Neopets Shop and Lookup Backgrounds

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  1. T says:

    I hope i get my friend her dreamie… a usuki pb lol i’m a long way off!


  2. T says:

    That is so kwl but i think it could be better. and you know how you use the shop wiz and the shop you click on most of the time has like a add thing in it? Well i cant find how to get one! 🙁 But yo could neomail me with it if your nice and know (it) XsheeyoreX

  3. fiaza says:

    hi fiaza lol!!!!!!!!!! <: play bingo on facebook

  4. Ashie says:

    hi please visit my shop my name is ashie

  5. Leon says:

    Anyone know a plain purple background for Neopets ( kind of one like if you search Neon161 )

    I could really use one.

    Thanks to anyone who can really help!
    -Leon ( You can Neomail me at my account, ‘Leonsie’ )

  6. Acewox says:

    Heres how u make this into a background:
    pretend im using the first one. copy the code beneath it remove the so if you would put it into your shop, the code would look like this:
    body { background: url(“body background=””);background-attachment: fixed}
    if you need any help just ask google or go to the neopets HTML guide
    neopets HTML guide site:

  7. TO: NOTTELLING says:

    You don’t.

  8. Dena:} says:

    Also again the username is Denaroxxy

  9. Dena:} says:

    Hey people please check out my neopet and please buy from my shop my pets are suffering blurred vision and i need the money. thanks :P!

  10. not telling says:

    How the heck do you put these in your shop if your under 13???? (im 21)

  11. Zozo389 says:

    Um does anyone know how to put these in your shop?

  12. sheri says:

    hey people visit my shop! (and my gallery) i have retired and awsome items! my username is hmmfomtgal

  13. Laura says:

    hi there are so cool, and i tried coppying and pasting into my discription and it diddnt work! please help me.

  14. Gemma says:

    where we can find the word shop,i’m looking in my but i don’tfind, thank you

  15. Summer P says:

    These are pretty cool but can’t u get backgrounds for your page. Can u tell me how?

    Look me up! (lime668)

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