Pop style glitter maker

Thanks GlitterYourWay.Com

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  1. ben waghorne says:

    nice one this is really cool ! i love it, who ever came up with this is a genuis ! i come on this website everyday i just cant get enough of glitter my way ! my mums always telling me to get off this website but i just use poppy stlye writing in pink to tell her to go away, then im, grounded for two weeks but i dont care as long as ive still got glittermyway.com:)

  2. Katie says:

    I love this site i cant believe its been invented!!!
    Can you find out a cheat where you just type in a random word on the keyboard and u suddenly get loads of neopoints please. its probaly impossible but i thought i would ask u anyways.

  3. click here says:


  4. jojojojojojo says:

    it wont work get rid of it if it dont work

  5. This site is so cool! ^^

  6. I cant post it in my shop.
    its says” hang on theres a problem”

  7. matiana says:

    i doesn’t work when i click

  8. georgia says:

    wen u click glitter my way it does nothing

  9. N Jersey says:

    YOU HAVE GOT SOME KIND OF CLASS IN THIS SITE. Good to see you up and around!

  10. Secka says:

    What do you do after?

  11. rani says:

    wow nice!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. lisa says:

    um,….it doesn’t show the code when you press grab it!!!!!fix that please!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Breawna says:

    that’s mine thank-you so much its so pretty!!! 😛

  14. Breawna says:

    i luv it!!!

  15. Emma says:

    this is ao cool

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