Assortment of Neopets Announcements

We’ve got a sort of hodge-podge post for you today due to the random assortment of announcements made by Neopets this week.
Round 1 of the Neopets Daily Dare Staff Tournament, in which the Scaly-wags battled Inept Megalomania for the higher score in Imperial Exam, has now ended and the winner is… Scaly-wags! Congratulations to those of you who predicted correctly and voted for the winning team. Make sure you head over to the Daily Dare Staff Tournament section to claim your prize, a new book titled We Dont Need No Stinkin Apostrophes.

Next up on the list of announcements is only for Neopets players who currently use Internet Explorer 7. As of March 22nd, the Neopets website will no longer support your browser. If you’re still using that version of Internet Explorer, you’ll need to upgrade to a more recent version. You’ve got less than two weeks to do this!

Lastly, new products have debuted at the Neopets Garden Centre and Hubert’s Hot Dogs. Two new beautiful hydrangea bushes, one purple and one pink, is now available at the Neopets Garden Centre. Two hilarious new hot dogs, the well-aged hot dog and the spherical hot dog, can be found at Hubert’s Hot Dogs.

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