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“There’s a strange lever sticking out of the space station wall, with a sign that reads, ‘DO NOT PULL’. So you probably shouldn’t pull the lever. You can if you want. But you shouldn’t.”

The Lever of Doom in the Neopets space station really only takes 100 neopoints from you if you pull it, but you can also get the Lever of Doom avatar. So if 100 neopoints lost isn’t anything really to worry about, then good luck on getting the avatar (it may take a few pulls)!

Faerie Quest Cheat

When you get a faerie quest, you’re not allowed to go to the shop wizard, so getting the item seems like it’s going to be really hard. But just make a multiple account, buy the item while logged in as that account, then send it to your main account. Done!

Hint: An easy way to get lots of free items is to have lots of multiple accounts, and do things like fruit machine, advent calendar (when it’s winter!), faeire wheel, monthly freebies, whatever, then send them to your main account. Neopets can never tell!

Wheel of Excitement

It is VERY hard to get it on the EXACT second, so it usually won’t work, but if your lucky and spin the Wheel exactly on the hour you will get 10,000 NP!

The Hidden Tower!

Click here to go to the invisible hidden tower of the faerie queen. Note before you go, all items for sale there are over 300, 000 neopoints.

Job Agency Times (all in NST):

0:00:00 Past the Neopian Hour
0:10:00 Past the Neopian Hour
0:20:00 Past the Neopian Hour
0:30:00 Past the Neopian Hour
0:40:00 Past the Neopian Hour
0:50:00 Past the Neopian Hour

Pet Pet Recipes

Blooky = Angelpuss + Triffin
Combobot = Neotrak + Avabot
Drackobunny = Drackonack + Snowbunny
Foobug = Buzzer + Fungree
Froiler = Bloop + Baby Fireball
Huggy Bear = Huggy + Cool Purple Teddy Bear
Moink = Snorkle + Flishy
Noilkeet = Noil + Pawkeet
Slorgclops = Meowclops + Slorg
Spoppy = Spyder + Poppit
Ultra Pinceron = Wheelie + Pinceron
Ultra Mega Bot 2000 = Combobot + Ultra Pinceron

Unlockable Pictures For Neopets Boards

How to Unlock:

Acara Picture *acara*
Aisha Picture *aisha*
Angelpuss Face *angelpuss*
Bag of Neopoints *swagbag*
Blumaroo Picture *blumaroo*
Bruce Picture *bruce*
Buzz Picture *buzz*
Carrot *carrot*
Catfish *catfish*
Chia Picture *chia*
Christas Ornament *bauble*
Club %clubs;
Complaining face (animated) *complain*
Crying Face (Animated) *cry*
Cybunny Picture *cybunny*
Dung *dung*
Eyrie Picture *eyrie*
Flotsam Picture *flotsam*
Gelert Picture *gelert*
Ghost *ghost*
Grundo Picture *grundo*
Heart &heart;
Holly *holly*
Jetsam Picture *jetsam*
Jubjub Picture *jubjub*
Kacheek Picture *kacheek*
Kau Picture *kau*
Kiko Picture *kiko*
Kyrii Picture *kyrii*
Laughing Face (Animated) *lol*
Lupe Picture *lupe*
Meerca Picture *meerca*
Mistletoe *mistletoe*
Old winking face *yarr*
Poogle Picture *poogle*
Present *present*
Pumpkin *pumpkin*
Red Deer Nose *rednose*
Santa *santa*
Scorchio Picture *scorchio*
Shoyru Picture *shoyru*
Sloth Picture *sloth*
Snowflake *snowflake*
Snowman *snowman*
Spade &spade;
Star *star*
Techo Picture *techo*
Tree *xmastree*
Unsure Face (Animated) *unsure*
Usul Picture *usul*
Violinist (Animated) *violin*
Warf Face *warf*
Witch *witch*
Zafara Picture *zafara*

Free Concerts

Ever wanted to go to one of the concerts in Tyrannia but missed out on the tickets? Or were too poor to buy one? Well here you go! Below are the links to a concert from each of the bands, so you can see them for absolutely free!

2 Gallon Hatz

Blue Kacheek Group

Chomby and the Fungus Balls

Chomby and the Fungus Balls Christmas Concert



Jazzmoisis Christmas Concert




Sticks N’ Stones

Twisted Roses

Wock Til You Drop

Yes Boy Ice Cream

1,557 Responses to Neopets Tips

  1. ??? says:

    I’m new to neopets but the only reason I’m on this is because I had nothing else to do………. I’m bored….. and by the way, does anyone talk about, I don’t know, Neopets cheats that aren’t scams!!!!

  2. ??? says:


  3. 8lilly24 says:

    Baby paint brushes are 600,000 np. I certainally can’t afford that. It would drain my bank account. Srry…

  4. 8lilly24 says:

    Hey, eleana777 u can transfer pets using the neopian pound. There will b 3 doors and the one that says “transfer” will let you switch a neopet to another account. Hope that helps.

  5. emo_gurls says:

    Hey can anyone give me a FREE baby paint brush. I will give you my info for So just please give me one!


  6. moneyman says:

    yo earth saver is such abraty scam nobdy listen to her lies *star*

  7. Emma says:

    eart saver is a scam

  8. eleana777 says:

    Hey, does anyone know if it’s possible to switch a neopet from one account to another?

  9. Wall-E Rocks says:

    Earth Saver you are awesome. Thanks now i have 112,761 neopoints. She is not a scammer. But she does not have many neopoints left. I almost talked her into giving all of them to me.

  10. amelia says:

    Ok I dont know any cheats or hidden things in neopia.This is so horrible! :O

  11. 8lilly24 says:

    I can’t wait till I get 1,000,000 np!!! I’m over halfway there right now!!!!

  12. 8lilly24 says:

    omg 1574 is retarded

  13. i got some tips on saving your account from a scammer that knows YOUR password
    1.never give out passwords
    2.if you gave out your password quickly log in to your account and change you password
    3.always put in pins on deleting your account and you bank and your closet and make sure you remember
    4. don’t be fooled from scammers that they will give you np and items
    5. don’t ask for np and stuff
    6.if you have a neopets hack program never use it or else your account will be frozen
    7.don’t ask for np you have to earn it yourself
    8.tell your friends never give out passwords
    9.don’t tell your pass to anyone even your friends
    10. if you have a scammer on your account and you can’t do anything
    REMEMBER its YOUR fault you got scammed
    YOU asked for np ans items
    YOU gave out your password
    YOU followed the scammers way
    AND YOU got your account frozen
    scammers and people don’t say that you really have free np but you don’t really have one theres little kids here that gets there account frozen because of YOU if you think were dum enough to fall for your tricks well i’m not so whatch out for SCAMMERS saying hey i got free np and items just send your uuser and pass to ???_??? so I HATE SCAMMERS they give me the headache owww my head hurts now stop the scammiing now stop the scammiing now stop the scammiing now stop the scammiing

  14. justice says:

    in neoquest ho knows how to get past that door in the jungle ruins

  15. akshaya says:

    hey guys if u want to risk doing some of these cheats then ;
    a.first create an backup account.
    b.then try out d cheat.
    c.the next time u log into the other account well if u cant acess it dont do d cheat.but if the cheat worked then u can try it in your main
    account and if u want u can send d neopoints from u r backup account to to ur main acount and wola!u can test.o h yeah can someone be my account is akshayasrinivasan_a

  16. janel parrish says:

    shaye!your playing neopets?


    hey i am warning you watch out for scams i got scammed and i learned my lesson never give out your password never ask for free np and dont be a ediot to fall for these scams if you want to see if i am really scammed then here
    pass daniees123
    SEE MY PRECIUOS KATHY is gone waa 🙁 but i create anew acc but now i promise to play fair oh and romember NEVER give out passwords

  18. heather says:

    If your pet is sick and the cure is kind of expensive , feed your pet poisonous jelly and it will switch the illness–usually for one with a cheaper cure.

  19. Nunya says:

    Hey! I’m having a HUGE sale in my shop! My username is urmama

  20. skyler shaye says:

    hey!chibydoo’s chat works now Igot 2million!!!!and some paint brushes!!
    and she gave me the item faerie glittery dust from the tower….!!!
    so awesome…thanks chibydoo!!

  21. Simrin says:

    if u have any more tips for neopets, i need all the money i can get please!

  22. kirsty says:

    stop scamming people you F$#%@! losers your just wasting our np
    Well i dnt care cos i got 5 million or something but for the poorer people
    oh and P.S the wishing well cheat dose not work

  23. kaite says:

    how do you make all items in the hidden tower 1np? i saw some people have gotten it to work but idk howw?

  24. Maison says:


  25. Maison says:

    so,any1 wanna talk???????? 🙂

  26. Maison-TONS of cheats says:

    Kiko Match II
    Type “ineedmoretime” to get an extra 15 seconds.

    Spell or Starve
    Type “channyhungry” and get an extra 30 seconds.

    Sutek’s Tomb
    Type “scarabeus” to get an extra 30 seconds, and type “pyramibread” for an extra bonus.

    Ice Cream Machine
    Type “strawberryvanillachocolate” to get an extra life.

    Whack-A-Staff Member
    Type “a5paragu5″ to get a bigger malet.

    Korbat’s Lab
    Type “spiderbite” to get an extra life.

    Kreludan Mining Corp.
    Type “kreludor” to get an extra life.

    Meepit Juice Break
    Type “hungrymeepits” to get an extra life, and type “juice-o-matic” to reset all meepit’s timers.

    Volcano Run
    Type “lava” for an extra shield.

    Attack of the Slorgs
    Type “marrow” to get an extra life, and type “slorgerizer” to blast a few slorgs at once.

    Faerie Bubbles
    Type “Faerieland” to change your current bubble to rainbow, and type “stardust” to change it to a nova bubble. Type “faeriebubbles” to change all of your bubbles to the same type.

    Type “vitaminc” to restore your health (once per game).

    The Buzzer Game
    Type “salamander” to skip a level.

    Extreme Herder
    Type “freeze” to make balthazar temporarily freeze.

    Destruct-O-Match II
    Type “destroyboulders” to destroy all blocks of one colour.

    Snow Muncher
    Type “buuuurrrrrrp” to decrease your bloat by 50%.

    Dubloon Disaster
    Type “black pawkeet” for 5% more chance of finding a gold dubloon coin, and type “scallywags” to create a whirlpool.

    Gourment Club Bowl
    Type “sheperd” to double your score, and type “superbowls” to skip a level (unlimited use).

    Tug-O-War Passwords
    Theibos = lrslsts
    Khadir = sltltsr
    Horak = lrlrss
    Ramset = sslrtrl

    Bouncy Supreme
    Type “bouncebouncebounce” for an extra life.

    Escape To Kreludor
    Type “empulse” to blast all surrounding enemies with a shockwave.

    Warf Rescue Team
    Type “trappedkadoaties” for an extra life.

    Mootix Drop
    Go to a Mission Drop screen (where it shows what mission you’re going to do) and press up, down, right and left. Some icons appear will appear in the bottom corner. There are three (right, middle and left) columns and four (babaa, spyder, mootix, target) icons. Place them in the following orders to get the results:

    Babaa/Mootix/Spyder – Giant mootix
    Babaa/Target/Spyder – Heavy mootix and you start with 5 points
    Target/Mootix/Babaa – Invisible mootix and you start with 5 points
    Mootix/Target/Mootix – Small mootix
    Target/Target/Spyder – Start with 8 points in the secret Spyder level
    Spyder/Target/Target – Start with 8888 points in the secret Spyder level, but you go up instead of down and the level never ends
    Spyder/Target/Mootix – Super Fast mootix
    Mootix/Target/Babaa – The whole screen is upside down, and you start with 10 points.

    Castle Battles
    Type “supercannonball” to get a big cannonball.

    Chia Bomber II
    Type “geoffrey” to get an extra life.

    Escape from Meridell
    Type “valrigard” to reset clock/timer.

    Faerie Caves II
    Type “quaglor” to skip a level, but you also loose all points earned in that level.

    Jelly Blobs of Doom
    Type “fishnegg” for a fish negg to appear on the screen, type “marissa” for small jellies to appear, and type “rainbownegg” for a rainbow negg to appear on the screen.

    Magax: Destroyer
    Type “hubridnox” to restore your health.

    Moon Rock Rampage
    Type “novisitors” to get an extra 30 seconds, and type “rampage” for an extra life.

    Mynci Beach Volleyball
    Type “dirigibles” to make a blimp to fly across the screen, and type “turdle” to make a turdle appear.

    Neverending Boss Battle
    Type “foreverandeverandever” to get an extra life.

    Petpet Sitter
    Type “oscillabot” to get an extra life.

    Castle of Eliv Thade
    Type “rehaxtint” for an extra hint.

  27. Maison says:

    did u heer about the fire in bearfoot landing??? we were in south port and saw the smoke…its many people without homes…the smoke was so…much?? and it looked like the sky was on fire!!!!

  28. Maison says:

    Did you know… “Type “plzsutekcanihavemoretime” to receive a 30 second time bonus in Sutek’s Tomb.”

  29. Maison says:

    twinklets cheat didnt work for me.. wat am i doing wrong?????:(

  30. Maison says:

    hi twinklet!! Do u agree that robin is an annoying little brat??? i do…

  31. sita says:

    But chibydoo IS able to put them up for trade without parental consent.


  32. ciramaria says:

    hey!twinklets cheat works..ill see if chibydoo is honest

  33. twinklet says:

    hey!I have a cheat!
    1.go to the money tree and donate a rare item or if you do not have a rare item,donate 1000 neopoints
    2.then go to the wishing well and donate 5 neopoints and make a wish
    3.go to the wheel of knowledge or excitement…you will win 10,000 neopoints
    4.go back to the moneytree and you will see a donation of 5000 neopoints..and noone can see this 5000 neopoints but you..
    5.back to the wishing well,there is a something happened sign and it should give you a paint brush…the one who will give you the prize will be queen fyora

    trust me it works

  34. Maison says:

    hi…any1 wanna tak??

  35. Robin says:

    who r u??

  36. Ap* says:


  37. Robin says:

    dalton sears.. u r….. queer.but..hi..

  38. ROBIN says:


  39. Maison says:

    hi…anyone there??

  40. animal__luvr2(my username) says:

    request if you want, i don’t mind.

  41. isabella says:

    hey,what do you mean when you say “if you spin the Wheel on the exact hour”? what do you mean by hour?

  42. dot says:

    XD XD Hey, everybody who believes paiges “magic neopoints and paintbrush thingy” has issues
    *cough* SCAM
    I’m keeping my account ty

  43. koko says:

    oh it could end up in a way scamming!

  44. koko says:

    Hey, sus out. Flowergirl, I belive you. Amynbeth, scamming is NOT NICE! Please don’t do it. You post was also confusing. Please post a username if you are NOT a scammer!

  45. Amynbeth says:

    no because my account exsist like i said i jsut want to see what you have i dnt want to buy it or trade it with you.and i wouldnt give my account away to someone who thinks its empty and thinks im a liar.thnx.

  46. Flowergirl says:

    mm. Sounds exciting. i guess I’ll just put up all my precious Neopoints/items up 4 trade adn you’ll give me a password 2 an accoount that doesn’t exist, or an empty account, and then I’ll get frozen. Fun.

  47. Amynbeth says:

    ah now it does 😀
    im giving my neopets account away to someone who needs it. And nooo i dnt want your user name or pass to check what you have just want you to put all the things you have in a trade so i can see what you have 😀
    then ill give you my account i have like 1 mill and a few pbs nothing too exciting but its okay i suppose just neo mail me if you want it 😀
    amynbeth is the user name 😀

  48. Amynbeth says:

    my link doesnt work grrr

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