Is this a fruit machine cheat???

Hey everyone! I think I might’ve just found a fruit machine cheat, to win every time! But I’m not sure if it was just a coincedence. I clicked on it, and it said I had won 2,500 neopoints and a greeble from the fruit machine!!! But was it just a coincidence, or does it actually work? I need everyone to try it theirselves, and to tell me if they won or not. I think this might be a major discovery!!!

Lucky shot at the Fruit Machine

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  1. Liam Neeson says:

    Fairly certain this isn’t a /cheat/, per se. Just some link you’ve found and decided to share.
    Either way, you won’t win every time, so it was just a random coincidence that you won after bypassing the “Spin the Wheel” button.

  2. Murr says:

    This is certainly interesting! It certainly doesn’t guarantee an auto-win, but I find if I follow this link I certainly win more often than if I spin it the normal way. It must have something to do with bypassing the “Try your luck” button or whatever you normally have to do to spin the fruit machine.

  3. bon says:

    i won a Fire, Fire, Your Pants On Fire Paint Brush today feel great i was bored desided to try it

  4. Missy says:

    Omg i just won a desert pb 😀

  5. JarJar says:


  6. kook says:

    WHAT IS THE CHEAT!!!!!!!

  7. yay says:

    yay a baggus!

  8. mop says:

    no luck

    but… the first time you play fruit machine you ALWAYS win, so if you want to be a jerk you can make multiple accounts 😉

  9. jazz says:

    you dare call me an idiot you shit head

  10. jazz says:

    how will I know? people are saying that they are winning paintbrushes and all and I’m kind of a newbie so that’s why

  11. thats not a cheat idiot…it was just random that u found it duh. boy your stupid.

  12. jazz says:

    HELP! i tried exact 10 times still nothing 🙁

  13. cody mavable says:

    umm…i dont play neopets but im looking for my little sister who is 8 but this one did not work

  14. Rave says:

    I got 15k and a chekered brush. Am I going to get banned? Lol

  15. pinkeuricka says:

    I got a fire fire pants on fire paint brush and a fire muffin

  16. Jubsquazz is a liear and there is no cheat for the fruit machine. its just luck;)

  17. meeee says:

    i know rite???

  18. kim says:

    i think this has been working in its magical way!!!

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