Neopets Diseases and Cures

Achy Head: Magic Goop

Bloaty Belly: Flat-u-less Tablets

Bloaty Feet: Magic Smelly Socks

Blurred Vision: Extra Thick Goggles

Chickaroo: Herbal Scrambled Eggs

Cricky Neck: Neck Brace

D’achoo: Neopkins

Doldrums: Mushroom Ointment

Floppy Tongue: Tongue Shrinker Injection

Fuzzitus: Fluff Be Gone

Fuzzy Fungus: Honey Blossom Extract

Grumbles: Grumble Be Gone Tablets

Hoochie Coochies: Hoochie Coochie Tablets

Itchy Scratchies: Itchy Scratchy Cream

Jitters: Potion of Containment

Kikoughela: Kikoughela Syrup or Kikoughela Drops

Lumps: Medicinal Mud Bath

Neezles: Neezles Jab

Neggitus: Neggitus Injection

NeoBlues: Tasty Pie

Neo Flu: Neoflu Jelly Pills

Neogitus: Medicinal Toothbrush

NeoMites: NeoMites Injection

Neomonia: Medicinal Soap

Neophobia: Step Out Shoes

Neopox: Neopox Pizza

Neowarts: Neowart Fungus

Reptillioritus: Cactopus Cream

Shaky Flakys: Shaky Flaky Cream

Shock -A- Lots: Ultra Rubber Gloves

Sneezles: Magic Cookie

Spyder Bite: Spyder Juice Elixir

Ugga-Ugga: Sporkle Syrup

Watery Eyes: Onion Balm

173 Responses to Neopets Diseases and Cures

  1. __flowerbud__ (Neopets Username) says:

    Really? Come on everyone! The Healing Springs are free, and most of the time heal your pet, or gives them more hit points! Instead of wasting major NPs, go every thirty minutes to the HS. My account not be too old, but I’ve been on and off Neopets for about 7 years. Can’t believe some of the comments on here….

  2. jenfr18 says:

    I have been saving up for a Halloween Paintbrush for about a year and now my new neopet got Blurred Vision from Apple Bobbing. I will have to spend over 100,000 neopoints just to cure my beloved neopet? I don’t think so! Once I have achieved my goal in getting the paintbrush, I will pay the price for the cure. At least then my pet has a rare chance of getting yet another disease.

  3. Heaven_Nature (Username on neopets) says:

    To Banana- You are so lucky!!! I wanted a faerie fountain quest my whole life (actully when I started playing neopets)! I have like 175,000 np but I am not sure how to give you some. maybe you could neomail me. My sister got a fountain faerie quest once but the thing was only like 8,000 np. Hard Luck… 🙁

  4. Heaven_Nature (Username on neopets) says:

    Yo people! If you are suffering so much on ur really expensive diseases, then just get Neezles! You cant belive how cheap it is! It is only like 200 neopoints! I got my disease from the wheel of misfortune but I am not really sure how to get it another way unless there is a way from apple bobbing too.

  5. Roxy says:

    OMG i just adopted a pet and it came with blurred vishon and i cant find it no werez!!!!

  6. banana2 says:

    why are tasty pies so expensive?! I am on a quest for the foutain faerie and the tasty pies are like 100,000 np!! halp me!!!

  7. Heaven says:

    My neopet is suffering from Ugga Ugga, and simply can’t find the Sporkle Syrup ANYWHERE. Not even in anyone’s stores!

  8. Yada says:

    Neopets staff is TERRIBLE. I made a new account to try and get back an old one. I gave them details about what is in the safety deposit box and the first password I ever used on it and they said nothing I gave them was enough for my account back. Today I try to log into my new account, what do you know it wont let me. I tried to recover it and it said the account didn’t exist. WHAT IS UP WITH THIS CRAP!?

  9. Stumblinbear says:

    My pet has blurred vision… :'( the most expensive to cure…. D’:

  10. Cellist says:

    Instead of paying for these items, just go to the Healing Springs. It may take a few visits, but the faerie WILL heal your pet.

  11. Can anyone help me find some Sporkle Syrup? My pet has Ugga-Ugga and I need to get rid of it. I’ve tried going to the Healing Springs, but no luck in getting rid of the disease.

  12. Raven says:

    Ha u should be happy.i need eggs to heal my pet, my father plays for me.when it finally got healed it got sick again!HELP

  13. Kitten24 says:

    nazo, yes you can find themnce at the shop wizard, once your account gets activated again feel free to neomail me and I’ll help. (kitten24217)

    also for anyone else, you dont need to buy the ridiculously over priced medicines, THE HEALING SPRINGS WORK. You can go back every 30 min and she’ll heal your pet in some way.

    My pet and blurred vision, the cure of which cost 75000-99999np, which I cant afford. I went to the healing springs a few times (because I was told it would take 15 minutes to work) The first time the spring actually worked, my pet wasnt cured. The second time it was. But it’s totally random, so have patience!

  14. nazo says:

    where can you find poisonous jelly other than shop wizard and other peoples shops? i don’t have my account activated. please help!

  15. lisa says:

    can some on go to the neopeian hospitial and cure my pet pllz her name is fireblossomz

  16. Anna says:

    my pet has ugga ugga and i need help to get medicine for it. I’ve looked everywhere but i cannot find it anywhere

  17. ally says:

    @Abby my pet doesn’t like healing potion I, III, IV, and the latest ones. it only like healing potion II and the faerie ALWAYS gives me healing potions EXCEPT number 2. =P

  18. ally says:

    ummm…my pet is currently suffering from neomonia. i have seen how the medicinal soap looks like but the problem is the pharmacy is not selling it and since i’m a newbie to neopets, i don’t have that much money to buy medicinal soap from other users. i have tried looking in the shop wizard but everything there is 15,000 and over!!!o_o and i only have what 4,000 something????O_o any solution or can anyone sell to me for cheap price??=O

  19. Abby says:

    Instead of “buying”, you could just go to the Healing Springs. She sometimes heals your pet from those diseases you have. Every thirty minutes, you will be able to go heal your sick pets.

  20. vanitysenemy (neo username) says:

    My Neopet came down with the NeoBlues as a random event. Definitely not fair, I avoid spinning the wheels and doing things that could result in my pet getting sick, and his mood is also “delighted!” …? And the only Tasty Pie (the cure) I see for it is in the Trading Post, where the person is asking 300k 🙁 My poor pet’s name is Vainnitie.

  21. The worst is neomonia. The medincinal soap is wayyyy to expensive and no one can neomail it cause im only 9 🙁

  22. Hey,can you send me some medincinal soap??? I cant afford it and my neopet will turn blue soon :O (username:millemolly1)

  23. Caitie says:

    how can i get free or really cheap tongue shrinker for my grarrl, i really need him to get better:/

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