Neopets Shop Customization

Cool stuff for customizing your Neopets shop, Neopet guild, website, etc.

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  1. Patric Heath says:

    My username is redneck26 and my password is 224466

  2. 1beth_rock1 says:

    does anyone have any cheats for paint brushes!!!!!!!!!!

  3. josh says:

    vl iu kf
    pv xh hl

  4. Listen! says:

    I agree! Lab ray maps ftw!

  5. NutMeg says:

    Hey man, boo the price, not the item.

    Lab Ray maps ftw!

  6. Mdmarvel says:

    BOO to the lab ray maps!!!!

  7. SarahBearah says:

    800 for the Petpet one, yeah, but not the lab ray…the lab ray map sells for 1.05M whole.

  8. NutMeg says:

    Per piece, aren’t they about 800np? Or is it higher?

    Waaaah!!! I zapped my petpet yesterday and it turned into soot (meh). I zapped it today and it turned into a Blue Wain. I checked the trading post and there’s only ONE blue wain available! Super Rare!! It’s also cute.

    Yeah, I know I can’t sell it, but I’m just happy owning a cute and rare petpet!

  9. Listen! says:

    I’m trying to save for the lab ray. But no one sells them for a good price!! 🙁

  10. SarahBearah says:

    I used one on my Usul, but I don’t think I’ll use the other one. I have a Grey JubJub, a Robot Ixi, and a Cloud Usul…then I have this Acara. I adopted it from the pound as a blue Graal and zapped it. I’m kind of hoping the ray turns it a pretty color.

  11. NutMeg says:

    Nice, who are you going to paint?

    p.s. Love your user lookup!

  12. SarahBearah says:

    I just bought two cloud paint brushes.

  13. Mdmarvel says:

    The best PB you want to buy is the christmas PB:D The cheapest and you don’t even need to save NP to but one.

  14. FAYE says:

    Hii everyone !! HAPPY BIRTHDAY NEOPETS!! I’m saving up for a rainbow and snow paintbrushes!! If anyone wants to check out my account its – faye_oxo .. thanks 🙂

  15. NutMeg says:

    I also updated my user lookup 🙂 It’s now officialy ‘seasonal’ again. is awesome.

  16. NutMeg says:

    I like Billy Talent, The Clash, and The Gorillaz, to name a few…

  17. Mdmarvel says:

    Akon,yeah.Bartender,Don’t matter and other songs of his.
    Rihanna and Fergie,don’t forget them.

  18. Sleepy says:

    In responce to the fake (?) Buttercup, I’m tough. I have had someone yell at me, cuss me out, and degrade me, and I stood my ground. I can handle someone telling me I post something too much. Not everyone goes on all pages, so I posted that on the main ones.

    I like aishas & kougras.
    I like Breaking Benjamin & 3 days grace. (why do you ask?)


  19. BUBBLEZ! says:

    I like JubJubs also and new big subject.

    What is your favorite band or singer?

    It’s totally off neopets subject but i HAVE to know,haha.

    My favorite is Akon or 3 dayz grace.

  20. BUBBLEZ! says:

    Oh Xweetox are so cool!

  21. Mdmarvel says:

    Can’t argue with that,I do have a baby Ixi but I didn’t paint him baby,he was zapped by Boochi.Baby Ixis are cute!

  22. SarahBearah says:

    Ixi’s…or Xweetox…both are so adorable.

  23. Mdmarvel says:

    Mine is Eyrie

  24. yaya598 says:

    who wants my acount anybody can have it. first push caps lock on the left side of the keyboard username CUTIEPIE_598 password yellow_598.

  25. yaya598 says:

    does anybody know any more cheats like codes and free paintbrushes

  26. Mdmarvel says:

    Yeah,you can.
    My username has plenty of underscores but nevermind,we should all talk about,favorite pets:)

  27. SarahBearah says:

    Edit- nevermind, ya can.

  28. SarahBearah says:

    No, no one is on your account because it isn’t a real account. You can’t even have an underscore in your account name.

  29. yaya598 says:

    is anybody on my acount yet!!!!

  30. yaya598 says:

    and tell me when your on my acount bye.

  31. yaya598 says:

    and i forgot tell me when your on my acount thanx bye.

  32. yaya598 says:

    can somebody help me im trying to make $100,000,00 neopionts but i cant i will give somebody my username yaya598_3 and password bobbyjack598 thanx and if somebody messes with my stuff on neopets dont beacause i will report you thanx bye.

  33. BUTTERCUP! says:

    THEY ARE EVEN REPLYING AS ME! OH MY GOD! I’m changing my name again it’s ummmmmmm Oh it’s Cinnamon Spice!

  34. BUTTERCUP! says:

    That wasn’t me. I don’t start fights, probably the scammer trying to copy someone to make Listen feel bad. So no Listen that was not me. I didn’t even post on this page yesterday.

    And to the scammer i don’t care if it was against me, but that was a very good name stealing! You didn’t make me cuss so obviously you read previously. I wasn’t mean, but more as i say “Attitudey”. It also shows you really have no life, and live to make others feel bad.

    Oh and why did you have to choose me? It seems that every time someone wants to make another feel bad up here, i am a target!

  35. Mdmarvel says:

    Once again,it’s obvious it’s a scam when someone asks for your password.
    Only a fool will try it.

  36. SarahBearah says:

    Don’t start fights guys. Buttercup, you visit every page on here, but not everyone does. If a newbie visits a page and sees the scam, they may jump for it. It makes sense to post a counter on each page as a warning.

  37. NutMeg says:

    Why are giving Listen the attitude instead of the scammer, Buttercup? Why are you annoyed with the amount of counter-posts she has made, when he’s (obviuosly) made the same amount? All she’s doing is replying.

    I don’t understand.

  38. BUTTERCUP! says:

    OK yes we know you’ve repeated this over and over again, Listen.

  39. :) says:

    Are you sick of being scammed?

    Then don’t fall for stuff like that. ^
    dumboy123123 isn’t even his account.


  40. Jimmy says:

    -Are you sick of trying to find cheats, but in the end they dont even work?!?!

    well if your not busy this will only take 5 minutes okay first of all sign up on neopets and make sure you do 17 and over. And in your user name at the end of it have these Letters and digits to trick the server Neo12jkX000 <<< important!
    and then fill in your password and all that but for the e-mail type <<< this is also important other wise the neopets filter will pick up on the hack. once you have done that make the account and earn then earn 9,000 np playing games. once that is done send the activation code to that e-mail. Then go to mystery island and refresh the page 9 times and then it will “Something has happened� � you have found 900,000 np’s on the floor and yeah
    I know its probably not much for you but it is for me now im rich!!!!

    so 5 things you need to remember
    1: make an account over 17 with the user name containing these digits and letter’s at the end of it Neo12jkX000
    2: make the email for it
    3: earn 9,ooo np playing games
    4: send the activation code to the email
    5: go to mystery island and refresh the page 9 times!

    and you’ve got almost 1,ooo,ooo NP;S !

    Post messages here to say if it worked

    Hack my account if you ont believe me. its dumboy123123

  41. :) says:

    Ok. Thanks!


  42. Mdmarvel says:

    Thanks for the tip about that!

  43. SarahBearah says:

    I’ve discovered the truth to “Oops! Your game ended abnormally”. Totally not my fault…it means the person you were playing decided that they didn’t feel like playing (IE- losing). Lame.

    It’s random, but Skaarl is not very bright, and likes his jokes to be short. Don’t fill all the spaces.

    Hagen likes long winded wisdom, so fill all the gaps.

  44. BUTTERCUP! says:

    Oh, that’s cool!

  45. It doesn’t matter what you say. I said “Blue? Blue Bruce!” to the grumpy old king and got a 712.


  46. NutMeg says:

    It’s all completely random, Buttercup. Honestly, I doesn’t even matter if it makes sense 😀

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