, well I set up a new account and I tried Lil’lover’s cheat thingy, anyway, she gave me a baby paintbrush and about 6,000 np. Although it’s not alot, it can really help someone or help get someone started. She also gave me some little things like a breadfish, broken np, some beauty and grooming items and also some toys.

  14. *newbie* says:

    Hi, I really need some money! My neopets username is spirit0452 and my password is Mileycyrusrox … I really need sum help

  15. ME TOOOOOOOOO! says:

    Hey that Happened to me too! What it was (in more detail) is that there was this person ( on another site) who told us to type a code in somewhere to get a free random item, such as a codestone or a paintbrush or sumthin, Anyway, so I thought that maybe it was a scam even though he didn’t ask for your password or username, so I checked out sum other website And it said the same thing on this other website so I tried it and Then I got an email through yesterday saying that i had TRIED to hack neopets when I didn’t! So know they have suspended my account and know I have lost about 225,000np
    So I am bummed out a little, well actually quite a bit, but I have set up a new account today! So I have got to start again

  16. NutMeg says:

    If you put a code in for a free random item, you were trying to cheat/hack neopets. You should be p*ssed at yourself, not at the Neopets staff.

  17. I'M P****D OFF! says:

    Alsoi had a quality house and a GOOD SHOP. Anyway, those neopets team people are soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo GAY!!!!!!!!!!

  18. I'M P****D OFF! says:

    Hi peeps,
    I have been playing neoopets for a while and I have been trying EXTREMELY EXTREMELY hard to save up and become a somebody instead of bieng a nobody… Anyway, There was this guy/gal who told me this code to put in for a free random item, and because he didn’t ask 4 my password or username, I thought It would be like TOTALLY safe.
    Well, this is the bad part, I put the code in yesterday and I have just recieved an email from da Neopets team saying that I have been trying to hack them!
    Anyway, they have suspended my account and I had only just reached my 75k np target, my neopets were well fed, strong, REALLY SMART, fast and evrythin and those B******* WENT AND SUSPENDED MY ACCOUNT!!!!!!!!!!!!! So all that HARD WORK and all that time I put into neopets, just went down da DRAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I am soooooo P****D OFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. NutMeg says:

    Put a junk item up for sale at a high price and ask her to buy it. Thats the ONLY safe way for someone to give you neopoints.


    Fine then I will give it a shot! Then I will come back and tell you what happened, Right? Wait… does anyone think I should try it?

  21. this is how easy it is to make up a screen name…..

    lil’lover, swearing doesn’t make your case. AND, they weren’t ‘buying’ a junk item, they were GIVING me free neopoints, like you claim you want to do. but “who in their right mind would believe that”, right?

    And for anyone reading these comments, you can’t report someone for asking for your password unless they WRITE in in NEOMAIL, not on some random website. So no, you can’t ‘report’ her.


    I, typed my message in the rong box, cause my computer jumped!!!!
    Anyway, try again, LOL. ANANANANANA, SHUT DA HELL UP!
    That’s betta!






    WTF, is there anyone around?????????????????????????????????????? SPEAK PPL

  26. AngelFace says:

    Wow! THANX, Lil’lover0452. I know i only got a few items, but, it’s betta than nothin!
    Oh and thanx for the 5,050 np, I really needed that!
    You should try and make up a website or somethin like a survey, and then give away items and np for that!
    That’s a good way to give away free things!
    Oh, I almost forgot, the person who wrote #277, Just giv lil’lover a chance, shes not as bad as you say and she even told u hr username so you can report her if anything went wrong!
    Oh buy da way, im a newbie and this really helped me to get started

  27. Lil'lover0452 says:

    And I’ll PROVE that im not a scammer, Try it and I will, do you hear me? WILL, WILL, WILL, give you an item and some np any
    thing goes wrong do you ask? well my username is lexi_abby_223 Soooo, if anything goes wrong, you can freeze my account! OK? ORare you going to say that YOU CAN’T FREEZE MY ACCOUNT…DUH!

  28. Lil'lover0452 says:

    Oh, now why da HELL, should I believe that! Who in the right mind would pay 20,000 np, just for a junk item? Now sorry,
    but anyone who believes that has got somthin rong wit them,’cause that is EXTREMELY unlikely. So why don’t you f**k up and give me a chance.

  29. NutMeg says:

    Its true, not everyone is a scammer. But EVERYONE who asks for someone’s username and password IS.

    Like I said, you can give people neopoints and paintbrushes WITHOUT their password. I notice you didn’t say anything about that.

    Someone on this site asked for people to e-mail their usernames and they would give them 20k. I did, she gave me instructions to put a junk item up for sale for 20k, I did that, and she bought it 🙂 and she did all that WITHOUT my password.

  30. Lil'lover0452 says:

    AND, bunny0452 got a free paintbrush because afterwards she completed a little survey, and the person who she thought was a scammer actually gave her it and you can even neomail her and ask her! SO THERE!

  31. Lil'lover0452 says:

    Oh and by the way NutMeg, Not everyone are scammers (well, a lot are) but that doesn’t go for everyone… My friends friend, bunny0452, sent an email to someone saying that she would give them her urnme and psswrd, but she put something else instead. She got an email back yesterday saying ‘you’re cool, and I’m not a scammer’! So anyway, even if you did find something wrong with the accouunt ( which I know you wont) then all you have to do is neomail me and tell me what went wrong, then I would give you my info and you can report me! Again, that is how serious I am!

  32. NutMeg says:

    ANYone who asks for both your username AND your password is scamming you. Lil’lover could simply SEND you the items WITHOUT going into your account. Since she asked for your USERNAME and PASSWORD she wants to scam you.

    Don’t fall for it.

  33. Lil'lover0452 says:

    As I was explaining above, when you email me, just tell me why you deserve the np and I will give you 5,000- 10,000np depending on what I think would be enough, Ok.

  34. Lil'lover0452 says:

    Hi, ppl…
    I have been playing neopets for a LONG time and I need to get rid of my Items… WITHOUT wasting them. Anyway, the reason I am trying to get rid of my stuff is because I am moving and I am having a baby so I won’t really have much time to play. Anyway (again) people say ( such as the one in #271) that they will give you ridiculous things such as 10 paintbrushes, But I HATE people who try to scam you, But anyway, I you could email me your username and password ( I know what you are thinking… SCAM… But I swear on My pets lives, and I swear to GOD that this is not a scam, I will give you Items and I will even compliment you by giving you between 5,000 and 10,000 to prove that I am not lying!) at, Then I will give you some items and some neopoints (mentioned above)…
    If you go on your account and find something wrong WHICH YOU WON’T then I will neomail you my username and you can report me! That is how serious I am. Thankyou and Goodluck
    p.s My baby is a boy and me and my byfrnd are going to call him jake!

  35. aradm2k4 says:


  36. illyria says:

    Oh my god!!!!
    Something just came along and zapped my grundo now its a baby!!! woohoo I don’t have to save for the paintbrush anymore 😀

    On a bad note though….something came along to drive my neopet insane then took 5000 np’s! lock ur points in the bank!!!

  37. NutMeg says:

    like omg! lol! its so kool its like totaly fake! lolololol


  38. danaaa sportyy gurl says:

    omg xoxtayxox ur cheat worked but instead of 1 mill random event i got 5 mill random event!!!! how kool is dat!!!

  39. NutMeg says:

    ‘neopets staff’ and Billi are scammers

  40. Billi says:

    OMG i just got over 10,000,000 in one day just by typing numbers if u want i can do this for u but i need your username and password srry i hate taking peoples passwords but i need it and then send me a email to Also make the subject box say Neopets and you will have your money in less than 24 hours

  41. Chombier says:

    Ugh… I would love to have a paintbrush, but some websites are scams, I wish I knew what to do,

    If you wish to look at my neopet, view Chombier, the Tonu

  42. Nick says:

    ILL take any unwanted accounts send them to em at

  43. kiran says:

    whats uoir user and pass for millsberry

  44. name says:

    i need secrets, email me when ever u want


  45. krissyk says:

    ummmm wow…i did the cheat for the money tree…..when u type in moneytreeplzgivemeitems…and it didnt work…and yea never give out ur password or make another account and give out that one…DUH!

  46. _Me says:

    okay, here is some unpaid advertising.

    go to the guild **tranquility** whenever you can because it is awesome!

  47. brunette_with_blonde_moments says:

    hey the money tree thing, moneytreeplzgivemeitems didnt work!!!

  48. xena2482 says:

    i fell for the scam to lost my mother neopets she can’t get back on with her neopets

    i am so dumb i hope who ever did this gets band from neopets

    all i wanted was help with my neopets an how to get cool backgrounds an music

    an help with hannah in ice cave an that other hannah game
    an that stock market

    um by the way how do i get a job coupon where it won’t cost me millions or billions of neopoints i don’t have

    an once ya haveit how does it work? an how do ya do neoquest?

    i am not looking for the easy neopoints i can get that i just need to know how to keep my neopoints without starving my pet

  49. Nat says:

    i need a neopets account that is 3 or more days if you have one send e-mail to with username – password and birthdate you had put in . The first one whon does so will recieve my current account with all info( my account is about a day old and it has a nice name) Thanks,


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