Neopets Transparent Paintbrush


Yes. That’s right. The Transparent Paintbrush!

The Transparent Paintbrush makes the insides of your Neopet come out! Oh wait. That sounds wrong. What I meant to say is that it makes the bones and insides of your Neopet appear!

(You know, kind of like Science class where you study the human body.)

So far, the Skeith is the only Neopet with this color. Hopefully soon you can paint any Neopet with this color!

Here is a picture of the actual paintbrush:

And here is a picture of a Skeith with this new color:

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11 Responses to Neopets Transparent Paintbrush

  1. Janeth Top says:

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  3. GG says:

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  4. BurntL says:

    Wockys are now also transparentable!

  5. dum says:

    how can you get a Transparent Paint Brush?

  6. Brandon says:

    OMG! really!!! I was playing the pyramid game and it said a ghoul appeared and I got a transparent paint brush. Couldnt find it in an auction or shop so I searched it!!!

  7. Transparent Neopets look really cool. They kind of resemble Zombie Neopets though.

  8. Deirdree says:

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  9. Anonymous says:

    I think they’re going for like 20 million right now. That’s more than a Krawk and they only work on Skeiths.. D:
    high prices are why I stopped playing neopets. rofl

  10. Pattypaws400 says:

    Wonder how much it costs.

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