Glitter graphics and backgrounds

Hey guys! For some time I’ve been planning on making a whole bunch of new glitters and neopets backgrounds, but I’m thinking now that I might like to hire someone who is really experienced with it, or in graphic design on computers to make them for me. I can give them my ideas or preferences, and I’ll pay them to put them together. If anyone here knows how to and are experienced at that kind of thing, or know someone who is or where I can find someone good, please leave a comment with your/their information (preferably an email). Thank you!

Also please leave comments with all your ideas and themes for backgrounds that you want, and ideas for glitters, for example, sparkly faeries or neopets, or pre-made glitter text, or whatever. I would really appreciate all your ideas! Thanks again!!!

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75 Responses to Glitter graphics and backgrounds

  1. Dragon-Girl says:

    So cool pitures

  2. Myrthe says:

    I see fife

  3. hannah says:

    look at mi petpage and user lookup my names hannah4eva2

  4. len says:

    i have no Idea how to put backrounds and graphics on my neopet page, profile, shop ect. ive seen tutorials and stuff but i still dont get how and where you are supposed to copy and paste and all that. please help!!!! my name on neopets is shewolf11 please help im begging you! neomail me please!!!!!

  5. Florence Gutierrez says:


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  7. gowinniegirl (leslie) says:

    i hate miley her teeth are weird, she’s gonna end up getting shot one of these days LOL!

  8. chelsea says:

    hi i really love miley cyrus she rocks!!!!!!!!!!!

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  10. aarp health care says:

    Just stopped by to visit and got the crunch on your stuff in here – bravo!

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  12. Gina says:

    Tight website,but can u put more backrounds?

  13. taylor85721 says:


  14. Nicole says:

    I got some gliters.
    Do u want them.
    Can you get me a faerie PB.
    Some Gliters ideas:
    Baby neopets

  15. kim says:

    i just love your web it is great xxx

  16. Ashton says:

    I can make them if you’re still wanting someone!
    Are you paying like real money? lol 🙂
    I can do lots of other graphics and things as well as glitters! Just let me know!

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  18. Allison says:

    my neopet is cool now that i used this site.

  19. kutatatat says:

    i love jub jub
    he cuter than uuuuuuuuuuu
    u wish u were meeeee

  20. qmwtarlpna says:

    Hello! Good Site! Thanks you! waipbsnqaxko

  21. wafa says:

    did u people know that if u type buuuurrrrrrrrrp in snow muncherhe loses 50% of his fatness!

  22. wafa says:

    OMG cud u pllleeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeee give me a baby paint brush and some neopoints? i dont want more than 9000!!

  23. wafa says:

    hey my name is wafa..and im like a total fan of neopets!

  24. Tabatha says:

    If you type boohooiwanttheoldgameback on destructomatch then the old version of the game comes on

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