Hey Neopets fans! Make real money!

Hey everyone,
I’m looking to hire a “Neopets fanatic”; someone who knows a ton about Neopets, since the re-design, and all the new additions to the site. Someone with a lot of knowledge on cheats and earning neopoints, and any other little secrets they know about Neopets.

So if this sounds like you, you want some extra cash, and are willing to blog for NeopetsFanatic a couple times a week, then email me at neopetsfanaticowner@gmail.com, explaining why you would be perfect for this job.

Thanks, and good luck!

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58 Responses to Hey Neopets fans! Make real money!

  1. Cassie says:

    I always do the wheel of knowledge and I have my own shop as well. I sell really cheap stuff at first, then when it starts getting popular I start to raise the prices. Now I’m pretty rich. Once in a while, I’d lower the prices again and then raise it. It’s like a routine. Also, you can create mutliple accounts so you can get double or even triple of how much money you’d usually get with just one. Then when all the accounts are really rich, pick your favorite account and give all of the money of the other accounts to it. That’s what I did. It takes a pretty long time, but now I’ve got heaps of money.
    Another thing I did when I didn’t have much money is I went to the money tree almost everyday and stayed there, clicking on the best things for hours. (If you do this, make sure you have a fast computer. It will help you get the things quicker.) Then when I get alot of stuff, I just sell it in my shop. Also, don’t for the big omlette in the Plateu thingy in The Tyrrania place. (Am I even spelling it right??)
    Hope this helps.

    BTW, come to my shop. Just search Cassiegrl and click on my store. Things are mostly cheap. My store is called Delicious Stuffs and it’s a food store.

  2. yulius says:

    hii im interested for it and how i do for it? thanks

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  4. _Dogle_Fox_Lover says:

    hi! i am _Dogle_Fox_Lover_! If you have a Doglefox petpet oh please I will give you 10,000 np! Just GIVE me a DOGLEFOX! (i love tyrannian dogle fox too…)

  5. tricia012 says:

    hey! i want to have a baby paint brush but i don’t have many NPs could someone teach me how to earn NPs easily?

    you could neomail me or add me as a friend my username is tricia012!!

    Hope this can help!

  6. lilkarn013 says:

    i want to know how to get a free fire paint brush

  7. mandy says:

    Also i know away to get free petpet paintbrushes.

  8. mandy says:

    there is a website you can have some cooking pot recipies in neopets 1 is hotcakes+spicywings

  9. summer says:

    i am so proud of my neopet she is so cute i think so i would do it

  10. summer says:

    hi i think that is a good idea i think many people are going to like it,good job!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Elliott says:

    Anyone who doesnt want there acconut anymore email me your username and password to elliotthezlewood@hotmail.com or if u want me 2 help u with money then email me ur username and password to elliotthezlewood@hotmail.com

  12. also if you go to nc_account then he gives out free stuff 2 u 1ce a month like 2000 np and cool stuff

  13. well i know that u can get to the hidden tower by going to faerie city and clicking under the personality quiz but not on it and there will be the hidden tower all it really is, is a bunch of things like pb or dolls and rare stuff so yeah but it only works for some people and at certain times (still don’t know what time is just random)

  14. MikeIronic says:

    So Guys Whats up? anyone know havoc on the 101 its cool :3

  15. MikeIronic says:

    Hey Guys Im New around but it doesnt mean i wont talk :3 Ty

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  17. sara says:

    i can’t find the cheat codes eny where

  18. Spokket says:

    Hey actually regarding this thread;
    Is the position still open??? I’d like to be of use as I’ve been playing since all limited addition pets were available/sighs/ wishes those days were back…..

  19. Listen! says:

    Hey, poohead, why do you waste your life going on sites asking people why they like/play on certain websites? THAT is a sad loser.

  20. willy says:

    floppy corn and johnny vegas eating muffins on neopets toast

  21. poohead says:

    hey why do u play neopets you sad losers

  22. Listen! says:

    SCAM!! Another one, at that. Can you believe how some people fall for those? And I am looking at every page on the site. Wow. So many scams. So many victims. It’s kinda pathetic.

  23. Andrew says:

    Susan, please get a life.

  24. Susan says:

    Send your e-mail username and password to me (send it to lilguardiagirl@yahoo.com) so i can adjust the your stuff in order for you to get alot of neopoints. Make sure that your e-mail has a neopets account that is at least 1 year old

  25. rebecca says:

    hi i”m soooooo proud of my neopets. they are the cutest thing ever. Nort,South.east,west real neopets are the best to see my account go to bjornreb111

  26. KATE says:

    oh my god i want many np please can u tell me please!!!!

  27. John says:

    Can someone add me to their friends? Click here?

  28. caitlin says:

    happy mat fiveth

  29. gf says:


  30. luna_free says:

    if any one wans a cybunny you can get one on cybunny day where neopets send out 1000 or 50000 of its kind but you have to be fast they go like that!!!!! hope this helps

  31. sHuRiKen_bOy says:

    dude how d”i give wearable items t my other accounts HELP…SOS..tnx…peaceout!

  32. Tim says:

    Hi, I know this is off topic but I was just wondering if anyone here has had luck with the xbox x-clamp repair? I tried it myself and now I can’t get a picture. I can get sound when I turn the game on but that’s it.
    Any help would be appreciated.

  33. Alexis says:

    alright, so i’m here because i was looking for sucessful teens with blogs and i came across this. I used to get on neopets everyday, allday. Although i’m not on there as much as i used to be i still know alot about the site, so if worst comes to worst get ahold of me and i’ll be willing to own this thing with you. As for me i just started my own graphics site. I’m looking to make some spare cash, and i’m looking to help out some people. I need ideas, and reviews.. so check it out? and email me with questions!


  34. plzzz says:

    plz do tell

  35. alvin says:

    Here’s a cool way to get a random special item:
    a friend told me about it and it actually works, but only once well first u have 2 change ur email 2 this help.neopets.team@gmail.com (u can change it back once ur done) and press forgot password, ok now it will send ur other email account a code that code can be used in the grundo warehouse to get a cool item! not the best cheat but it still works. credit goes to tarzanboy9 for telling me!

  36. Kourtnee says:

    I want to play neopets but I can’t because it’s on a firewall and I can’t unblock it or I’ll get in a lot of trouble. I’ve played it before and I won $20.00 but that’s not very much

  37. I’ve been playing neopets since i was about 6 (can’t remeber it was so long ago), and in that time everything has happened. i’ve been a multi-millionare (before i gat scammed, dam) i’ve had every illness in the book, and in a prevouis account, had every avatar. i know loads of cheats.
    my user name is __x__supergirl__x__

  38. 88greenwolf says:

    I love neopets!!!

  39. Love says:

    (almost forgot) my neopets names are cc91054 & PrincessMia08

  40. Love says:

    the wheel of excitement is false it makes u $200 nps just to play and most of the time only gives us apx. 50 nps

  41. skihdfalf says:

    I mean the Wishing well trick ? PLzx tell

  42. skihdfalf says:

    i want to ask does the well trick still work?

  43. hailey says:

    hay i play idk if it is still there but there was a thing u serch neo_rainbow it gave u free stuff and junk like that

  44. Ruksaar karim says:

    hey i need you to tell me some cheats on some very hard games to play because easy games only give a few neopoints so i need your help

  45. Happyneolover120 says:

    Hey, kinda off topic, but how do u do the strength test in the deserted fairground?? I cant get past useless.

  46. blake says:

    o i forgon my neopets name is uchitjil_12!!!

  47. blake says:

    im a newcomer to ur site but not neopets it would be knid if u could give me ur neopets name so u can be my neofriend tyvm!!!

  48. Agent 001 says:

    I do not know much about neopets but heard of it few months ago.I am first time visiting your blog and it is impressive.I saw your blog on list of top 30 bloggers under 21 by Michael from retire@21 .Well congratulation for that.I wish I was in that list.I am 19.

  49. lydia says:

    Hi guys,

    Dont fall for this:

    Yes I know the wheel of excited is colourful and has lots of cool prizes to be on it but ~ONCE~ a year they choose a random person her spins it and they get a great prize! They choose wat you are going to win and they do exactly the same with the other wheels, they are not being fair about giving prizes! So be warned….. only sometimes spin on the wheel of excitement or any of the other wheels, because you will be given a bad item or have something bad happen to ur pet!

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