Neopets Daily Dare Staff Tournament

The Neopets staff is going head-to-head this year and facing off in teams against each other for a special Daily Dare Staff Tournament. Match #1 will consist of Inept Megalomania for team one and Scaly-wags for team two as they compete for the highest score in today’s Daily Dare game, Imperial Exam. Even though this competition is just for the Neopets staff, don’t feel too left out, because there’s an important role for Neopets members to play too! You can go the Daily Dare Staff Tournament section of the Neopets site to pick which team you think will win. Just for voting, you’ll receive a special new avatar and, based on which team you pick, you can earn a prize after the match has ended. You’ve got until 11:59 PM Neopian Standard Time on this coming Wednesday (March 9th) to make your pick. Good luck!

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