Neopets Diseases and Cures

Achy Head: Magic Goop

Bloaty Belly: Flat-u-less Tablets

Bloaty Feet: Magic Smelly Socks

Blurred Vision: Extra Thick Goggles

Chickaroo: Herbal Scrambled Eggs

Cricky Neck: Neck Brace

D’achoo: Neopkins

Doldrums: Mushroom Ointment

Floppy Tongue: Tongue Shrinker Injection

Fuzzitus: Fluff Be Gone

Fuzzy Fungus: Honey Blossom Extract

Grumbles: Grumble Be Gone Tablets

Hoochie Coochies: Hoochie Coochie Tablets

Itchy Scratchies: Itchy Scratchy Cream

Jitters: Potion of Containment

Kikoughela: Kikoughela Syrup or Kikoughela Drops

Lumps: Medicinal Mud Bath

Neezles: Neezles Jab

Neggitus: Neggitus Injection

NeoBlues: Tasty Pie

Neo Flu: Neoflu Jelly Pills

Neogitus: Medicinal Toothbrush

NeoMites: NeoMites Injection

Neomonia: Medicinal Soap

Neophobia: Step Out Shoes

Neopox: Neopox Pizza

Neowarts: Neowart Fungus

Reptillioritus: Cactopus Cream

Shaky Flakys: Shaky Flaky Cream

Shock -A- Lots: Ultra Rubber Gloves

Sneezles: Magic Cookie

Spyder Bite: Spyder Juice Elixir

Ugga-Ugga: Sporkle Syrup

Watery Eyes: Onion Balm

173 Responses to Neopets Diseases and Cures

  1. NeoProLogGirl7197 says:

    People, I seriously NEED Medicinal Soap for two of my pets who have Neomonia!! It sucks!! I mean, why did the neopets makers even INVENT diseases and sicknesses in neopets?! It got no purpose!!

    Oh yeah…AND I am going to the Healing Springs for my sixth time with no effect. AND I’m trying to get a cure in the wheels. AND earning neopoints for buying the cure. AND leaving neopets for a few hours a day and when i come back the sickness is still there.

    People, I am SERIOUSLY going to abandon my two pets if this continues, i am waiting and trying with no effect. 🙁

  2. Lesha says:

    Hi you guys my neopets all had lots of diseases i dont worry about the diseases though cause they go away by themself!

  3. Isabelle says:

    if u bring ur pets to the healing springs, it COULD cure them.
    also, give them something rotton or posion will chang their disease to hopefull a cheaper 1 to cure

  4. minshap says:

    the best way to treat a disease is to go to the healing srings in faerieland every 30 mins till your neopet is cured. buying the cure is a waste of money.

  5. gfv says:

    my neopets have neomonia and the soap is hard to get! pls help me!!!!………….

    elliecarg is my user name! hanks… help!

  6. lemondropfebe says:

    I need Herbal Scrambled Eggs please my baby is sick

  7. CHEAT MASTER says:


  8. evan says:

    i will give some one a discount

  9. evan says:

    at my shop i sell it
    !!!! but its 99000nps

  10. evan says:

    only its RARE

  11. evan says:

    good question!!!!!

  12. jessi says:

    How do you find sporkle syrup!!!!!!^_^

  13. zack says:

    plz plz, plz

  14. zack says:

    plz plz how do you get invinide neo points plz can you help me


  15. bishilover says:

    i’ve been trying for ages to find sporkle syrup, but no-one seems to sell it.

  16. Thandiflight says:

    I’m really annoyed.
    Prices of medicines have SKYROCKETED in the trading post.
    My neopet has Reptillioritus, and the cost of cactopus cream is 105,000np!
    And I’m going complain/talk more.
    Ghost paint brush prices have gone down to about 90,000np.

  17. RichGIrl says:


    3ilidh,yes by using the wheels u can even cure ur pets…

  18. RichGIrl says:


    Penny ur juz repeating whatver im saying…

  19. 3ilidh says:

    My neopet had reptillioritus but I couldn’t afford the cure, and I accidently cured it by using the wheel of knowledge. It landed on the weird person holding out her hands, and she cured it.

  20. penny says:

    TO HEAL YOU PETS!, If you go to the healing springs the faerie there will heal your pet/pets you might have to visit it 1to10 times before she will heal them just keep going every half hour untill they are cured, the healing spring is in faerie land look for it there and go untill your pet is healed,I have been playing neo for over 2 years and do this all the time when my pets get sick..

  21. Greta says:

    omg! thts kool and all but PLZ get sum Cactopus Cream at sumbodys shoppie! email me if possible!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. Angel Princess Wiltshire says:

    facebook is so much better than neopets bluds!:D
    oh yeah, above is my real name lol

  23. RichGirl says:


    When my pets is feeling feverish,i’ll play wit it n make it happy.Then i take her 2 the haling springs thats all…

  24. marlie says:

    all the cures for neomonia are all way to much money at shop wizard and they never have it at the pharmcy

  25. Uity says:



  26. Charmberries says:

    What medican do you use if your pet is feeling feverish??

  27. RichGirl says:

    Hi there mileyval!Yes at first it wont work.But u must keep going there again n again…Or this is an easier way:u just leave neopets.Dont bother them.then slowly they will heal…

  28. mileyval says:

    i went to the healings i didnt get anything ….i didnt get a fully restored as of yet .. i hope i get it soon i have to cure my pet

  29. emily says:

    my pet is suffering from neomonia plz help meï¼?ï¼?ï¼?

  30. RichGirl says:

    Ppl plz would u all donate me some money..Even 1 NeoPoint is count as a Thank U Very Much….N whoever donates will have their name in my user account….But only nxt year coz im unable to decorate my account….Plz ok?My account username Heartgem05…But drop me an email if u wanna donate.I already wrote my email address..But im gonna repeat my email address.

    My email

    Thank U 4 Ur Kind Donation!….

    **** Audrey****

  31. RichGirl says:

    Hey friend_7ev_s58,u can search for sporkle syrup at the shop wizard

  32. RichGirl says:

    Y do u need it very bad?I should infoem u that NEOPETS DONT DIE!

  33. do know were do u get snorkle syrup? i need it really bad. -_-

  34. RichGirl says:

    Also u dont have to worry bout ur pet…They DONT die…U just keep playing wit them n u Must keep going to the healing spring..This is wat i do when my pet catch up wit a disease…I hope my tips help…Remember tell me ur username so i can identify ur profile n to c whether ur lying or not coz there is someone who had lied to me and made my hard earned 1 million nps gone….

  35. RichGirl says:

    Hmm Olivia,can u plz tell me ur username so that i can c whether ur lying or not..

  36. olivia says:

    i need money cause the medicene i need is like 55,00 plz i need it plz give me some tips!

  37. RichGirl says:

    My email address is

  38. RichGirl says:

    Plz drop me a mail so that u can ask me anything…Plz…If u want neopoints just wait…If u want paintbrush wait till i get rich…I wont ask ur password,username and ur pin code…Hey Chloe if u think this is a scam i dont really mind coz i hate scamming and read watever i write properly…Remember ppl feel free to drop me a mail n ask me anything u want to know…My email address is sure u guys can b my friend too!

  39. RichGirl says:

    Plz drop me a mail so that u can ask me anything…Plz…If u want neopoints just wait…If u want paintbrush wait till i get rich…I wont ask ur password,username and ur pin code…Hey Chloe if u think this is a scam i dont really mind coz i hate scamming and read watever i write properly…Remember ppl feel free to drop me a mail n ask me anything u want to know…My email address is sure u guys can b my frind too!

  40. RichGirl says:

    Hey dudes!Attention ppl!I hav some announcement!Remember this is no scam but as soon as i get lots of money,u will have to trade something in the Trading Post..So that i can giv u something….If u think this is a scam GO TO HELL!

  41. amz says:

    hey how cum they dont sell neomonia medicine my pet is suffering!!

  42. mark says:

    This sounds like dumb question- but how do you find out what DISEASE your pet has? Like the step BEFORE you got to the hospital to find the cure?

  43. NutMeg says:

    blue rose: read the medicines and what they cure at the top of the page.

    rosiana: you can buy cautopus cream at the trading post. It’s over 100 000 neopoints though.

  44. blue rose 160 says:

    my neopet has ugga ugga what do i do?

  45. rosiana98(neopets username) says:

    actually,its quite kind of chloe to put this up cause some people cant find the hospital.and stop asking for cautopus cream.its an unbuyable item,thats why u cant find it in the shop wiz!.if u really cant find the medicine,just feed ur pet 1 of those super cheap poisonous jellies!there r everywhere!money tree,shop wiz,my SDB…pls,get a hold on ur self.

  46. mEnA says:

    Dude theres no way i can get neomonia medication MAN IF UR GONNA HAVE A “CHEAT SITE” THEN ACTUALLY PUT “CHEATS”

  47. Felicity says:

    srry nowhere

  48. Felicity says:

    I need sporkle syrup and its……….NOWHERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  49. mynameisgyan says:

    p.s. there’s no need to keep buying the medicines-just keep going to the healing springs in faerieland and your pet will be healed.

  50. naenae says:

    i’m annoyed with the medicinal soap! i need it but if i can’t get it i’m abandoning my pet! my username is save_the_acaras please help me will pay neocash. i have lots of neocoins

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