Neopets Newbie Guide

So you’ve created an account on Neopets!

Firstly, create 4 neopets, and get 50 neopoints free with each one.

Then get a bank account – make a bank account and get 30 neopoints free, plus daily interest.

Get a newbie pack – in your inventory you store your items, and as a newbie you get a few free items to start off with.

Make a shop – when you have a shop you earn lots of money by selling items that you have either gotten free, bought or traded.

Play lots of games (using my fantastic cheats of course!), and earn enough money to buy stuff for cheap, then sell it in your own shop for more neopoints. Then put everything from your shop till into your banck account. The more money that is in there, the more interest you get. Don’t forget to claim your interest every day!

Then you can do all the free stuff like fruit machine, coltzan’s shrine, giant omelette, and so on.

Just keep on coming back here for hints, cheats and help and soon enough become a neopian millionaire!

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  1. Kathy Jones says:

    Thank you “T.Jones” for my 250,000 points and three paint brushes, you’re my hero

  2. jennifer says:

    i tried the wishing well and it didn’t work at all!!! anyway to get neopoints though???? a way that works? if u know a way, pleez email me. it’s not worth scaming me cuz there is hardly anything in there.
    HELP MEEEE!!! (please)

  3. Phoebe says:

    Okay, can someone get me NP? I’m new, and I don’t need any items, I just want NP. Is there a limit to how many a person can have? Anyway, if you want to help, my username is:fgggggggg_2, and my password is:asdasd*. If you’re gonna scam me, it’s not gonna work; I don’t even have 1,000 NP in that account. I just created it a couple of days ago… If you want, you can e-mail me at or neomail me at fgggggggg_2. Thanks!

  4. Dancing says:

    hey i need help to earn a lot of neopoints, but i dont no ne cheats. sum1 help me on here or e-mail me at thanx

  5. Cooochabee says:

    I tried it an it doen’t work…George….What am i doing wrong? and the wishing well doesn’t work.. What am I doing wrong?

  6. Jennifer says:

    SWEET!! there is stuff in here i would never have dreamed of doing!! it all helped me out a lot. thanx!!!!!!1111

  7. chocolatesundae96_1 says:

    hey who did chocolatesundae96_1 the second time one not in bold that is an imposter my account is named that dont try to copy names on here!

  8. grr says:

    6. Giselle – April 24, 2006


  9. im athletic,azn,and nerdy ps all the girls like me says:

    are yuo supposed to deposit a amount Giselle

  10. Gelert111 says:

    Grrrr TNT froze my main lab ray account for no reason!Neomail me at gelert111

  11. chims181514 says:

    look guys there are certain things you can do everyday to make a ton of nn. I go to tombola, colten’s shrine, deserted tomb, fruit machine, omlette, healing springs, snowager, scratchcard kiosk, underwater fishing, whell of excitment, knowledge, mediocrity, and buried treasure. It cost like 1,500 np to do them all, but if you play dubloon diaster and get a gold coin which isn’t that hard, it’s worth 600 np. you can do this and I have gotten 15,000 np a green paintbrush and something else from the fruit machine, but that is the only paintbrush I ever got. you can also be like me and have a ton of accounts. I can make up to 100,000 np a day!!!! But it is cheating the system I’m the master of this game!

  12. lawl how did u get a random quest tell

  13. chocolatesundae96_1 says:

    hey that wishing well doesnt work it mite but where do you type 908greatcashflow and how much do you donate do u type it in both spaces or do u donate sum amount plaese help I am desperate for np and paint brushes and petpet and petpetpet please help and can you please make a random account and make a random pet and activate it please i really need np and all the referrals will help

  14. someperson says:

    riku i don’t get wat you said
    i need help!

  15. somefinelady says:

    riku i don’t get wat you said
    i need help

  16. Chloe says:

    Katrine, you can’t make a million neopoints a day.

    And Isabelle, you can get to the wishing well here.

  17. isabelle says:

    hi how do you get to the wishing well?

  18. katrine says:

    how do i make 1 million neopoints a day???????????

  19. lawl says:

    oh and i got a random quest from the faire in the fountain and as a reward i got to change me neopets color in the spring woot-darigan lupe

  20. fjhykytrksk says:

    Mark go to neopia bazzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzar

  21. Alan - Darknessstranger2 says:

    Easy way to get Money!

    Disclaimer – blablablablablabla

    1- Make a LOT OF ACCOUNTS
    (you will need to make a lot of emails too, i recommend

    2- Wait for them until they have 24 Hours of created.

    3- Go EVERYDAY to the Tombola, Fruit Machine and Snowager if you want too.

    4- If you want, Coltzan Shrine’s too i think 55 Secs after the hour example:
    NST: 10:00:55 or NST: 10:01:55 you can get doubloons or stuff.

    5- You can get lots of things this way, in the tombola you usually get Codestones sold from 4k to 7k, they sell FAST AS HELL so dont worry about them not selling and FIRST CHECK THE PRIZE OF THE CODESTONE! someones are worth 6.8k and other 4.4k so dont put all at 4k!

    There is my money-making guide.
    If you wanna pay me in some kind of way, donate stuff to
    Darknessstranger2 – accept all mastercard and visa =P JKing

    Any stuff or problems or links and Neomail Darknessstranger2

  22. Lereta says:

    thanks and dont forget 2 keep updated

  23. imaboy says:

    where is the wheel of knowledge?

  24. i need money please i neeed helpim a noob

  25. Steph says:

    how do you get a krawk
    I’ve always wondered that..
    I saw aguy with one but he dosn’t play anymore..
    Well, ZIf ya find out, please emaili it to me:)

  26. chase says:

    i tryed it on colt780 and it worked for 600000np

  27. chase says:

    if you guys give stuff to chaseyoung3 tnt will give you 600000 np for being nice to a poor person it cant be junk like some map pieces or something it wont work for myself but my neo friend tried it and it worked

  28. riku says:

    um ppl why doesnt anyone talk on this forrum anymore.

  29. bill says:

    how do you get a krawk

  30. riku says:


  31. torey says: should be freebies/index.phtml
    it works!

  32. riku says:

    hey guys heres a cheat that some1 else on this site gave me.

    1)go to wishing well

    2)donate 1np and type in wat u want

    3)on the next page go up to the part were u type in www. it should say at the end of that thanks=1 delete the 1 and type in 9999999999 and press ENTER NOT ‘MAKE A WISH’

    4)then WAIT it might take awhile for u to get ur item. and even if it doesnt give u wat u want u only spend 1np.

    oh and u skeptics how is this a scam!!!

  33. bay says:

    alexa there are NO cheats that can make you rich if you hear of any they are probably scams sorry 🙁

  34. riku says:

    hali how long did it take to get noobs cheat to work?

    (and im a little embarassed to say this, but wat is a PBS)

  35. Hali says:

    I AM RICH!!!!!!!!!! RICH!!!!!

  36. riku says:

    will some1 answer my post!!!!

    wat is george’s email

    ty to who ever gives it to me

    (email it to me at


  37. alexa says:

    hey guys. i know youve heard this a million times and im really sorry but i desperatly need money. can i have a cheat to get me rich please. sorry again

  38. Tap says:

    All right guys,

    Somebody for some reason has been spaming these boards by the name of “Neopoint Generator” claiming I can get you free nps. WELL I CANT!!! I have played for a long time and this is a new account. I apologise for this, but please dont send me your username and password. Join my guild and that should give you some real tips on how to make 50k a day.


  39. riku says:

    arg wish i could try georges cheat but no one is willing to help


    (oh and how do u change ur password in neopets)

  40. riku says:

    wat was geoges email again. it not up there

  41. Ilovenick says:

    i already changed my password!! god

  42. n00b_xDD says:

    ‘Whiteprincess has given you ‘Blue Draik Egg”

    Thanks again!

  43. n00b_xDD says:


  44. n00b_xDD says:


  45. n00b_xDD says:

    Neomail your passes & usernames to whiteprincess. She is really generous, and she gave me a Draik Transmogrification Potion! I know heaps of people who are doing this.

    I DO know what the word ‘SCAM’ Is. And she is NOT a scammer. She has given me HEAPS of rares.

    Try it.

  46. Chloe says:

    HELLO!! you people are so stupid, that GEORGE guy was a scammer, he just wants you to email your password and username to him, so he can HACK INTO YOUR ACCOUNT!! All those comments saying “hey! it works!” were posted by HIM, pretending to be other people saying it works.


  47. Ilovenick says:

    i sent u an email but all i put was the username and password and nothing else:)

  48. Ilovenick says:

    how long does it take for ur cheat to work george??

  49. yo dude says:

    yo dudes i am trying to do quests for the brain tree latley but i dont know where to find out the information that it askes me to give??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  50. the wishing well cheat didnt work for me ThE WHEEL OF KNOWLEDGE DOESNT GIVE OUT 10,000 np and i did everthing that u said
    IT DOESNT WORK IT DOESNT WORK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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