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A big pink Meepit with a “YOU ARE NOT PREPARED” message appeared unexpectedly on the Neopets News page last April 26, 2007 (NST). All Neopians were confused, troubled and excited on what may or may not happen to Neopets.

Thank God! Neopians were relieved to see Neopets back later that day. Neopets was back but a lot had changed! When I say a lot, I mean A LOT! I don’t know if Neopians were happy or devastated with the changes, but personally, I was just plain confused on how the new site worked! Anyway, let me discuss a couple of those changes. The first change and the most visible of them all was the Site Layout Change.

Site Layout Change

Neopets had gotten a whole new look! The Neopets Team had cleaned up and re-coded the old layout!

OLD Neopets Screenshots

Neopets Home

Neopia Central


NEW Neopets Screenshots

Neopets Home

Neopia Central



Another wonderful change that happened on April 26, 2007 is Neopets Customization. We can now dress and accessorize our beloved Neopets with wearable items which we can find and/or buy in the site.

The easiest way to customize your Neopet is to click Customize under your active Neopet. If you want to customize your other pet/s, just click on Presetsthen choose which pet and click Load and Customize.


To help my readers, I’ll try to answer below some of the general questions regarding Neopets customization.

What are wearables?

Wearables are items that you can use to dress and accessorize your pets.

How can I get wearables?

Generally, you have to buy them using NeoCash for NCMall or Neopoints for Neopian shops. But others can also send them to you as a gift or you can get them by other random events.

Where can I buy wearables?

As mentioned earlier, you can buy at NCMall or Neopian shops, trading posts, and auctions.

Can all neopets wear clothes?

No. Baby/Maraquan/Mutant/Fruit/Vegatable pets CANNOT wear clothes, only some accessories like trinkets and backgrounds.

How can I buy clothes from NCMall?

The NC Mall requires REAL MONEY. You can buy clothes using Neocash.

How can I get Neocash?

You can have Neocash by buying through Paypal or by buying Neocash Card in Target stores or some other sites like Ebay.


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