Faerie Crossword Answers

Here (below) are all the different answers for the faerie crossword puzzle. This is very useful so you don’t have to work them all out yourself (which takes ALOT longer too! Which would mean you’d also get less neopoints!). The answers are in capital letters. Good luck on getting your 600 neopoints a day!!

“Eau De _____” is a popular brand of Perfume – NEO
___ ___ Farms – KAU
___ 9000; Space Petpet – VACUMATIC
___ Aisha glasses; funky! – DISCO
___ Beefy Cheese; real meat! – BIG
___ Blurg Bat Game – LADY
___ Bomber; wet those nasty Tyrannians! – CHIA

___ bottle; one-shot spell – NANKA
___ bottles of water – TWO
___ Boy Ice Cream! – YES
___ cheese pizza; rich and fruity! – CHERRY
___ Clown; Battledome hilarity! – CHIA
___ contest; what will it be next? – RANDOM
___ covered sandwich; a Lost Desert delicacy! – DUST
___ Dice; Krawk Island game – BILGE
___ Eaten Ham – ANT
___ fishing! – GONE
___ Fuzzles from Beyond the Stars – EVIL
___ herbal drink cures ___! – BUBBLES
___ Island; where wicked pirates gather – SCURVY
___ jelly A – MINT
___ Lupe from NeoQuest – PLAINS
___ Match II – KIKO
___ mote; chilly! – ICE
___ mote; make your opponent sneeze! – DUST
___ n bouncy Toy – BIG
___ of the Beast – LAIR
___ orb – GENIE
___ plastic rod of ultranova; no real power – FAKE
___ Ruki sundae; three scoops of green fun! – LIME
___ Skyfire; RODS Acara – YLANA
___ Superhero; the fastest bird around! – LENNY
___ Surfer; help Matt clean up! – SEWAGE
___ Thade – ELIV
___ Von Roo fangs; frightful gnashers! – FAKE
____ Rescue Team – WARF
_____ ; Enter the Chia; Whaa! – BRUCECHIA
_____ 4000; Makes your pet a slippery target – GRUNDOX
_____ -A-Victim – PHONE
_____ B; Cheater – BRUCEY
_____ Battle 2000; Space Arena Battledome League – GRUNDO
_____ Battle 4000; Battledome League – BUZZ
_____ Bingo – CHIA
_____ Blaster – GOO
_____ Blue Pencil; Not very sharp – DULL
_____ Boomerang; if used too much it will shatter – CRYSTAL
_____ Buzz; star of Jelly Processing Plant – FOREMAN
_____ cabbage; fresh from the patch – GREEN
_____ Canyon; Guild Neighbourhood – CORAL
_____ Castle; Stay there for 100 NP’s a night – FAERIE
_____ Catacombs – ANCIENT
_____ Catcher; finished second in Sacrificers – TIGER
_____ Catcher; Lodger – TIGER
_____ Chicken; Tangy poultry dish makes pets happy – ORANGE
_____ Chocomato-Regular – WILD
_____ Chute; starchy Mystery Island treat – PANGO
_____ Classics; Book – KOUGRA
_____ Collar; the ultimate gift for gothic pets. – STUDDED
_____ cream cookie – NEGG
_____ Croissant – BREAKFAST
_____ Dagger; mined from depths of the Ice Caves – ICE
_____ Doll – BABY
_____ Dread – DOM
_____ Elixir heals your pet 15 hit points – PUCE
_____ Extra; Stone Dome Battledome League – EYRIE
_____ Eyeballs – PICKLED
_____ fever paint brush – DISCO
_____ Flowers Easter Negg; features floral design – SPRING
_____ Gauntlet; Formidable weapon – GRARRL
_____ Gladiators; Battledome League – GRARRL
_____ Grenade; crack your foes up, then get away – LAUGH
_____ Gummy Rat – ALMOST
_____ Headquarters – GUILD
_____ Heart Seal – LION
_____ Ice Cream; Gross – MUSTARD
_____ in a box – TENT
_____ Indiana; Video – EYRIE
_____ Jacket Potato; just the thing for a cold day – BUTTERED
_____ Jelly Beans; good for energy before a battle – ERGYFRUIT
_____ Jubalee; desert or meal? You decide – CHERRIES
_____ Little; Video – SCORCH
_____ Lupe League; Battledome League – LONE
_____ Lupes; Book – LOYAL
_____ Meatballs; vegetarian treat goes w/ pasta – MEATLESS
_____ Milk – LOWFAT
_____ Mints; so strong, you might lose a tooth – ZOBA
_____ Mousse; Hair care – MOOSE
_____ muncher; this is one greedy little plant – NEGG
_____ Murdoch; founder of Lupe Consolidated – LUPERT
_____ NeoCrunch – COCO
_____ Nimmos XII; Island Arena Battledome League – MYSTICAL
_____ O Lara; Ski Lodge star of “My Fair Poogle” – SCARLET
_____ of Eyeballs – JAR
_____ of Flamebolt – WAND
_____ of Ham – JOINT
_____ of Korbat; too leathery for some tastes – WING
_____ of the Air Faerie – CIRCLET
_____ of the day – SPONSOR
_____ orb – GENIE
_____ Pack; contain 3 or more Trading Cards – BOOSTER
_____ pack; Fires a beam of darkness – BAT
_____ Pango; Retrieved a Volcano Crystal – TSHIMBA
_____ Pie; complete with roots and all! – DIRT
_____ Pop – FISH
_____ pop; frozen treat – CHIA
_____ pop; gross! – FISH
_____ Pot Pie – MEATY
_____ Racers – POOGLE
_____ Roll; Wrap that chicken in a flapjack – CHICKEN
_____ Sausage – VEGGIE
_____ Scorcheski; Ski Lodger – DAVE
_____ Seed; mean plant keeps bugs under control – BAD
_____ shield; very effective against fire weapons – ICE
_____ Shrimp; a real treat for seafood connosieurs – MINTY
_____ slushie; includes gooseberries & ganboplant – HOLIDAY
_____ Snotball – CRUNCHY
_____ Solitaire – POOGLE
_____ Spotlight – PET
_____ Starfish; baby Kois love this Aquatic Food – LIME
_____ Supplement – IRON
_____ surprise – PIZAPPLE
_____ tea (very relaxing) – MINT
_____ Techo Claw – SUNDRIED
_____ Teeth – FAKE
_____ Teeth; frightful gnashers will terrify foes – FAKE
_____ Times – NEOPIAN
_____ Towers; the NeoLodge’s cheapest hotel – COCKROACH
_____ Tree; these are a common sight in Neopia – SANDWICH
_____ Usul Battledome League is in the Stone Dome – UBER
_____ Veggie; double-fisted Vegan delight – TWICE
_____ Veggie; double-fisted Vegan delight – TWIN
_____ visor – SEEK
_____ Weeder; Pull those pesky weeds – HAND
_____ Widow – BLACK
_____ wish stick – CHERRY
________ Pool – RAINBOW
________ Racers – POOGLE
_______of Hot Borovan – CUP
_____-Force 5000; Reinforced steel helmet – PROTO
_____ing for Beginners – GROWL
____-o-matic – DUBLOON
___-A-Lots; cured by gloves? – SHOCK
___ing for Beginners – GROWL
___obo Potion – TAG
___squash; everyone’s favourite! – TIGER
___stacat; Rare desert Petpet – CRY
___-X; omelette supervisor – SABRE
“I don’t think I’m hungry anymore…â€? – BLOATED
100% natural fruit – ORGANIC
24-karat paintbrush – GOLD
40th NeoPet – MEERCA
6-sided escape – DICE
8 legs of spookiness – SPYDER
99 Acara Hair ___; – TIPS
A “Peanutty” Slush – CHARLIE
A bag of these means infinite healing – UBIKIBERRY
A -ball game set in Virtupets – FRUM
A big rasher of _____ bacon – DANISH
A brave young Bori. – ARMIN
A clammy surprise for your NeoPet! – CLAMCHOPS
A deck of these is great for passing time – CARDS
A depressed mushroom that nobody likes – UGLY
A favourite activity of Flotsams and Peophins! – DIVE
A flavor of Achyfi Cola – ELDERBERRY
A frozen drink – SLUSHIE
A great place to put your precious keepsakes – JEWELRYBOX
A great tool for planting bulbs – AWL
A haiku is – POEM
A haiku is one – POEM
A hot Mote – LAVA
A hot plant – FIREBUSH
A little devil for your pet – REDTAIL
A long way to go to get into a fight! – SPACEARENA
A Lupe’s favourite meal! – CHIA
A Medicinal Mud Bath cures this disease – LUMPS
A most regal paint brush – ROYAL
A mysterious and succulent fruit – SCABU
A mysterious Valentine’s ____ – CARD
A Mystery Island squash delicacy – TIGER
A Neopian delicacy – NEGG
A night in this NeoLodge Hotel costs 500 NPs – ASTROVILLA
A pair of these hang in the Lodge’s Master Bedroom – SPEARS
A pinching robot PetPet – PINCERON
A rest easy gift for your pet – PILLOW
A special token – NEOCOIN
A sweet and meaty sandwich – BUNWICH
A very giving tree – MONEYTREE
Acara Battledome Ability – TUMBLE
Acara in the Gallery of Evil – VIRA
Acara sorcereress in NQ2 – MIPSY
Accidentally sold the Transmogrification Potions – KAUVARA
Added to your Neopian Bank Account each day – INTEREST
Addictive Neoboard feature – AVATAR
Adee is one, and so is Florg… sort of – CHIA
Advice giving cookie – FORTUNE
Afraid of the dark? Read this book – LIGHTOFDAY
After this book, you won’t need a night light – INTHEDARK
Air ability that allows you to move faster – HASTE
Air Ability; Allows you to take to the skies – FLIGHT
Air Faerie’s book – BREATHE
Aisha Battledome Ability – POUNCE
Aisha Battledome League located in Space Arena – ACROBATS
aka Donna – POPTART
Al-, Kor-, or Bar- – BAT
Alien Aisha Vending Machines only take _____. – NERKMIDS
All the fashion tips you need in this book – NEOFASHION
All your Neopet _____ belong to us – ARE
All your pets are belong to this shopkeeper – CATS
Alter your pet with one of these potions – MORPHING
Always well-dressed because of its bow! – BRUCE
An “Eggy” Underwater delicacy – YOLKBEANS
An activity to do in Old Maraqua – FISHING
An apple, meatballs, and cheese… yum! – PIZAPPLE
An earth faerie quest can make your Neopet ___ – BLOATED
An Italian apple treat – PIZAPPLE
An uplifting mushroom – LEVELUP
An “uplifting” random event – LEVELUP
Anagram master – ELIVTHADE
Ant _____ Ham – EATEN
Apple _____ Pop – CHIA
Aquatic creatures need special care; Book – CAREOFKOI
Aquatic Pet capable of juggling 28 balls at a time – LEGS
Aquatic PetPet with wisdom galore – SLUGGO
Aquatic Petpet; doubles as a beachball! – BUBBLES
Aquatic PetPet; receives radio transmissions – AUNTIE
Archery savvy Korbat – ASPHODELIA
At 20 NP a night, this place lives up to its name – CHEAPHOTEL
At 5 NP a day NeoLodge Bars serve these not drinks – BURGERS
Ate Fortune Cookies; now gives advice – MYSTIC
Attack of the ____. – SLORGS
Attraction of Lilac Island – ICESLIDES
Auction _____ – GENIE
Auction _____; friendly guide – GENIE
Auction Genie motto: making your wishes come _____ – TRUE
Available at the Apothecary – MUSHROOMS
Baby pig PetPet – SNORKLE
Baby Vampire PetPet; Bat_____ – BOY
Back____; for all your school needs! – PACK
Bacon, lettuce, tomato – BLT
Baked dough filled with jelly – JAMPASTRY
Baked sugar, cinnamon and dough – CHURROS
Barrier of compressed air; stops Earth attacks – INERTIA
Bash your opponent on the head with this – BASHER
Bat _____; fires beams of darkness at opponents – PACK
Battle ___ action figure – EYRIE
Battle _____; Collection of Battlecards – DECK
Battle _____; Collection of Battlecards – PACK
Battle Faerie’s trusty steed – LEGACY
Battle healing mote – NOVA
Battle Master – GRARRG
Battle___ are given out from Cheat! – CARDS
Battledome item with magic of genie trapped inside – GENIEORB
Battledome Item; neutralizes Attack Forks – BENTFORK
Battledome League location – STONEDOME
Battledome League; _____ Battle 4000 – BUZZ
Battledome League; _____ Eaters Anonymous – NEGG
Battledome League; _____ Me Plenty League – HURT
Battledome League; Battle to the _____ League – DEATH
Battledome League; Deep _____ Divers League – SEA
Battledome League; Mystery Island _____ – MARAUDERS
Beastly 10-pound melon – PLANTMELON
Belle of the ball; Ski Lodger – BUBBLES
Bellhop at The Presidential Palace – ELBRIT
Bendy Desk Lights are powered by Faerie _____ – DUST
Berry that increases pet’s health – MAGICBERRY
Better check your mailbox – NEOMAIL
Big-hearted Faerie Petpet – PIKIS
Bilge Dice opponent; Eyrie – DEADEYE
Bilge Dice opponent; Krawk – GRIMTOOTH
Bilge Dice opponent; Meerca – MONTY
Birthplace of Cupcake – KIKOLAKE
Bite down hard on this metallic pastry – MECHADONUT
Black _____ Cannon – FROST
Blame your pet’s insanity on this carrot – RAINBOW
Blast the Evil Fuzzles with this Grundo – ZYGORAX
Blinding ability – FLASH
Bloaty _____; Disease – FEET
Blueberry _____ Burger – SPAM
Blumaroo Battledome Ability – DODGE
Blumaroo Battledome Ability – PUNCH
Bo___o Plant – TAG
Bobs _____ Bonus Bingo – BIG
Bonsai ___; for your gardening pleasure! – CHIA
Book allows your pet to limber up and have fun – NIMMOSYOGA
Book of ___ – JUB
Book with only two pages; what a rip off! – EXERCISE
Book with the secret of leaving Neopian Central – TIMETRAVEL
Book; Chia Don’t _____ – CRY
Booster _____ – PACKS
Bounces on its tail – BLUMAROO
Brand of Neo Baby Food – GAGAGRUB
Breakfast _____; stuffed with neggs and bacon – CROISSANT
Bringer of ___ in the Gallery of Evil – NIGHT
Broil, fry, or bake this steak – PORKSTEAK
Bruce Battledome Ability – SLIDE
Bruce shopkeeper who’s a big opera fan – VALKYRIE
Bruce; serves under Scarblade – BENNY
Bruce’s Guide to Combat ___ – EATING
Brush with a medicinal toothbrush – NEOGITUS
Brush your pet’s teeth with this plant – BLUESTICKS
Bye-Gon _____ – JINX
Cabbage tasting plant – GLANT
Cake for all ice ages – SNOWCAKE
Calabrus the ___ Aisha – CLOUD
Can be cured with Mystical Fungus – NEOWARTS
Candies sold at the Chocolate Factory – SWEETS
Candy; flavors include Lemon, Orange & Assorted – NEODROPS
Candy; flavors include Lemon, Orange & Assorted – NEOPOPS
Cant get enough grass? Try this Pizza Block – FOURDIRT
Capable of invisibility; Love to eat Chias – FROILER
Cap’n _____ – THREELEGS
Captain ___; wicked Lupe – SCARBLADE
Carassa’s garage sale partner – MIKA
Care of _____ shows how to treat this Neopet – KOI
Carrotberry _____ – SMASH
Causes Krawk petpets to become pets – FUNGUS
CEO of Cybun Electromatics, Miss Cyberta _____ – GREEN
Chairman and CEO of Dice-A-Roo Industries PLC. – KINGROO
Change your _____ often – PASSWORD
Cheat advice giving PetPet – PINKLET
Cheat contestant, Princess _____; hates to lose – FERNYPOO
Cheat contestant; lord of the dance floor – BRANSTON
Cheat! contestant; left ear twitches while playing – KALORA
Cheating Kyrii – CAPARA
Cheating Meerca – CHUFFERBOB
Cheese and _____ Burger; cheesy, on a bun, & gross – EEL
Cheesy chips – NACHOS
Chewy meat for teething pets – MEATSTARS
Chia _____ Balls; Battledome League – BINGO
Chia _____; gives wearer strength of Tapatlakettle – BELT
Chia Battledome Ability – SMILE
Chia Battledome Ability Level 13 – GIGGLE
Chia stuck in Ice Cream Blitz – ADEE
Chia stuck in Ice Cream Factory – ADEE
Chia with an extensive collection of kilts – HIGHLAND
Chicken _____ – KIEV
Chief coconut – MUMBOPANGO
Chocolate _____; end of the tube is the best part – ICLAIR
Chocolate and tomato mixed tropical veggie – CHOKATO
Christmas-themed Petpet – WREATHY
Chuffer ___; One hungry Meerca! – BOB
Chuffer _____; Cheat contestant who loves to eat – BOB
Clear the screen of Evil Fuzzles with one of these – SMARTBOMB
Clever Zafara – SARAH
Clockwork Grundos do this after 3… 2… 1… – BOOM
Coco _____ Slush; a favorite of Myncis – WHIP
Cold drink made from baby planets – SPACESLUSH
Cold mountain diggers – BORI
Collect pieces of these for a secret location – MAP
Collectable ____; how many are in YOUR NeoDeck? – CARD
Colour of the maintenance Pteri – RED
Colour of the Money Tree Acara – YELLOW
Colour that corresponds to earth faeries – GREEN
Company founded by David Fuzio and JubJub Yang – YIPPEE
Company slogan: For our power is your power! – NAKRON
Connoseiurs love this Tyrannian cheese – GREEN
Considered a relative of the Thornberry – LEMANIAC
Contents of this jug: liquid fire – FIREJUG
Conundrum master – LENNY
Coolest boots in Neopia – WELLINGTON
Coral _____; only for use by water creatures – ORB
Cosmic _____; Space Battle shop – SHIELD
Costs 6 million NPs, but creates 3 Novas a turn – RODOFNOVA
Count ___ Roo – VON
Count his potatoes – ALTON
Cover star of How To Stay Fit – LENNY
Crazy lipstick for hippy chicks – TYEDYE
Creamy and crunchy chicken – CHICKAYO
Creates a bubble of slow time; Temporal _____ – LEAK
Crispy roast _____ neck – DUCK
crunchy snot birthday ___ – CUPCAKE
Crystal _____ Soda; less calories, better taste – ONE
Crystal _____; Will knock your teeth out – CRUNCH
Curable with Fluff-Be-Gone powder – FUZZITUS
Cure for Achy Head – MAGICGOOP
Cure for this sneezing fit is Neopkins – DACHOO
Cures D’achoo – NEOPKINS
Cures Sneezles – MAGICCOOKIE
Currency of the site – NEOPOINTS
Cursed Acara – VIRA
cute guild neighbourhood – CUTECITY
Cybunny Battledome Ability – HOP
Dancer who hypnotizes Skarl – COURT
Darigan’s Grarrl servant – GALGARRATH
Darkness Ability; lets you steal health from foes – DRAINLIFE
Deceased Lost Desert king – COLTZAN
Defeat the evil Spectre and win this game – CHEAT
Defender of Neopia; ___ Hog – JUDGE
Delicious chocolate covered strawberry – STROCHAL
Delicious mix of veggies and ice cream – DELIGHT
Delicious, tasty Swiss ___; – ROLL
Deluxe NeoLodge hotels receive this many stars – FIVE
Desert Petpet; constantly hungry! – DUA
Despite its looks this Tropical food is very tasty – HEARTATOE
Director of the Neopian Pound – MSWORLEY
Discount _____ – CARD
Discovered the first Manchu Bow – ZANNIK
Disease cured by Hot Herbal Drink – BUBBLES
Disease that makes Neopets think they’re chickens – CHICKAROO
Do this or starve! – SPELL
Doctor Sloth is 100% ___! – EVIL
Does it really matter how this ham turned red? – CRIMSON
Don’t let this Tyrannian Neopet charge! – TONU
Donny will repair it – TOY
Donny will repair it if it’s broken! – TOY
Don’t feed it carrots – FLOUD
Dont like pizza in slices? Get it in this shape – BLOCK
Don’t spare any expense when you dress up your pet – BOWTIE
Don’t touch this Neopet’s hair – KYRII
Donut looking and tasting tropical fruit – DONUFRUIT
Double your fun with a _____ Salad – TWIN
Dr. Sloth’s _____ Ray – MUTATION
Draw stars and triangles with a Stencil _____ – SET
Dried lotus root ___ – SWEETS
Dubloon-O-___ – MATIC
Duck that wails like a hyena – MALLARD
Early loser in Sacrificers; Styrofoam _____ – BOB
Earth Ability; creates food – GREATFEAST
Earth Ability; toughens pet, makes ’em hard to hit – TOUGHSKIN
Earthen _____ Stone – DRAGON
Earthen _____stone – SCORCH
‘Eata loafa _____ day’ – BREADA
Eau De _____ is a popular brand of Perfume – NEO
Eighth month of the Neopian calendar – HIDING
Electric _____ Monkey; Lodge murderer’s 1st victim – BLUE
Elephante Battledome Ability (Level 15) – TRUMPET
Elephante wizard from NQ2 – ZOMBOM
Elephante-Be-_____; Omelette Defender weapon – GONE
Endless _____ – PLAINS
Entered the Snowager’s cavern – KEBLIN
Especially crucial in a Jetsam’s diet – KOI
Evil Chia warlord, Hubrid _____ – NOX
Evil colour thief – THEDRO
Evil fish – JETSAM
Evil scroll – DARK
Expensive mushroom shop – APOTHECARY
Extra powerful Faeries – UBER
Eyrie Battledome Ability – DIVE
Eyrie Battledome Ability – SCRATCH
Eyrie rainbow ___ – FLASH
Faerie ___; created from less powerful artifacts – SLINGSHOT
Faerie ___; get rid of all of them! – BUBBLES
Faerie _____ – CITY
Faerie _____; can do incredible explosive damage – ACORNS
Faerie _____; created from less powerful artifacts – SLINGSHOT
Faerie Catcher – BALTHAZAR
Faerie Clothing _____ – LTD
Faerie Kougra ___; holds hot coffee! – MUG
Faerie Pet from the deserts of Southern Neopia – MIAMOUSE
Faerie PetPet; abandoned by older brothers – CIRRUS
Faerie PetPet; Rhymes with clouds – FLOUDS
Faerie queen. – FYORA
Faerie Queen’s memoir – ANEWDAY
Faerie that feeds the hungry – SOUP
Faerie who helped defeat Dr. Sloth – SPACE
Faerie who rewards hygiene – TOOTH
Faerieland floats on a _____ above Neopia – CLOUD
Faerieland Game; Wheel of _____ – EXCITEMENT
Faerieland Purple _____ Battledome League – CLOUD
Faerieland, it’s up in the _____ – CLOUDS
Faeries are most generous in this month – GATHERING
Famous evil Blumaroo – GAROO
Famous hero Lupe of Meridell – JERAN
Famous student of the techo master – RYSHU
Fashion-challenged Kau with her own Battledeck – KALORA
Feed a Kadoatie here! – KADOATERY
Feeding these pets might help them win the race – POOGLES
Feeds Neopia’s less fortunate pets – SOUPFAERIE
Feeed hiiim anndd he wwilll reeewwaardd yoouu – ESOPHAGOR
Fiesty Acara; Ylana ___; – SKYFIRE
Fifth victim in the Ski Lodge – CUPCAKE
Figure this Fruit out before you eat it – PUZZLE
Fill your cabinet with them! – TROPHY
Filled with sage and onion stuffing. Yuk! – FROG
Find all things Usuki on this list – SPOILER
Find one in Cute City, Symphony Shire, or Maraqua – GUILD
Find something for one of the Faeries – QUEST
Fire _____ Volcano – FAERIE
Fire, Fire, Your _____ On Fire Paintbrush – PANTS
Fires stream of sticky web at opponent – WEBCLAW
First month of the Neopian calendar – SLEEPING
Fish lay these in Maraqua – FISHEGGS
Fish on a stick – FISHPOP
Fishy snack; low in calories, high in protein – NIBBLES
Flame Ability; Hypnotises opponents – FIERYGAZE
Flame Ability; works well against water creatures – BOIL
Flaming _____ Corndog; coated in super spicy sauce – HOT
Flaming Hot food; served in a bread bowl – CHILLYBOWL
Fleapit Motel; NP per night – TEN
Floating Petpet; shows emotion on chest – PIKIS
Flower given away on St. David’s Day – DAFFODILS
Fluff Be ___ – GONE
Fluffy Faerie Petpet; don\’t feed it carrots! FLOUD
Flying Tyrannian Petpet – AIRAX
For 5 NP a day the NeoLodge will provide one – SAUNA
Found Cookie’s body – DRSETHOR
Fourth month of the Neopian calendar – EATING
Frequently asked questions answered; Neopian Times – EDITORIAL
Fresh _____ Pie – GRASS
Frisky Desert Petpet with strange head markings – DUA
Frost Bite _____; features rock hard icy coating – EGG
Frozen hand – ICYGLOVE
Fruit eaten by young Kougras – FUNDUS
Fruit eaten by young Kougras – JUPPIE
Fruit found on the outskirts of the rainforest – KABUGGLES
Fruity Kor___s – BITE
Full of calcium for strong bones – MILK
Full of vitamins and a delicious drink – APPLEJUICE
Furry footed Neopet that loves to roll! – JUBJUB
Fuzzy little green Petpet – METURF
Fyora’s ___ Tower – HIDDEN
Gadgadsbogen means, literally, “good good _____” – DAY
Galactic defender; takes rechargeable batteries – COMBOBOT
Gallery of _____ – EVIL
Game: ___ 21 – SCARAB
Game: ___ Escape – DICE
Game: ___ Florg – FEED
Game: ___ from Meridell Castle – ESCAPE
Game: ___ of Maraqua – RAIDERS
Game: ___ of the Marblemen – ATTACK
Game: ___ of the Revenge – ATTACK
Game: ___ of Vernax – WEB
Game: ___ Poker – WORD
Game: ___ Rock Rampage – MOON
Game: ___ Runner – RINK
Game: ___-A-Sloth – SPLAT
Game: Dubloon ___ – DISASTER
Game: Gourmet ___ Bowls – CLUB
Game: Grand Theft ___; – UMMAGINE
Game: Hubrid’s ___ Heist – HERO
Game: Igloo Garage ___ – SALE
Game: Meerca ___ II – CHASE
Game: Mootix ___; – DROP
Game: Neverending ___ Battle – BOSS
Game: Tyrannian ___ Golf – MINI
Game; Earth Faerie _____ – ACES
Game; Kiko _____ – MATCH
Game; Techo _____ – SAYS
Games: -swabber and -ball – DECK
Garden _____; great for getting at pesky weeds – HOE
Garin’s childhood friend – JACQUES
Garon’s other Caves – FAERIE
Gelert Battledome Ability – BARK
Gelert Battledome move – FLASH
Gelert second-generation Battledome move – FLASH
Genie ___ – ORB
Get icky little bugs or opponents with this! – SWATTER
Get one to clean your hotel room for 5 NP a night – MAID
Get out of their way in Omelette Defender – TONU
Giant sea snail with an edible interior – ESCARGOT
Gift from the Space Faerie; Space Defence – BANDOLARO
Give your pet wings with this paintbrush – FAERIE
Given out for High Score – TROPHY
Glamorous Shopkeeper – GLAMCHIA
Glamorous Ski Lodger – JASMINE
Go to Grarrl Keno to hear one! – ROAR
Go to other worlds – EXPLORE
God of Mystery Island; _____ Pango – PANGO
Goes great in a sandwich with cheese – PURPLUM
Going on vacation? Send your pet here – NEOLODGE
Gorm-, Frum-, Zurro-, Meri-, or Deck- – BALL
Got ___? Try some eggs! – CHICKAROO
Got this disease? Get some jelly pills! – NEOFLU
Graceful swimmer; Venuquin species – PEOPHIN
Grand Elder – KYRUGGI
Grants temporary invisibility & protects from fire – BUBBLEMOTE
Grarrl Battledome Ability – ROAR
Grarrl Battledome Ability (Level 13) – SWING
Grarrl; infamous thief – GALEM
Greater ______ of the Fire Faerie – ORB
Green _____ Eraser, only erases green pencil – FAERIE
Green with an outer shadow – GLOWING
Green-coloured paintbrush – GLOWING
Grinch Theater says that this returns on May 11th – THEMUMMY
Gross food… unless you like clam juice – CLAMADE
Grow ten times in size – SUPERSIZE
Grumble Be ___ – GONE
Grundo _____; cash in Rare Item Codes here – WAREHOUSE
Grundo _____; Spooky food – STIX
Grundo Battledome Ability – BLAST
Grundo’s _____; Pump-Up – GYM
Guess the Weight of the ___ – MARROW
Guild neighbourhood; Kiko _____ – LAKE
Guild Neighbourhood; Sloth’s _____ – LAIR
Half dog, half…erm, something else – WARF
Half lobster half anchor – ANCHORFISH
Handmade by Mystery Island artisans – CLAYPOT
Happiness ____; what IS it?! – FAERIE
Happy acres – MERI
Hard-shelled Neopet with antennae – RUKI
Hard-shelled Neopets; Happy Valley residents – BORI
Has a bandage on its forehead – KIKO
Has a pottery shop in the Lost Desert – OSIRI
Has four ears and wears a bell – AISHA
Has four ears and wears a collar – AISHA
Has one eye like the Cyodrake – MEOWCLOPS
Haunted Fairground; Coconut ___ – SHY
Have your say here – SOAPBOX
Heal while you damage your opponent with this mote – SUPERNOVA
Heavy ___ cheese; not great for rolling – BARK
Help her escape the ice cream! – ADEE
Helps Kauvara make her potions – ALLITA
Herder and Potato Counter – EXTREME
Hero of Omelette Defender game – SHUGGU
Hero of the Ice Caves game – GARON
Hey, someone took a ___ out of my apple! – BITE
Hibernating Usuls uses leave from this bush – FURRN
Highland Chia _____ Hammer; foes will run in fear – WAR
Highland Chia _____ Shield; colourful and sturdy – BATTLE
His picture is hanging in the Ski Lodge Hall – DRSLOTH
Ho Ho Ho! Celebrate holidays with this paintbrush – CHRISTMAS
Holiday occurring on the 14th Day of Swimming – WATERGALA
Home of the Kikos – LAKE
Home of The Missing Chia – ICECAVES
Home of the Scratch Card Kiosk – ICECAVES
Home of the Wishing Well; Neopian _____ – BAZAAR
Horned pet that got a makeover – ACARA
Horned pet; great swimmer! – ACARA
Host of Around the World in Style; _____ Atchley – FERRIN
Host of Better Than You – KYRII
Hot ___; tastes like a super spicy carrot – SKRAZZZLE
Huberts super spicy line of foods – FLAMINGHOT
Hubrid ___ – NOX
Hubrid’s puzzle _____; what IS in there? – BOX
Hug happy PetPet – HUGGY
Hula dancing Blumaroo – HULAROO
Hunts Chias; Species – LUPE
Ice Arena Battledome League; for risk takers – GAMBLERS
Ick! There’s a sheep in my caramel – CARAWOOL
Ideal for making frozen julienne fries – ICESWORD
If you play with a toy too much, it might _____ – BREAK
If your pet becomes angry, they may turn this! – RED
Illusen’s cream ___; – COOKIE
Illustrated section in the Neopian Times – COMICS
Imitation Usukis; a little off – QUIGUKI
In Evil Fuzzles, its 1st upgrade is 35 VirtuCreds – MEGAGUN
In the clouds – FAERIELAND
In the Mynci Contest, number _____ was just a joke – SIX
Infamous Kougra commander – GORMOS
Infinite collection of magical cards – BATTLEDECK
Island Faerie – JHUIDAH
Island Faeries love this Porkwich – BBQ
Island of Blumaroos – ROO
It costs 40NP a night to stay at this Inn – YEOLDESHIP
Item that helped Asphodelia the Korbat beat Thuggo – ARCHERYSET
Items in your shop – STOCK
Its “superâ€? version is even stronger! – ICESWORD
Its flaming tongue has a reach of over 20ft – LAVAGHOUL
Its Halloween form is the Tax Beast – YURBLE
Jelly ___ Plant – PROCESSING
Jelly ___; it just OOZES trouble! – CHIA
Jelly _____; great for visitors; fits in a shoebox – BED
Jetsam Battledome Ability – SPLASH
Jewelled Peophin _____ Mask – FACE
Jhudora’s Crystal _____; shows opponent’s weapons – BALL
Jimmi’s orange friend – WOOGY
Job _____; Ticket to the Employment Agency – COUPON
JubJub _____ League; Space Arena Battledome League – JUGGLING
JubJub Battledome ability – ROLL
Juggling AuqaPet – LEGS
Juppie smuggling Wocky – MULVINN
Just as happy on land as in water – KIKO
Kacheek Battledome Ability – ROLL
Kacheek Battledome Ability – SNEAK
Kacheeks always have one on their face – SMILE
Kalora and Kauvara’s species – KAU
Kalora’s species – KAU
Kau _____ – KORRALL
Kau Battledome Ability – KICK
Kauvara mixes up the best – POTIONS
Kauvara’s sister – ALLITA
Kauvara’s species – KAU
Keep cool and be cool with this Utility Fish – FANFISH
Keep the sun out of your pet’s eyes – STRAWHAT
Keep this stinky snow in the jar – DIRTYSNOW
Kiko second-generation Battledome move – STARE
Kind of like a rocket, but not! – SHOCKET
King _____ the Wise.] – HAGAN
King of all Doughnuts – FROSTED
Kiss one and see what happens… – MORTOG
Kiss the _____. – MORTOG
Knows a lot of bedtime stories about faeries – EPPA
Knows where all the shops are – SHOPWIZARD
Koala looking Faerie PetPet – HARRIS
Koi Battledome Ability – DIVE
Koi Battledome Ability (Level 15) – SPLASH
Krawk from Dubloon Disaster – DORAK
Kreludan books also called this – BOOKTASTIC
Kyrii Battledome Ability – GROWL
Kyrii Battledome Ability (level 10 or higher) – TACKLE
Ladies love this Cheat contestant, Agent 00 _____ – HOG
Large Toe _____ With Grundo Pinky Toe – LINT
Launch these to blast Grarrls in Omelette Defender – NEGG
League of Peril is located in this arena – ICE
Least expensive RoboPet – DIDDLER
Lenny Battledome Ability – PECK
Lenny Battledome Ability; makes them hard to see – FADE
Level 10 JubJub Battledome Ability – SCREAM
Level 10 Kougra Battledome Ability – GROWL
Level 10 Mynci Battledome move – SWING
Level 12 Scorchio Battledome Ability – FLAP
Level Ten Buzz Battledome Ability – DIVE
Light Ability; _____ Blast – PSYCHIC
Light Ability; bright beam that helps defeat evil – SUNRAY
Light Ability; brings your pet back to full health – RESTORE
Lightning _____; Lightweight – GUN
Like a muffin, but better! – CUPCAKE
Limited edition Meridell Neopet – DRAIK
Lion PetPet – NOIL
Lisha’s older brother – JERAN
Lisha’s species – AISHA
Little _____; young & inexperienced Cheat player – TIMMY
Little Nipper; what a nose! – SNARHOOK
Little Turmaculus; loves berries! – TURMAC
Lives beneath the Haunted Woods – ESOPHAGOR
Location of Spooky Forest XII Battledome League – STONEDOME
Lodger Bye-Gon Jinx was key figure of these wars – GRUNDO
Lodger Mister Pickles’ failed book; _____ Masters – MORE
Lodger Wolverine received this secret training – MILITARY
Look out for his squirting flower – CHIACLOWN
Looks like a frog but spits fire – FROGAROTT
Lost City of _____.] – GERAPTIKU
Lost Desert Neopet; sharp pincers! – RUKI
Love Beach Volleyball – MYNCIS
Lovely border for garden pathways – BLOSSOM
Loves Bedtime Stories about Faeries – KORA
Loyal _____; Book – LUPES
Lucky _____ – DIE
Lucky guy found a lucky coin – BRUCEYB
Lupe Battledome Ability (Level 15) – LUNGE
Made fresh from the Breadmaster’s finest dough – BAGUETTE
Made purely from the berries on Krawk Island – KRAWKADE
Magic creature known for extra sharp teeth – LUPURUS
Magic teeth and jaw come from his mouth – LUPURUS
Magical beings; Illusen, Jhudora, or Fyora – FAERIE
Magical mote that heals while damaging your foes – NOVA
Magical print for magical furniture! – NOVA
Make someone’s day with a Neo_____ – GREETING
Make your pet glow with Neopia’s brand of make-up – NEOGLO
Makes ugly pets pretty – GOLDMIRROR
Makes you cry when you cut it – ONION
Mallowicious _____ – BAR
Maraquan Aisha; banished! – CAYLIS
Maraquan Aisha; has special dreams – ISCA
Maraquan Petpet; blue and orange – DARTAIL
Maraqua’s lettuce – KELP
Martial arts video classic; Karate _____ – JUB
Martin Millicent; Ski Lodger – MONSTERBOY
Mastermind behind Dice Escape – RUKI
Maximum number of Neopets you can have – FOUR
Meat _____ Pizza Block; a carnivore’s dream! – FEAST
Meatless _____ – MEATBALLS
Meaty chunks with sweat a sauce; Oink – BBQPORK
Meerca Battledome Ability – BOUNCE
Meerca Battledome Ability – ZOOM
Meerca Chase II (or ___) – TWO
Mega Power _____; will do your pet a world of good – PLUSSHROOM
Meri ___ Farm – ACRES
Meridell Neopet; hatched from eggs – DRAIK
Meridell Neopet; loves to graze – IXI
Meridell rubbish ___ – DUMP
Metallic doughnut treat – MECHADONUT
Meuka’s true colour; gross! – SNOT
Mister _____; critics say he’s all washed up – SHANKLY
Mister _____; Has a tiger squash habit – PICKLES
‘Mistress of the Double-Cross’ – MASILA
Moehog ___ – SKULL
Moehog Battledome Ability – RAM
MonsterBoy’s hobbies include building one of these – EVILEMPIRE
Most important day in the Haunted Woods – HALLOWEEN
Most powerful Battlecard – GOLD
Most powerful items kept in this tower – HIDDEN
Motherly Poogle with tons of stories! – EPPA
Mouldy style of furniture – FUNGUS
Much grosser than a hot dog – GRUBWICH
Mulvinn’s associate; nicknamed The Lip – JOJO
Mulvinn’s old friend from reform school – JOJOTHELIP
Mushrooms with more power than you can imagine! – FAERIE
Mushy pea gourmet dish – PEABURGER
Mutated _____; held in Ski Lodge’s Underground Lab – KACHEEK
My _____ Scorchio; perfect for reading by the fire – SWEET
Mynci Number _____ got the least number of votes – TWO
Mynci who runs Test Your Strength – ARNOLD
Mynci; Tyrannian Reconnaissance – MYNCHA
Mysterious combo snack – BOMATOGE
Mystery _____ Competition; rewards 1st 500 winners – PICTURE
Mystery Island fruit; Myncies love them! – ZEENANA
Need one to train on Mystery Island – CODESTONE
Negg known for it’s rotten Battledome tricks – EVIL
Negg; Costs 64 tokens at the Neggery – CACKLING
Neil ________. Stock market Kau – KAUVATO
Neo_____; Neopian equivalent of catnip – CRITTER
NeoCola’s competitor – ACHYFI
Neodaq _____ – INDEX
Neodaq ticker symbol for The Auction Genie – TAG
Neonip _____; sure to please your pet – CRITTER
Neopedia claims The Stuff _____ in size each day – DOUBLES
Neopedia: The ___ Raider – YURBLE
NeoPet companion – PETPET
Neopet on the cover of Don’t Call Me Cute – UNI
Neopet with extra-swirly ears – YURBLE
Neopet; cute when happy, scary when mad – POOGLE
Neopet; Flotsams, BEWARE! – JETSAM
Neopet; gigantic tails and enormous ears! – USUL
Neopet; Mystery Island’s fiercest growler – KOUGRA
NeoPets _____; all the latest in Neopian merchandise – STUFF
NeoPets screensaver that tells you all about pets – PROFILES
Neopets; two pincers, four legs – RUKI
Neopia’s favourite blue and brown vegetable! – CHOKATO
Neopian _____ is currently 2.35% – INFLATION
Neopian cultivators have this many prongs – FOUR
Neopian Times version of the funny papers – COMICS
Neopian Treasure _____ – HUNT
Neopia’s creature of the night – KORBAT
Neopia’s Favorite Dice Game; Dice-A-_____ – ROO
Neopia’s only stock exchange – NEODAQ
Neopia’s only TV network is on this channel – ONE
Neopia’s top ranked Gormball player – THYASSA
Neowaiian _____ – BREAD
Never feed these Petpets carrots! – FLOUDS
Never lose your keys again with this vine – RING
New robot Acara book – WHIRR
New Year ___ Dragon – YURBLE
Nigel the Chia’s sports car is this color – RED
Nimmo _____; Video – YOGA
Nimmo battle ___; learn about great Nimmo warriors – CRY
Nimmo Battledome ability – LEAP
Nimmo Battledome Ability – LEVITATE
None of her pets EVER misbehave – MAVARA
Not a very tasty Toadstool – PINK
Not your average sub sandwich – SUPERSUB
Notorious for stealing cinnamon buns – YURBLE
Number ___ plushie – SIX
Number ___; avatar by having identical NP – SIX
Number after five and before seven – SIX
Number of Chairs in the Ski Lodge Library – TWO
Number of Dice-A-Roo dice – FIVE
Number of eyes on a Meowclops – ONE
Number of Poogles racing – FIVE
Number of real Faerie Queens – ONE
Number of Uber-Faeries – SIX
Numbers needed for the Neopian Lottery – SIX
Official headgear of Wocky Fan Club is this color – YELLOW
Oink! It’s a Pork _____ – SNOUT
One a day keeps the doctor away – APPLE
One horn for a unique look – UNI
One of Neopia’s famous wheels – EXCITEMENT
One stamp for each of his heads! – LUPURUS
One-eyed Meridell Petpet – CYODRAKE
Only a Jubjub is immune to one of these – MONOCEROUS
Opponent in Deckball – MIRGLE
Orange spaghetti – ORANGETTI
Organized the theft of Coltzan’s crown – MALKUSVILE
Outbreak of ____ Scratchies occurred at Money Tree – ITCHY
Owner of The Presidential Palace – PJGRUNDONN
Owner of the Stamp Kiosk – CHIA
Packed with nutrients to make plants big & strong – FERTILIZER
Paint brush; the weathered look – CLOUD
Paint brush; yellow with black dots – SPOTTED
Paint your Petpet here – PUDDLE
Paintbrush that turns pet into a blue outline – SKETCH
Paintbrush that turns Petpets into nuts & bolts – ROBOT
Paintbrush; The weathered look – CLOUD
Paintbrush; turn your pet into a statue – STONE
Pair of these in Cupcake’s crime scene – GLASSES
Passport to different lands – TOTEM
Pastoral Guild neighborhood; ideal for grazing – UNIMEADOWS
Pelt a few snow beasts in this game – SNOWTHROW
Peophin Battledome Ability – TRAMPLE
Perfect for first time gardeners – ROCKTREE
Pet _____; showcases Neopia’s finest pets – SPOTLIGHT
Pet can’t eat anymore – BLOATED
Pet on the cover of Don’t Call Me Cute – UNI
Pet that ‘Korralls the Kaus’ – GELERT
PetPet doubles in size by storing food in cheeks – BLOOPY
PetPet featured in Bullseye! Game – BUZZER
PetPet known for brown circle around its right eye – WARF
PetPet that likes to pull tails and bite ears – TIGERMOUSE
PetPet with a magical third eye – TRIFFIN
PetPet with sticky tongue – CARMA
PetPet with toolkit in its head – SCREWTOP
Petpet; ___papith – WOOLY
Petpet; always wrapped up in itself – KHONSU
PetPet; Evil Korbats transformed – BARBAT
Petpet; fan of Blue Draik Eggs – KADOATIE
Petpet; ___ Bug – GRACKLE
PetPet; Knows when the Pant Devil is around – WHOOT
Petpet; not quite the brightest – SPARDEL
Petpet; rival of the Feepit – MEEPIT
Petpet; rival of the Meepit – FEEPIT
Petpets flock here to get a new coat – PUDDLE
Pets love to play with these bells for hours. – JINGLY
Phone-A-_____ – VICTIM
Pick up a cute faerie doll in this shop – TOY
Pirate Petpet; Bl___is – ORB
Pities the fool that doesn’t visit his shop – MRC
Pizza block with multiple dirt layers – FOUR
Pizza Block with spinach, carrots, and rice – VEGETARIAN
Place to store your trading cards – NEODECK
Place where murdered Ski Lodger Bubbles was found – DININGROOM
Plant tastes like cabbage – GLANT
Plastic moustache; Hairy _____ – TASH
Platinum _____ Bow – TECH
Play as Lisha, Jeran, and more – MERIBALL
Players needed for Earth Faerie Aces – TWO
Plushie ___; are you one? – TYCOON
Poisonous weapon used by thieves and assassins – DART
Polarchuck who loves that snow! – DIETER
Poogle Battledome Ability – BITE
Poogle Battledome Ability – ROLL
Pool ball + ink = this Spooky Petpet! – BLOOP
Pool ball and spot of ink. Spooky! – BLOOP
Pop___; Cooking Pot Petpet – BLEW
Popular Neopian soft drink, Neo_____ – COLA
Popular puppy-like Petpet – WARF
Popular video: ‘The Thingi From _____’ – MAJINGI
Popular video; _____ Don’t Cry – CHIA
Potion of an evil genie of darkness – NANKA
Powerful magic item; comes in staff or rod form – NOVA
Power-hungry Eyrie – KASS
Prepare for battle with Highland Chias War _____ – PAINT
Prickly bush smells of aniseed; attracts animals – PLURBY
Proved himself as a true Poogle Racer – MOOGI
Pucker up with this sour treat – SOURMELON
Pudding made with suet and raisins – SPOTTED
Pumpkin _____; Favourite food of ghouls and demons – SLICE
Punchbag; quite fun to knock around! – BOB
Puppy______ – BLEW
Purple Lost Desert fruit – UMMAGINE
Puts its arms around anyone it sees; PetPet – HUGGY
Pyramid-shaped Petpet – GEB
Quenches both your hunger and thirst – WATERDOG
Quiggle Battledome Ability – SPLASH
Quiggle Battledome Ability – STOMP
Quiggle item that cuts through the toughest paper – SCISSORS
Quiggles love to do this in the water – SPLASH
Quite the experienced Keno player – GRARRL
Random event; why’s that Jubjub shaking? – LEVELUP
Rare ingredient of Kauvara’s potion – ARBITER
Rarity of the Stone Hour Glass – ARTIFACT
Raw fish – SUSHI
Read anything and everything about NeoPets – NEOPEDIA
Real Cheese _____ made almost entirely from cheese – CHEESECAKE
Rejected carrot – FUNKY
Repair ___; constanly restores hull integrity – DROID
Repairs toys – DONNY
Repeat this twice and it makes a Neopet! – JUB
Rescued Chiazilla from sharks – BIGBETTY
Rhymes with tub; a Neopian syllable! – JUB
Rich Ski Lodger who has a lot of bachelors waiting – SWEETS
Rigged game; those poor Mootix! – BAGATELLE
RoboPet rolls around with a smile on his interface – WHEELIE
Rookie Juppie Smuggler – AWLEY
Room where Cookie was found murdered – KITCHEN
Royal ___ Quiggle plushie – BOY
Ruled by King Roo – ROOISLAND
Ruler thats liable to cover your paper in slime – SLOTH
Runs the Shop of Mystery. – TARLA
Runs Ultimate Bullseye – TURTUM
Ryshu of the Training School likes these poems – HAIKU
Ryshu the Nimmo’s classmate – SEVARIN
Sacrificer Contestant; fell down waterfall; #_____ – SIX
Sacrificers Contestant; Bye-_____ Jinx – GON
Safety Deposit ___ for all your treasures! – BOX
Safety Deposit _____ – BOX
Satisfy your pet’s sweet tooth with this gift – CHOCOLATES
Scary _____; set free when his box broke – JACK
Scary Paintbrush – HALLOWEEN
Scrambled Eggs _____; sumptuous feast is eggstatic – ALAKING
Screensaver: Peophin ___ – DIVE
Scrollery shopkeeper species – ACARA
Sections of the Neopian Times – SIX
Self-appointed ruler of cheat – SPECTRE
Sells freaky PetPets – DRPETROV
Served on a bed of wild rice with chervil – DUCKPATE
Shark-like Petpet – NURANNA
Shhhh, it’s a secret – SECRETLAB
Shiny Paintbrush – SILVER
Shopkeeper with great radio reception – MRPLAID
Shopkeeper; enter the chia. whaaa! – BRUCECHEE
Shoyru Battle _____; keep opponents in their place – HOOK
Shoyru Battledome Ability – AIRBLOCK
Shoyru Battledome Ability – FIRESTARE
Shoyru Grappling _____; keep opponents in their place – HOOK
Shoyru who fights off marblemen – BARRY
Shy Neopet; known for its fluffy tail – KACHEEK
Sick with this? Get tissues and a cookie! – SNEEZLES
Sinsi’s species. – IXI
Sir _____; if used right his shields serve well – CHEEKALOT
Sizzling pork link – SAUSAGE
Skarl\’s wiser brother – HAGAN
Skeith Battledome Ability – SQUASH
Skeith Battledome Move – GLARE
Skeith beaten by Korbat in Neopedia – THUGGO
Skeith from Double or Nothing – SNARGAN
Ski Lodge Cellar is filled with bottles of this – WINE
Ski Lodge contestant; aka Dr. Morpheus – JIMMYJAMES
Ski Lodge Contestant; Dom _____ – DREAD
Ski Lodge Contestant; Lenny Trivia master – CUPCAKE
Ski Lodge contestant; looking for 9th husband – BLACKWIDOW
Ski Lodge contestant; Neopia’s foremost socialite – BUBBLES
Ski Lodge contestant; Reigning Gormball champ – SCORCHESKI
Ski Lodge contestant; socialite rival of Bubbles – RHIANNON
Ski Lodge contestant; The _____ Spender – BIG
Ski Lodge Killer’s sixth victim – JASMINE
Ski Lodge Murder Mystery held on this mountain – TERROR
Ski Lodge murderer’s second victim – BLACKWIDOW
Ski Lodge supermodel looking for Mr. Right – JASMINE
Ski Lodger looking to pull off a major heist – MRBLACK
Ski Lodger Maverick works this many hours a day – SIXTEEN
Ski Lodger who found Black Widow – MRPLAID
Ski Lodger who found Black Widow; sells vacuums – MRPLAID
Ski Lodger who just shot the cover of Fashion Now! – JASMINE
Ski Lodger who learned how to ski from a Uni – MRROBOTO
Ski Lodger who recently left J. Boogie – SWEETS
Ski Lodger who tried parachuting over Terror Mtn. – MONSTERBOY
Ski Lodger who works for Cybun Electromatics – JIMMYJAMES
Ski Lodger; brains of Neopian Grooming Parlours – THEBEADER
Ski Lodger; exec at Neopian Stock Exchange – MAVERICK
Ski Lodger; insane freak or brilliant mastermind? – THOR
Ski Lodger; musical genius; Mister Shankly’s rival – LAZARUS
Slick-Haired Stock Broker – NIGEL
Slimy sucker – LOLLYSNOT
Slogan: For Our Power Is Your Power – NAKRON
Slogan: We are the frame work of the world – CHIASTEEL
Sloth and Skarl both want this! – TAX
Sloth did experiments in this underground hideout – LAIR
Slushie filled with Christmas cheer – HOLIDAY
Smoothie flavor combines raspberry & watermelon – RASMELON
Smuggler hangout – COVE
Sneaky little Petpet; its name is its colour – PINKLET
Snotty fiend. – MEUKA
Snow Faerie – TAELIA
So spicy your nostrils will flare – RADISHDOG
Social _____; Book – SKILLS
Some power-ups in Frumball might shrink this… – BAT
Some prefer them on pizza; others can go without – ANCHOVIES
Something has _____!!! – HAPPENED
Something to sleep in when camping – TENT
Something weird happened to this toy; _____ Kiko – ENCHANTED
Sort of like a hot dog… but grosser – GRUBWICH
Sort of like a Negg, but quite different – EGG
Soup Kitchen is run on these from the Money Tree – DONATIONS
Souped-up Blue Healthshroom – GREEN
Space Arena Battledome League; _____ Match! – MEERCA
Space Arena Battledome League; VirtuPets _____ – ANONYMOUS
Space Petpet; horrible wailer – CHARNIE
Sparkling clam juice – CLAMADE
Special medicated tissues – NEOPKINS
Special weapon material – MARACTITE
Species from Attack of the Slorgs – YURBLE
Species of Armin the Small – BORI
Species of both Garin and Hannah – USUL
Species of Cheat!’s self-appointed leader – JETSAM
Species of Commander Gormos – KOUGRA
Species of Judge Hog – MOEHOG
Species of Kelpbeard – KOI
Species of Lord Kass and Branston – EYRIE
Species of Masila and Roberta – ACARA
Species of Matt (Sewage Surfer) – WOCKY
Species of Neopet running The Food Shop – CHIA
Species of pet runs the Ye Old Coffee Shoppe – SHOYRU
Species of pet who discovered Ancient Manchu Bows – KOUGRA
Species of the Bread Master – KACHEEK
Species of the Clothes Shop owner – UNI
Species of the Missing Link – CHIA
Species who feeds Hungry Skeith – BUZZ
Spelunking Usul – HANNAH
Spiced _____ Pie – APPLE
Spider with a “Why” – SPYDER
Spinach and the fun of Lime – SPLIME
Spooky food for worm lovers – GUMMIWORMS
Spooky paint brush – HALLOWEEN
Spooky PetPet; sees the future – PSIMOUSE
Spooky Petpet with evil plans – MEEPIT
Spooky Petpet; zombie? – ZOMUTT
Sssscratchcard Nimmo – SIDNEY
Stay at the _____ Lodge for 30 NP a night – MOUNTAIN
Stay at the _____ Neopian for only 80 NP a night – ROYAL
Stay at this crummy motel for 10 NP a day – FLEAPIT
Stock Ticker symbol for Balthazar’s company – BOTT
Stock Ticker symbol for Bob’s Big Bonus Bingo – BBBB
Stock Ticker symbol for ChiaTech Password Security – CHPS
Stock ticker symbol for Stuff-A-Pet Inc. – STFP
Stock Ticker symbol for Super Splime Shakes – SSS
Stock Ticker Symbol for The Chia Actor’s Guild – TCAG
Stock Ticker Symbol for The Powlex Corporation – POWL
Stock Ticker symbol for The Shoyru Company – TSRC
Stock ticker symbol of Confederation of Fish Lovers – COFL
Stock Ticker symbol of Neopia’s only TV station – NTV
Stock Ticker symbol of Skeith Feeding Ltd. – SKEI
Stone _____; rare item that erodes Stone Snowballs – HOURGLASS
Stone Dome Battledome League; Kacheeks Over _____ – ALL
Stone made from tears of a broken hearted Faerie – SOUL
Strawnella _____ – SHAKE
Striped banana – ZEENANA
Stuffed pet toys for your pet to enjoy – PLUSHIES
Submit your drawing to this gallery – ART
Submit your poem to the Poetry _____ – CONTEST
Submit your poem to the Poetry _____ – CORNER
Sugary treat; chocolate chips are best! – COOKIE
Supersize Garg___uplex – ANT
Surprise your enemy with this Air Ability – DIVE
Swarm: The ___ Strike Back – BUGS
Swat your opponent with this battle item – SWATTER
Swordsmaster ___ – TALEK
symbol of The Presidential Palace – TPP
Symptoms include itchy red blotches – NEOPOX
Symptoms include sore throat and coughing fits – KIKOUGHELA
Symptoms include swollen gums; hard to swallow – NEOGITUS
Take a ___ down to Maraqua! – DIVE
Take your pet camping – TENT
Takes three R’s to spell this Neopet’s species – GRARRL
Takes three R’s to spell this pet – GRARRL
Tastes like a strawberry but it’s not – STROCHAL
Tasty treat in the shape of a Shoyru – MEATBALLS
Tatsu evolved – EYRIE
Techo Battledome Ability – GLARE
Techo Battledome Ability – JAB
Techo companion from NQ2 – VELM
Techo Safari’s sidekick – BLOOPLUM
Techo with social problems – DRDEATH
Techo; master of spells and potions – TEKEL
Teenaged Islanders exchange these as gifts – CUBTOOTH
Telescoping _____; Steal an opponent’s item – GRABBER
Tell your story here – CAMPFIRE
Terror _____ Scratchcard – TROVE
Terror Mountain _____ Lodge – SKI
Terrorizes Petpets in Extreme Herder – BALTHAZAR
The “F” in Dr. F. Sloth – FRANK
The ___ Blue Blumaroo Book – BIG
The ___ for the Red Gelert – HUNT
The ___ of every month: Half Price Day! – THIRD
The ___; wicked Water Faeries – DRENCHED
The _____ Neopian; 80 NP a night – ROYAL
The _____ Pumpkin Patch – HAUNTED
The _____ Says – GRINCH
The Big Book of _____ – KARMA
The book Care of _____ shows how to treat this pet – KOI
The crystal boomerang was found in this tower – HIDDEN
The cure for this disease is jelly pills – NEOFLU
The cure for this is a magic cookie – SNEEZLES
The cutest Tyrannian Petpet! – NIPTOR
The Darigan ____. – CITADEL
The dotted paintbrush – SPOTTED
The Employment Agency put this Elephante to work – IRISITA
The food of the gods – ASPARAGUS
The Greasy _____; Cockroach Towers’ restaurant – SPOON
The grossest stuff ever – THESTUFF
The inanimate Petpet of Neopia – ROCK
The kitchen fell on this lodger – COOKIE
The Library Faerie needs your help with this – CROSSWORD
The main producer of Dairy Products in Neopia – KAUKAUFARM
The most envious of the four basic colours – GREEN
The most famous Dark Faerie – JHUDORA
The most famous Poogle in Faerieland – MOOGI
The name of the Health Food Quiggle – QUINTON
The only Neopet that can be coloured alien! – AISHA
The only Neopet that starts with Y – YURBLE
The perfect tool for drawing circles – COMPASS
The puzzle you’re doing right now! – CROSSWORD
The Q in NQ2 – QUEST
The rarest of all Juppies – GOLDEN
The second P in MSPP – PLUSHIE
The shortest of the four basic colours – RED
The Ski Lodge murderer’s fourth victim – COOKIE
The Snitch of Maraqua – TOMSNITCH
The Spider Grundo spins a powerful one – WEB
The swankiest place in Maraqua! – KELP
The type of golf in Tyrannia – MINI
The ultimate luxury sandwich – SUPERSUB
The unofficial Neopian Times mascot – WEEWOO
The Wocky rival of Hubrid Nox – MAGAX
The younger brother of King Hagan – SKARL
Theme _____ – PARK
There are six of these faeries – UBER
There\’s one in Brightvale and Meridell – CASTLE
There’s a gallery of these in the Catacombs – POEM
These aquatic pets are from Maraqua – KOI
These biscuits go great with coffee – AMARETTO
These can be used to cure The NeoFlu – JELLYPILLS
These Candy Carrots are healthy but very fattening – COTTON
These carrots are so good, it’s crazy! – RAINBOW
These coconuts are quite intimidating – EVIL
These eggs are a delicacy in Maraqua – FISH
These ferns are known for their brilliant blooms – LIGHTNING
These fishies go great with Oyster Salad – ANCHOVIES
These horses have wings – UNI
These Island toys don’t squeak, they roar! – PLUSHCUB
These little fish are great with oyster salad – ANCHOVIES
These migraines can be cured with Magic Goop – ACHYHEAD
These pets love to ski! – USUL
These Pizza Blocks are a cheese lovers delight – NINECHEESE
These Pizza Blocks are a cheese lovers delite – NINECHEESE
These rolls are a perfect midnight snack – CHOCOLATE
These roses will never die – PAPER
These Rubber Gloves will reduce static – ULTRA
These sticks include dip sauce that is to die for – CHO
These stones are extremely powerful – SCORCH
These tacos are transparent – CRYSTAL
These toys are great for splashing around – BATHBUDDY
These vain Neopets have wings – UNI
Thieving Gelert who tricked Hannah – KANRIK
Third Ski Lodge victim – BUBBLES
This “cakey” plant is usually eaten for breakfast – PLANTCAKE
This ability’s a girl’s best friend; Diamond _____ – DUST
This angora wrap might keep you from a sore throat – SCARF
This Aquatic PetPet can stick to any surface – ALFY
This arena is home to the Gambler’s League – ICE
This Berry will make you powerful for 30 minutes – STRONG
This book might hold the thieves guild’s secrets – MYSTERIOUS
This Cave acts as a Guild Neighborhood – SCARY
This cheesy Space Food is fattening but good – MANICOTTI
This Chomby cake is a gourmet food – LIME
This creamy Java is pure heaven in a cup! – THORNBERRY
This creature guards its treasure in the Ice Cave – SNOWAGER
This creepy Guild neighbourhood is a mouthful – SCARYCAVE
This deli treat’s delicious plain or in a sandwich – TURKEY
This dip is good for your skin and tasty, too – MUDNMAYO
This disease makes your pet think it’s a chicken – CHICKAROO
This disease’s cure is Herbal Scrambled Eggs – CHICKAROO
This Earth Faerie game now has 1 or 2 player mode – ACES
This Easter Negg fills room with a floral scent – SCENTED
This Easter Negg is a true work of art – PINKSWIRLY
This Easter Negg is almost too pretty to eat – FLORAL
This Easter Negg is collectible AND tasty! – CHECKERED
This faerie has quite a lot of them – NEGG
This Faerie’s game requires two players – EARTH
This Fruit and pasta dish is a tangy treat – ORANGETTI
This gum will make you laugh – TICKLEGUM
This Insect Removal company’s stock symbol is BUZZ – BUZZAWAY
This island has three large monuments – TIKUTAKU
This lonely outcast lives in the Haunted Woods – WEREWOLF
This mirror makes even the ugliest pet handsome – GOLD
This Negg’s ideal for boosting your pet’s strength – POWERNEGG
This NeoLodge Hotel is only 50 NP a night – HOTELOPERA
This Neopet loves dancing in the cold snow – BRUCE
This Neopet loves to go skiing – USUL
This paintbrush makes pets real hard to find – INVISIBLE
This paintbrush turns your pet into a high flier – FAERIE
This paintbrush turns your pet into nuts & bolts – ROBOT
This paintbrush turns your pet the color black – SHADOW
This pastry has a strawberry filling. Yummy! – JAM
This penguin dances in the cold snow – BRUCE
This pet loves to go skiing – USUL
This Petpet has over-sensitive ears – FAELLIE
This PetPet is part octopus, part fashion designer – CLEO
This PetPet is too big for its shell – TURDLE
This PetPet knows how to cheat all the card games – PINKLET
This PetPet only comes out at night; _____ Boy – BAT
This plant provides a dazzling light show – ORB
This Quiggle is on a health kick – HEALTHFROG
This robot was a project gone wrong – WHEELIE
This robot will fetch anything – NEOTRAK
This sandwich has got your tongue – TONGUEWICH
This shield keeps your spirits up, no matter what – SUNSHINE
This Shroom really stinks – SMELLY
This Ski Lodge contestant is one crazy guy! – MRINSANE
This Ski Lodger was on her way to a wedding – SNOWFLAKE
This squash will have you roaring with delight – TIGER
This Starchy treat should be boiled first – PANGOCHUTE
This stew is packed with protein – MAGGOTSTEW
This stone contains a pure drop of evil – NIGHT
This tropical food is hard to find but worth it – PIPPER
This Tyrannian cheese comes with baked crackers – SOFT
This Tyrannian treat goes well with crackers – CHEESE
This visor gives you perfect vision in the dark – SEEK
This wand melts three different kinds of snowballs – FLAMEBOLT
This whistle played its last tune – BROKEN
This will take you right to your Guild – TELEPORT
This wine goes great with Red Meats – RED
This wine is known for its delicious flavor. – ROSE
This witch works in the Haunted Woods – EDNA
Thor was getting one of these when Cookie died – SMOOTHIE
Three headed PetPet – BEAROG
Three times as loud on a Bearog – GROWL
Thyora’s brother – PONFRIE
Ticker symbol for BOOM! Boom Boxes! – BOOM
Ticker symbol for Jacko and Sons Painting Ltd. – JCK
Ticker symbol for Kacheek Telecommunications – KATE
Ticker symbol for Mynci Banana Imports – MYNC
Ticker symbol for PD Secure Storage – PDSS
Ticker symbol for Powlex Corporation – POWL
Ticker symbol for Unis Beauty Salon – UNIB
Ticker symbol for Yippee! – YIPP
Ticker symbol of company that only takes Nerkmids – AAVL
Ticker symbol of Lou Poogleman’s company – TSRC
Ticker symbol of The Presidential Palace – TPP
Ticker symbol; Dice-A-Roo Industries PLC – DROO
Tiger Catcher’s favorite food is Liver and _____ – ONIONS
Tiki Tack Mans famous game – TOMBOLA
Tonu _____ Shield; make your opponent jealous – LEATHER
Tonu weapon; makes you look more fierce – FACEMASK
Tools for hand-eye coordination – NEOBLOCKS
Trained six years just for Gormball – URSULA
Transmogrification _____ – POTION
Transmogrification Potion makes pets into these – MUTANTS
Transmogrification Potions weight this many ounces – NINE
Transparent Negg – FROZENNEGG
Travel in herds and go “moooo!â€? – KAU
Tree thirsty for knowledge – BRAINTREE
Trekked Terror Mountain’s icy wilderness – WOLVERINE
Trick or Treat paintbrush – HALLOWEEN
Trident of _____ Power – COMMON
Trimmed to perfection, these need daily feeding – BONSAICHIA
Trivia Master – LENNY
Tropical food filled with liquid sugar – PURPLUM
Tropical Food with ants inside – SCABERGY
Trouble at the ___ Neopian – NATIONAL
Try to get King Skarl to do this – LAUGH
Tug-o-___ – WAR
Turmac ___; get the berries! – ROLL
Twenty-nine of these on Nigel the Chia’s cake – CANDLES
Two tone paintbrush – SPLIT
Two-headed Meridell monster – BLUGTHAK
Type of Faerie that runs the Healing Springs – WATER
Type of government in Faerieland – MONARCHY
Type of pet running the auctions – SCORCHIO
Tyrannian captain; sea division – PLESIO
Tyrannian Golf – MINI
Tyrannian Petpet; can do anything with its claws – SAUROPOD
Tyrannia’s local village – TYRAMMET
Tyranu ____. – EVAVU
Uggh! Why’d they make this flavour of Jelly Beans? – CHARCOAL
Ultra rainbow ___ – FLASH
Underground Lodge room w/ Mutated Kacheek inside – LAB
Underwater ___ing Cavern – FISH
Underwater City – MARAQUA
Unfriendly and vicious fish; adopt one today! – JETSAM
Uni Battledome Ability – KICK
Uni Battledome Ability – SLAP
Unicorn _____; said to come from unicorn’s tear – GEM
Unknown Ski Lodge Contestant – SNOT
Use these to update weapons in Evil Fuzzles – VIRTUCREDS
Use this in Meriball to send the ball flying! – BAT
Use twice a day for the cleanest NeoPet – SOAP
Use your wit; _____ Contest – CAPTION
Used to be the Fuzio – KYRII
Usul Battledome Ability – BITE
Usul Battledome Ability – GROWL
Usul perfume: scent of ____ – CLOUDS
Usul shopkeeper who needs to lay off the eyeliner – GOTHIC
Usul star of Usuki Frenzy – SALLY
Usul stuck in the Pirate Caves – HANNAH
Utility Fish; great for digging up treasure – SHOVELFISH
Vain and cursed Acara – VIRA
Varieties include Vo, Zei, and Main – CODESTONE
Vegetable given out on St. David’s – LEEK
Vegetarian _____ Tacos have kelp and coral in them – SEA
Vet gone bad – DRDEATH
Video; Cooking with _____ – LENNY
Video; Karate _____ – JUB
Video; The Good The Kacheek, and the _____ – UGLY
Villain of ‘Scorchio’s Quest’ game – PANTDEVIL
Virtupets ___ Station – SPACE
Virtupets rebel; pal of Gorix – CYLARA
Vitamin A _____ – BOOSTER
Vitamin A _____ – TABLETS
Volcano home to the famous crystal – PIKUPAKU
Volcano___ – RUN
War _____; Flame Ability makes pet more aggressive – CRY
Warns of Evil Fuzzles on the side – RADAR
Watch out for Symols – MERIBALL
Water Ability; soaks fire-type opponents – QUENCH
Water Arena Battledome League; Super _____ Acaras – STRONG
Water Arena Battledome League; Water Faerie _____ – WANDERERS
Water Faerie turned her tear into a necklace – THYORA
Watering _____; Help your seedlings grow – CAN
Weapon used in Bullseye! Game – DARTAPULT
Web of _____. – VERNAX
Weird fruits that are found in the rainforests – KABUGGLES
Weird, mystical nut; Tropical – BLAIRNUT
Wellington _____ – BOOTS
Wet Battledome arena; Location – WATER
Whack a _____ – BEAST
Whack the beasts not the _____ or Jubjub – QUIGGLE
Wheel of ___ in Brightvale – KNOWLEDGE
When it’s dark, you can only see its eyes… – BLOOP
When Mutant, it only has one head – BEAROG
When plastic, they make great lawn ornaments – LENNY
When uncorked, releases liquid fire on the enemy – FIREJUG
Where did these giant stone heads come from? – TIKUTAKU
Where Neggs _____; Book – GROW
Where the muses and bards go – POETCAVE
Where the Unis run – MEADOWS
Who knows what happens when this Negg hatches – FISH
Wicked Moehog who attacked Meridell – MORGUSS
Wiggle an awful lot for being made of jelly – GUMMIWORMS
Will fill your garden with purple pollen – GURPLEBUSH
Winged and vain – UNI
Winged Neopet; quite myssssterious – HISSI
Winged Neopet; watch those talons! – EYRIE
Winter all year round – SNOWGLOBE
Wintery Petpet; wears oversized clothes – FELF
Wish Stick cut on the year’s last full moon – OAK
Wishing _____ – WELL
Wobbly _____; wobbles when you write, how useless! – PEN
Wocky Battledome ability – GROWL
Wocky Battledome Ability – LEAP
Wooden weapon in Omelette Defender – CATAPULT
Worth five points at the Neggery – BLUENEGG
Worth two points at the Neggery – ICENEGG
Writing is much more fun with one of these pencils – BENDY
Year ___ Lupe Gnome – SIX
Yearly Aquatic Festival in its honor – ACARA
Yellow _____ Tree; adds colour to any garden – EESA
Yes ___ Ice-Cream; Tyrannia’s coolest band! – BOY
You can now get chunks of this meat with BBQ sauce – PORK
You play this in Deckball – PAWKEET
Your buddies on Neopets! – NEOFRIEND
Your Neopet will vanish with this paint brush – INVISIBLE
Your pet will wear this sweater with pride – EYRIE
Your vote counts in this poll – NEOPOLL
Yummy, icy Bruce treat! – BRUCICLE
Zafara Battledome Ability – FLAME
Zafara Battledome Ability Level 14 – LEAP
Zygorax patrols in an X-Scrub 4000 Walker _____ – BOT
Zygorax patrols space in an X-Scrub 4000 _____ Bot – WALKER

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