Limited Edition and Restricted Neopets

Limited Edition Neopets

If a Neopet says “Limited Edition” under it this means that there are only a certain number of them in Neopia. These pets are, according to Neopets guidelines, released from “time to time”. What this means is that a specific number are released on each of the Neopet’s special day. For example, Chombys on Chomby Day or Tonus on Tonu Day. Rarely, Neopets will release Limited Edition pets randomly through out the year.

Limited Edition pets are just like regular pets, except they are only available through Create a Pet on their given day. Regular pets are available at any time. Here is a list of the Limited Edition pets along with their special days:

Chomby Day – March 22nd
Cybunny Day – April 27th
Hissi Day – May 4th
Jetsam Day – October 16th
Kiko Day – July 17th
Koi Day – May 25th
Poogle Day – September 19th
Tonu Day – February 21st

Then there are 2 other limited edition Neopets that also qualify as restricted Neopets. They are:

Grundo Day – August 24th
Lutari Day – April 19th

With the exception of the Grundo and Lutari, which will be explained later, the way to go about getting your limited edition Neopet is to go to the Create a Pet page and create it on it’s special day. But you have got to be quick, because when they are gone, they are gone!

Fortunately for all of us, there are other ways to get limited edition Neopets. (These methods can be a bit costly, so make sure you have plenty of neopoints on hand!):

– Morphing Potions: for use on existing Neopets. These come in various colors and are specific to the Neopet. For example, use a Kiko Morphing Potion to turn your Gelert into a Kiko.

– Transmogrification Potions: for use on existing Neopets. These work in the same way as Morphing Potions, except you don’t have any control over the color. You may want to have a Paint Brush handy if you don’t like Mutant.

– Magical Plushies: if you let your Neopet play with a Magical Plushie, it will turn into the species and color of the toy. For example, if your blue Blumaroo plays with a Magical Green Kiko Plushie, it will turn into a green Kiko. The magical plushie is only good for one use. It becomes a regular toy when the magic is gone. Buyer Beware! There are regular plushies that look exactly like the magical ones – make sure it says Magical in the name if you want to transform your pet.

– Mysterious Swirly Potion: this potion is caught from the Underwater Fishing cavern once you reach a certain level. The potion will randomly turn your Neopet into a Chomby, Cybunny, Kiko, Koi, Jetsam, Poogle, Tonu or Hissi. The color of the new pet will be the same as that of the one you changed, unless that color is not available for the new pet, in which it will become a random basic color.

– Lab Ray: this method is random, and time consuming, and can be very expensive. You don’t know what pet you will get, and it doesn’t, if ever, happen the first time.

Restricted Neopets

Restricted Neopets are slightly different from limited edition Neopets; you cannot get them on a special day, so you need to find out the secret way to create that particular Neopet. Very rarely, you MIGHT be able to find one in the Pound.

Restricted pets are the rarest pets in all of Neopia. The Draik and Krawk are true restricted pets. The Grundo and Lutari fall into both the restricted and limited categories. Let’s talk about them one at a time, and how to get them. Before taking any of these steps, make sure you have 3 pets or less. Be warned! Restricted pets, and the means to create them, is very expensive!

– Draik

The Draik is one of the rarest pets in all of Neopia! So how do you get one?


Buy a Draik Egg. These Eggs come in Red, Green, Yellow, Blue, Zombie, Ice, Lost Desert, Mystery Island, Pirate and Darigan. You can purchase an Egg at the Meridell Food Shop, or from the Trading Post.

After you have your Egg, take it to the Draik Nest, located in Meridell, where it will hatch into a cute little Draik! (And after your Draik has hatched, take it back to the Draik Nest, and receive an avatar).


Use a Draik Transmogrification Potion on an existing pet. You can get one at the Trading Post, or in the Auctions. You will probably have to buy a Paint Brush as well to make your Draik look as you prefer. Unless, of course, you might like the Mutant look!


Use a Draik Morphing Potion on an existing pet. This option allows you to choose which color Draik your pet turns into. There are several colors to choose from such as red, green, blue, yellow, purple, Ice, Darigan, Skunk, Starry, Plushie, Ghost and Fire.

– Krawk

The easiest and most common way to get a Krawk is:

Give a Krawk PetPet to one of your Neopets. You can buy one at the Tyrannian PetPet Shop, or buy one from the Trading Post or Auctions. Go to the Pet Quick Reference page, click on the Krawk PetPet and name it. Make sure the name is what you want your new Krawk to be named. Once named it cannot be changed. Take your pet to the Fungus Cave on Krawk Island and feed your pet some of the fungus. Your pet will become a Krawk. Whatever color the Krawk PetPet is, that is the color your new Krawk pet will be. (Then take your new Krawk back to the Fungus Cave to receive the avatar).


Use a Krawk Transmogrification Potion on an existing pet.


Use a Krawk Morphing Potion.


Buy a Magical Krawk Plushie. These come in blue, green or red. Allow the pet you want to become a Krawk play with it. Once your pet has turned into a Krawk, the plushie becomes a regular plushie and is no longer magical.

– Grundo

In addition to the basic red, yellow, green and blue colors, Grundos are unique among Neopets in that they can also be created in white, brown, and purple. Also, Grundos are the only species which has an intelligence level of Dim Witted when adopted.

To get one:

Go to the Space Adoption Agency on Virtupets Space Station. Click the Adopt a Grundo button, type the name you want for your Grundo, choose the color and gender from the drop down boxes, and press “Adopt Him/Her”. (You can change your Grundo’s color with paintbrushes if you wish).

– Lutari

Lutaris cannot be pounded or transferred; they will simply run away when they are abandoned. This makes the Lutari notoriously hard to get.

Lutari come from Lutari Island, and the Lutari and Lutari Island can only be accessed by mobile phone service.

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  1. lucy says:

    um, for the person who said that the transmorphication potion isnt real, you spelled it wrong. its transmogrification not transmorphication. just thought I’d let you know

  2. xXx says:

    What is the minimum required fishing skill to get one mysterious swirly potion?

  3. Maddi says:

    i want a kiko sooooo bad and ive been searching for magical kiko plushies every day and cant find a single one. i have tons of neopoints and i wouldnt care if i blew all of it off for a kiko. if anyone knows where i can find one email me at, if you tell me your username i will even send you something special. pleeeeeaaase!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Bilola says:

    Are you looking for a halloween werelupe? Because right now i am selling mine for only 1.3 million and if you include a starry paintbrush your offer will instantly be accepted. You can get an avatar by just owning this great pet! This werelupe is male, was made just to be painted and has a good name interested? Just email

  5. F7 says:

    sheri…basic neopets knowledge….you won’t find rare/expensive items in the shop wizard or site search. you’ll have to look at the auctions or trading post

  6. sheri says:

    the transmorphication potion isnt real! i looked it up on the neopets search and all it had was that was the name of a pet! plz help cuz i rly want a draik!

  7. F7 says:

    ella, you’re the dummy..

  8. ella says:

    you’re all dummies. don’t you realise that paintbrushes are worth way too much. oh and the food shop in meridel is the banner near the side of the screen for the kid who asked

  9. Josh Smith says:

    There’s a limited amount u have to be quick!

  10. Emily T. says:

    So on the day of whatever rare pet it is you can get one of those pets? just like that? or is there a limit as to how many TNT gives out that day?

  11. not telling says:

    ugh can some1 like loan me a paint brush or something?

  12. Pauli R.G Lennon says:

    @Caitster4life No, doesnt mean ur IPHONE, it means u gt pay cash. 🙁

  13. Nobody says:

    Don’t believe the guy above me. He’s a 5 day old player with overpriced newb items in his shop (aka no paintbrushes) and no auctions under his name. He has a “rare” petpet (Quetzal xD) in his shop for a whopping 8.5k…[psst…some shops have it for 20 neopoints 😉 ]. And a wet snowball for 450 neopoints? Srsly.

  14. Hey guys, if you really need help with any battlefield problems you should come to my shop. I sell paintbrushes all for 3000 NP. Stay on the watch, though, because everyone is hounding me for them. I even had to stop accepting friend requests because I had too many people trying to get into my neofriend only auctions. Sooo, yeah. Thanks and good luck!

  15. anomonous says:

    i was looking for the draik eggs but i can’t find the meridel food shop and i don’t want to spend my money on the potions cause its way to expensive and i don’t know where to look can anybody help me?

  16. Kiddo says:

    All of you guys are acting very immature.
    Those of you who post random (misspelled) obscenities, shouldn’t it be your naptime now? 😉

    Also, plushies aren’t magical unless they say Magical (Color Species) Plushie.

    Blue Cybunny Plushie is not magical.
    Magical Blue Cybunny Plushie is magical.

    You have to type the color and species of magical plushie you want. You can’t type in ‘Magical Cybunny Plushie’, you have to type in ‘Magical Red Cybunny Plushie’, ‘Magical Blue Cybunny Plushie’, etc.
    But they don’t make magical plushies in every color or species.
    And magical plushies are very expensive, so you can’t find them on the Shop Wizard.

    Good luck, guys!

  17. Anonymous says:

    How would yhu knoee if yhur cybunny plushie is magical, i tried typinqq in “Magical Cybunny Plushie” and dhat didnt wurkk…..

  18. Anoynomous says:

    Watch ur language children get on tis site

  19. awesome says:

    Wow. Why would you even swear? I mean really? What’s the point of swearing? Where’s it gonna get you? Oh, yeah! That’s right! NOWHERE! So I hope you don’t kiss your girl/boyfriend with those lips!

  20. Lupe-Wolfina-Alexandra says:

    Wow fowell language must be a bad site.

  21. goldentiger says:

    LUTARIS ARE OUT!!!! create one

  22. Jade says:

    I tried to get Neopets Mobile on my phone, but I guess you can’t get it on Blackberries. If it’s possible, could you please tell me how to get it on my phone?

  23. Ro says:

    how do i get one on that day?

  24. Bubba says:

    Wow. You guys really need to learn spelling and grammar before you begin ranting about things as petty as a simple internet game.

    This website was created to help you, and yet here you are, still complaining.

  25. Cherrie says:

    Thanks so much!!!! BTW Bad language= no girls for you, a. k. a and wat evr!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  26. Samantha says:

    If the creators wanted the games to be played fairly, they wouldn’t put cheats on the website! I have my own in the making! It’s one like neopets, and it asked if I wanted cheats or not so why doin’t u shut-up and play!

  27. Emma says:

    Hi u guys I got a lutari!!!!

  28. CONNOR says:


  29. StopCheating says:

    You people are all ridiculous! Neopets is not about cheats! So stop trying to find cheats that DONT EXIST! Just play the game how it was meant to be played: FAIRLY.

  30. Person says:

    How exactly do you get a krawk plushie? I dont understand. ):

  31. a_demons_doll says:

    and yeah i finally got on lutari island on my phone, its the same as it is when your on the computer. =(

  32. a_demons_doll says:

    how are we gunna get on lutaria island if our phone internet sux

  33. MalloryBee says:

    People, you need to realise, you CANT get cheats for money on Neopets. If people say they can, its a SCAM!

  34. emmz lol says:

    is the blue cybunny plushie magical?

  35. latto says:

    The Transmogrification Potion isn’t right

    Neopedia : Transmogrification Potions

    Category : Magic
    Suggested Value : 50,000 NPs
    Rarity : Special
    Size : 4″x2″x2.5″
    Weight : 9 fluid ounces

    Although their origins remain shrouded in mystery, the effects that are brought on by the Transmogrification Potions are stunningly clear. Should your pet be unlucky enough to drink one of these concoctions, they will instantly take on a rather ghastly appearance. You’ll also notice a stark turn for the worse in their attitude: the warm and loving pet you once knew will have been replaced by an embittered cynic.

    According to Kauvara, owner of the magic shop which accidentally distributed the potions, she had received a visit from a mysterious stranger who claimed that the Transmogrification Potions were the most phenomenal elixirs to ever hit the market. Deciding to purchase a small batch to see how well they sold, Kauvara was stunned when she learned that the dreaded potions were turning her customers into hideous monsters.

    Despite efforts to educate the general public about the harmful effects of the Transmogrification Potions, cases involving pets whose owners didn’t know any better continue to pop up each day. It is important that that all Neopians get the facts about these potions and their gruesome effects.

  36. tray says:

    i neomailed a freind and told her about it

  37. tray says:

    i neomailed a freind and told her about it

  38. tray says:

    neopets drop out i was not double posting my coumputer messed up and would not send and then it sent 3 not my fault

  39. tray says:

    i can get a cybunny 2 days after my birthday

  40. tray says:

    i need a lutari but im 8 and dont have a phone

    cry cry cry

  41. Fifi says:

    kl this is great i always go on your website cause it’s the best!!!

  42. Neopets Drop-out says:

    STOP THE DOUBLE POSTING AND CURSING!!!! Wut we all mean is we need neopoints to get the REALLY rare pets.

  43. tray says:

    omg thank you i really wanted a rare pet like poggle

  44. tray says:

    omg thank you i really wanted a rare pet like poggle

  45. tray says:

    omg thank you i really wanted a rare pet like poggle

  46. natancatsss says:

    HI!! DO you get a Lutari cuz I have been DYING to GET ONE!

  47. Caitster4life says:

    I’m using my iphone to get into Lutari Island. It doesn’t seem to recognize i’m using a mobile service. Do I need to click something?

  48. Cybunny Luvr says:

    I’ve always wanted a Cybunny. Can you tell me if I have to delete a pet in order to adopt one on Cybunny Day? I have 4

  49. warlic says:

    but where do you buy the magical krawk plushie?in krawk island?

  50. trishieee says:

    ooh now i know how to get a krawk! THNX!! 🙂

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