Happy Gadgadsbogen Day!

Neopets is celebrating Gadgadsbogen Day by dedicating this special day to everything tropical and island-themed. To begin with, four new fruits are now available in the Tropical Fruit Shop. If you stop in at the right time, you may find a Triapple, Agueena, Boingari, and/or a Flarble to purchase. A beautiful new Mystery Island Background has made its debut at the Mystical Surroundings Shop. It’s perfect for any Island-painted Neopets or Neopets who just want to look cool relaxing in the tropics! If you’re a fan of the Neopets Tiki Tack shop, you can now purchase two new kinds of sparkly bottles of sand, the Elegant Sand and the Palm Tree Sand. The Art Gallery is full of wonderful tropical pictures submitted by Neopets members for you to view and enjoy. Last, but not least, two more petpets, the Magmut and the Naalala, can be painted with an Island Paint Brush (for those of you that are lucky enough to obtain an Island Petpet Paint Brush) at the Petpet Puddle in Neopia Central.

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3 Responses to Happy Gadgadsbogen Day!

  1. jonna says:

    I got a really cool cheat!if you send arare item to babalal you get 3 draik of those items!.her father owns something in neopets so wait like,15 hrs for her to respond.then shell send you 3!i sent her a yellow draik egg and she gave me 3 the next day.oh,but first send something cheap,like a neocracker just to test.if she sends 3 back,go for it.if not,get away.dont do this more than 2wice or u cud get frozen

  2. irock101 says:

    Paradise Background

  3. mely says:

    whats the name of the background?

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