Glitter Word Generator!

Hey everyone,

I’ve just added an all new GLITTER WORD MAKER! To those who don’t know what it is, it’s a glitter graphic generator, where you choose the style you want your glitter graphic to be, choose the colour, then type in what ever you want it to say! The word generator makes it for you in a few seconds, and then you can copy the HTML code it displays, and put it into your neopets shop, myspace, website, blog, whatever!!!

Click here to go to it!

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51 Responses to Glitter Word Generator!

  1. -------------------- says:

    The gitter doesnt work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  11. bobby c says:

    how do u use it?

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  16. demy says:


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  21. lucy says:

    you there?xxx

  22. belinda says:


  23. reviews says:

    interesting site

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    check this out!

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  28. joshua says:

    pat jason to I love u

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  30. Ramina says:

    and i m only 13 years old too

  31. Ramina says:

    even HTML beginner like me know how to use this.
    everyone should know how to insert images!!!!

  32. brooke says:

    ur glitter thing is sooooooooooooooooo kool
    how do u do it?

  33. brooke says:

    ur glitter thing is sooooooooooooooooo kool
    how do u do it?

  34. brooke says:

    ur glitter thing is sooooooooooooooooo kool
    how do u do it?

  35. kimmy says:

    kim loves zack always and forever t.t.d.s.d

  36. kimmy says:

    hahahahahah like yeah like this is so kool…….hehehehehehe WHATS A NEOPET?????? sorry im blond lolololol

  37. JANIQUA says:

    hey this is so so kool like omg hahahahahahahah

  38. Avatar~Queen says:

    Thanks for the site now i’m making so many words with it !

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  40. hellboy says:

    i agree

  41. sylvia says:

    R.I.P STEVE IRWIN!!!!:(

  42. hellboy says:

    hey guy girls just asking the wishing well cheat i herd of can u tell me if it workes and how to do it

  43. sabrina says:

    Hey my name is prettyprincess

  44. Tap says:

    Hey ghost!!! It does work! Chloe has spent a lot of time getting this and you should appreciate it! You just have to take out the link to the website and it is good.

  45. Ghost says:

    I just tried it on the guild and it doesn’t work

    this is what showed up

  46. Ghost says:

    How do you make a generator like that.


  47. Chloe says:

    IT DOES SO WORK! excuuuse me, but I wouldn’t have gone through all the trouble to put the word generators on here if neopets didn’t even allow them. I’ve tried it lots of times, and I have lots in my shop!!!

  48. Who cares. says:

    I know,change it they say it’s Evil….

  49. justine says:

    the gliter words dont work on neopets

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