Neopets Game Cheats

Advert Attack
Type “nopopups” to remove all the current pop-ups from the screen (once per game).

Attack of the Gummy Dice
Type “delightful” to turn the current dice into a morph dice, and “explode” to turn it into a bomb dice. Type “gummydice” to turn the current dice into a random one that is different from the original.

Attack of the Revenge
Type “blackpawkeet” when you are at level 3 and above to gain an extra life.

Attack of the Slorgs
Type “marrow” to get an extra life, and type “slorgerizer” to blast a few slorgs at once. Type “chargex4” to bring the laser back to normal and at full strength.

Bouncy Supreme
Type “bouncebouncebounce” for an extra life.

Bruno’s Backwoods Breakaway
Type “lookoutbruno” to gain an extra life.

Carnival of Terror
Type “custard” to gain a health boost, and “pie crust” to gain more bullets.

Castle Battles
Type “supercannonball” to get a big cannonball.

Castle of Eliv Thade
Type “rehaxtint” for an extra hint.

Caves and Corridors: Mystery Island
Type “nomorerocks” to clear all the rocks, and “gimmeabreak” to gain an additional life.

Chia Bomber II
Type “geoffrey” to get an extra life.

Crisis Courier
Type “kingaltador” to gain an additional life.

Type “vitaminc” to restore your health (once per game).

Destruct-O-Match II
Type “destroyboulders” to destroy all blocks of one colour.

Dice Escape
Type “flybywire” to get a wire view, and “topdown” to get a bird’s eye view (type the same code again to revert to the original view). Typing “helpmeplease” and “moretimeruki” will each reset the timer once.

Dubloon Disaster
Type “black pawkeet” for 5% more chance of finding a gold dubloon coin, and type “scallywags” to create a whirlpool.

Edna’s Shadow
Type “edmoretime” for a 25-second time bonus.

Escape from Meridell
Type “valrigard” to reset clock/timer.

Escape To Kreludor
Type “empulse” to blast all surrounding enemies with a shockwave.

Extreme Herder
Type “freeze” to make balthazar temporarily freeze.

Faerie Bubbles
Type “Faerieland” to change your current bubble to rainbow, and “stardust” to change it to a nova bubble. Type “bubbles” to change all of your bubbles to the same type, and “slumberberry” to push the bar to the top.

Faerie Caves II
Type “quaglor” to skip a level, but you also lose all points earned in that level.

Type “deliciousflie” to gain an additional life.

Type “frumball” to get an extra life, and type “kougra” to skip a level.

Gourment Club Bowl
Type “sheperd” to double your score, and type “superbowls” to skip a level (unlimited use).

Grand Theft Ummagine
Type “ummaginethief” to skip the current level. Although you may use it as many times as you like, your points will be reset after each use.

Hasee Bounce
Type “more doughnutfruit” to reset your time (once per game).

Ice Cream Machine
Type “strawberryvanillachocolate” to get an extra life.

Igloo Garage Sale – The Game
Type “frozensnowflake” to drop 6 items, which is one more than the usual 5 items.

Jelly Blobs of Doom
Type “fishnegg” for a fish negg to appear on the screen, type “marissa” for small jellies to appear, and type “rainbownegg” for a rainbow negg to appear on the screen.

Kiko Match II
Type “ineedmoretime” to get an extra 15 seconds.

Korbat’s Lab
Type “spiderbite” to get an extra life.

Type “cyodrake” to get an extra hint.

Kreludan Mining Corp.
Type “kreludor” to get an extra life.

Let It Slide
Type “stalactites” to gain an additional life.

Magax: Destroyer
Type “hubridnox” to restore your health.

Meepit Juice Break
Type “hungrymeepits” to get an extra life, and type “juice-o-matic” to reset all meepit’s timers.

Moon Rock Rampage
Type “novisitors” to get an extra 30 seconds, and type “rampage” for an extra life.

Mootix Drop
Go to a Mission Drop screen (where it shows what mission you’re going to do) and press up, down, right and left. Some icons appear will appear in the bottom corner. There are three (right, middle and left) columns and four (babaa, spyder, mootix, target) icons. Place them in the following orders to get the results:

Babaa/Mootix/Spyder – Giant mootix
Babaa/Target/Spyder – Heavy mootix and you start with 5 points
Target/Mootix/Babaa – Invisible mootix and you start with 5 points
Mootix/Target/Mootix – Small mootix
Target/Target/Spyder – Start with 8 points in the secret Spyder level
Spyder/Target/Target – Start with 8888 points in the secret Spyder level, but you go up instead of down and the level never ends
Spyder/Target/Mootix – Super Fast mootix
Mootix/Target/Babaa – The whole screen is upside down, and you start with 10 points.

Mynci Beach Volleyball
Type “dirigibles” to make a blimp to fly across the screen, and type “turdle” to make a turdle appear.

Neverending Boss Battle
Type “foreverandeverandever” to get an extra life.

Petpet Pair-Up
Type “ineedmoretime” to gain an additional 15 seconds.

Petpet Sitter
Type “oscillabot” to get an extra life.

Raiders of Maraqua
Type “1morekarpohplease” to get an extra life.

Snowball Fight
Type “snowghettiandmeatball” to gain 10 additional snowballs.

Snow Muncher
Type “buuuurrrrrrp” to decrease your bloat by 50%.

Sophie’s Stew
Type “hungrymeowclops” to gain an additional life.

Spell or Starve
Type “channyhungry” and get an extra 30 seconds.

Stowaway Sting
Type “scrap” to get full health.

Sutek’s Tomb
Type “scarabeus” to get an extra 30 seconds, and type “pyramibread” for an extra bonus.

The Buzzer Game
Type “salamander” to skip a level.

The Castle of Eliv Thade
Type “rehaxtint” to get an extra hint.

The Great Qasalan Caper
Type “caperiffic” for a 20-second time bonus.

The Return of the Return of Dr. Sloth
Type “drfranksloth” to gain an additional life.

The Usul Suspects
Type “lumiwatergun” to gain an additional life.

Tug-O-War Passwords
Theibos = lrslsts
Khadir = sltltsr
Horak = lrlrss
Ramset = sslrtrl

Ultimate Bullseye
Type “catapult” to get a random bonus.

Volcano Run
Type “lava” for an extra shield.

Volcano Run II
Type “glubgar” to gain an additional life.

Warf Rescue Team
Type “trappedkadoaties” for an extra life.

Whack-A-Staff Member
Type “a5paragu5” to get a bigger malet.

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  1. poopsie939 says:

    this is great thank you so much

  2. Lila Meridian says:

    Hey guys. Good to be back.

  3. Chloe says:

    Comments are back up on the Neopets Game Cheats page! Sorry about the error everyone, there was a problem on the site server, but it is finally fixed now! Comments are up and running again on this page!

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  5. sheri says:

    heres a cheat. if you get 3 pets from the pound you can feed them dung jelly. they really like it and its 2-6 dollers. use the shop wizard to get it and use identical to the phrase because you might get dung jelly eraser or half a dung jelly.

  6. em says:

    ms. petty-how long have you known this free paint bush giver on his paint brush giving account? 🙂

  7. ravenr611 says:

    oh another tip is just play key quest with some of your friends

  8. ravenr611 says:

    ello im kinda new?? haha oh usually the advertised games u can get quick easy neopoints from 🙂

  9. ms.petty says:

    i know that was my first thought to but it worked u dont hav to try it no one if making u but im telling ya it worked for me

  10. em says:

    not to be rude or anything but…free paint brush???? i dont think so.

  11. prettypurpleness says:

    does any1 know how 2 get to the fungus caves? and i also want a free paintbrush???

  12. ms.petty says:

    hey people i found his guy who told e if i gave him a paintbrush he would give me two or three of the same one i gave him my christmas one
    (mainly bcause its the only one i could find and he gave me three back xD i think his username is sihnmaner if u want easy paint brushes give him the item and u will get 2 or 3 back dependng on how good it is once again his username is sihnmaner just a tip i made 200k np from it so far he did tell me to w8 a week to d it again thoe so he could reestock on rushes but i got my item back not many people know about him so hurry up before ur out and if he doesnt hav brushes he sends urs back

  13. layla says:

    i need an activation code!!!!!!!!NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😐

  14. Emily says:

    Ok, if you want 70k FAST, here is the trick. Everyday, do your dailies, and play your favorite games. Use the secret codes to reset timer, etc. There’s 10k for about 10 games alone. With dailies and a bit of luck, you can get another 5-10k. That’s possibly 20k. If you have time and feel like it, play Key Quest. A gold key can POSSIBLY get you a paint brush. There you have it. Games are fun, and if you bookmark your dailies, they take 3 minutes. There! Personally, I suggest getting the Lab Ray with your money. Then a few stocks. No time at all and you get neopoints. Enjoy!

  15. annie says:

    hey shlip shlop!!i got no paint brush!!i only got a crummy draik egg!!what the heck?!liar!!

  16. shlipslop says:

    oh and 1 petpet pb and pb of your choice
    only one!
    dont get greedy

  17. candydazzle says:

    evil help is evil
    evil help wants u to give them your rare items!

  18. margarita says:

    were the wishing well

  19. evil help says:

    sorry the name was jenkin_boss

  20. evil help says:

    I got a really cool cheat!if you send a a super-rare item to eytgrygye you get double the items!.her father owns something in neopets so wait like,15 hrs for her to respond.then shell send you 2!! i got 2 draik mp’s this way.when i tried again it didnt work.i think it works once per user

  21. steven_sean_aaa says:

    hello…I am 12 years old . do you have jub jub ?

  22. a7x girl says:

    hey everyone. there’s this hack in ice cream machine. if you right click while playing the game, its immediately game over. Fastest way to commit suicide in the game, eh?

  23. Shallen11 says:

    I my Name Above is my I Neopets if you Own The Video Game:
    Dragonball:Raging Blast (Yes the Creators actually forgot the Z in Dragonball) so join my Guild at User Lookup

  24. Jenefer Fanoon says:

    who can mass my email?

  25. Candydazzle says:

    heyyy everyone!!my neopet user name is candy dazzle!!feel free to add me pleaasse!!!btw everyone if you have time please take a look at my website click on my link!!peace!

    NOT SCAM!!

  26. Meerca Chase Hint: On mode screen click the meerca’s right eye. When it changes to a person holding neggs, quickly start the game. When I do it, I seem to get more different colored neggs

    Also, I can’t get on Neopets cuz I deactivated my account to create a new one and it said I have 5. Waaaa!!!

    Follow my link!!!

  27. UNKNOWN says:

    UMMMM……………………………………………..WHAT AM I DOING ONE THIS WEBSITE?????????????????????????????????????????????????

  28. jack graves says:

    but of course then there will be a big skirmish between gaia, and myspace….
    and then….
    the world is thrust into darkness for a thousand years, untill one day a hero emerges from the lava engulfed remains of the city. he stands tall on a destroyed building. looking at the flames, he hears a voice.
    iv’e spotted iblis, he’s on the move! the hero looks to his side. he aknowledges his comrade, lifts off of the building, and zooms to the designated spot. his fellow feline friend follows behind to the spot.

    yeah now back to reality.
    these cheats were rather helpfull, with the exception of the well cheat, which i cant get to work.

  29. jazzkat89 says:

    Hey everyone!
    I have been playing Neopets for 6 years and now I’m an adult, I still like playing it 🙂 I have successfully made over 1mill NP over that time, and the only advice I could give to newbies is to play all the high earning games, get freebies where you can, and create a shop. I made most of my money using the shop wizard. I look up items I like, keep refreshing the wizard until the cheapest price for that item is found, buy it, and then re-sell for a profit, but still be cheaper than anyone else. Hard work and persistence is the best way to earn money 😀 Also, keep exploring the website. I’ve found several rare items just while walking around!

    Hope this is helpful 🙂


  30. ariana says:

    copia y pega este mensaje en 5 foros diferente luego ve al desierto perdido y te aparecera
    ha ocurrido algo TNT te de por tu generosidad y 52 pinceles a tu

  31. ruprep says:

    why can’t you use the ice cream machine hack more than once?

  32. kaitlyn cherry says:


  33. Maggie says:

    I have a hint for Crisis Courier.You know the little enimie in the little space on the first level where no one can get to,when you get close to the spot lose a life,them when it is going to be blinking yellow,go through the space real quick to get the little enimie.Hope it helps!

    P.S It is a fire enimie!

  34. i put marissa in and nothing happened except there were even more blobs=( and i tried fishnegg but nothing happened oh and how do u get more than 300 points on fashion fever cuz on the high scores list there wuz some1 with 308 points

  35. anon says:

    What’s the point of joining Neopets if you just want to cheat your way into millions of NP and whatever rare items you want? If you aren’t willing to play games and such to make money, there’s no point in you being there at all.

  36. somebody1112224345455 says:

    is yours gemini?

  37. somebody1112224345455 says:

    no it is tigrarazzz

  38. gemini says:

    what is ur neopet username somebody1112224345455

  39. gemini says:

    i will be ur neofriend

  40. somebody1112224345455 says:

    ummmm……………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………..why cant i make a neofreind? i am nine WHY?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

  41. somebody1112224345455 says:


  42. somebody1112224345455 says:


  43. somebody1112224345455 says:

    were d heck do you type in passwords? if u dont no then these passwords are a pile of crap

  44. SEXY ROCKER! says:

    heyy i’m back, sorry i haven’t commented or anything in a long time. I had a friend death and yeah it kind of sucked.

  45. SOMEBODY says:

    hey does anyone kno a cheat 4 baby pbs? i tried the cheat that rick hile said but it didn’t work. i keep on trying the wishing well cheat and it doesn’t work. i don’t want to be scammed and stuff but i only have 7,000 np

  46. my password is nega123 but can u guess the username??????

  47. EMMA says:

    hey only say bad words in your mind really! oh sooooooooo many comments they SUCK!!!!

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